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Forge - DevCon 2016: 10 Great Fusion 360 Sample Applications

Brian Ekins, Patrick Rainsberry, Autodesk

This class will inspire you to come up with your own great ideas by showing you some of the great Fusion 360 apps other people have written. This class will demonstrate and dissect 10 reference examples of applications built with the Fusion 360 API to show you the art of the possible.

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Forge - DevCon 2016: 10 Great Fusion 360 Sample Applications

  1. 1. Brian Ekins and Patrick Rainsberry 10 Great Fusion 360 Apps
  2. 2. Fusion 360 Client API Philosophy • Single API • Exposed through multiple languages • Provide support for basic scripting • Provide support for complex commands • Supported on both Windows and Mac
  3. 3. Stool Design https://github.com/brianekins/StoolDesign
  4. 4. Stool Design Provides commands for designing stool top and generates g-code to cut the design. Features: • Commands with dynamic preview • Draws randomly created sketches • Generates g-Code from sketches • Submits g-Code using FabMo
  5. 5. Creating g-Code for Lines  Iterate through sketch lines  Determine if current line connects to the next line  Cut to next point  Retract and move to next set of lines and begin cutting again  Retract
  6. 6. Creating g-Code for Curves  Convert curve to points.  Write path for points.  Retract
  7. 7. Submitting g-Code  Uses FabMo component to find tool and submit the job.
  8. 8. Dado and Rabbet Joints https://github.com/brianekins/Dado-Rabbet
  9. 9. Dado and Rabbet Joints Custom feature creation Features: • Get input from the user • Controlled selections • Create a constrained sketch • Create an extrusion • Group in timeline
  10. 10. Cork all Holes https://github.com/brianekins/FusionHackathonSamples
  11. 11. Cork All Holes Finds all holes and corks them. Features: • Find all “holes” using B-Rep (topology and geometry). • Create a cork component for each size hole found. • Inserts a cork and connect it using a joint.
  12. 12. Find all “Holes” • Find circular edges that are the intersection of a cylinder and plane. • Edge is part of an inner loop. • Normals of face point towards the cylinder axis.
  13. 13. Mesh Intersect https://github.com/brianekins/MeshIntersect
  14. 14. Mesh Intersect Creates a sketch that represents the intersection of a mesh body. Features: • Control plane selection in various ways • Simplified preview • Gets triangle mesh from Fusion • Uses its own math for calculating intersections • Creates sketch and intersection lines
  15. 15. Custom Matrix and Vector Math • Custom math classes to avoid the overhead of API calls.
  16. 16. Butter Melt and Fly Through https://github.com/brianekins/FlyThrough http://blogs.autodesk.com/modthemachine
  17. 17. Butter Melt Modifies a series of parameters and captures the screen. Features: • Parameter edit • Screen Capture
  18. 18. Fly Through Repositions the camera based on curves. Features: • Curve query • Camera edit • Remembers settings