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Avalon 2.0 Partners Webinar

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Avalon 2.0 Partners Webinar
Presented on November 14, 2013
Jon Dunn, Indiana University
Julie Rudder, Northwestern University
Mark Notess, Indiana University

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Avalon 2.0 Partners Webinar

  1. 1. Avalon  2.0  Partners  Webinar   November  14,  2013  
  2. 2. Agenda   •  •  •  •  Background  and  progress  –  Jon  Dunn,  Indiana   Demo  –  Julie  Rudder,  Northwestern   Roadmap  –  Mark  Notess,  Indiana   Q&A  -­‐  all  
  3. 3. Project  ObjecMves   Goal:  Create  an  open  source  system  to  enable   libraries  and  archives  to  provide  online  access  to   video  and  audio  collecMons   •  Digital  audio/video  management  and  delivery  system,   focused  on  needs  of  libraries  and  archives   •  Follow  an  agile,  open  source  development  model   •  Leverage  exisMng  technologies,  where  feasible   •  Communicate  and  market  the  project  broadly  to  increase   awareness  and  grow  the  community  of  users  and  developers  
  4. 4. Avalon  Architecture   Integra-ons   ILS   LMS,   websites   AuthenMc-­‐ aMon   Authoriz-­‐ aMon   Archival   Storage   Users   Avalon  Media  System   Hydrant  Rails  App   Omni-­‐ Auth   Can-­‐ Can   Fedora   Hydra   Head   Media  Player   (mediaelement.js)   Black-­‐   light   Ruby-­‐   horn   Search   Browse   View   Ingest   Describe   Solr   MaZerhorn   Media  Server   Manage   n  Avalon  code  –  consists  of  Hydrant  Rails  App  and  the  Rubyhorn   gem.  Other  pieces  are  leveraged.     Desktop,   Mobile   All  Users   Browser,   Drop  box   CollecMon   Staff  
  5. 5. Partners  MeeMng  Highlights   October  2-­‐3  in  Bloomington   29  aZendees,  represenMng:     •  Indiana  University   •  New  York  University   •  Northwestern  University   •  Stanford  University   •  •  •  •  University  of  ConnecMcut   University  of  Miami   University  of  Virginia   WGBH  
  6. 6. Partner  MeeMng  Major  Topics   •  •  •  •  •  Project  update  and  demo   Roadmap  review  and  prioriMes   Avalon  and  WGBH’s  HydraDAM   Running  Pilots  at  insMtuMons   Post-­‐grant  sustainability  and   governance       A  more  detailed  agenda  and  notes   are  available  online:   hZps://wiki.dlib.indiana.edu/ display/VarVideo/October +2013+Partners+MeeMng+-­‐+Notes     Code  hacking!  
  7. 7. Partner  MeeMng  Major  Outcomes   •  Avalon  and  WGBH  OpenVault  developers  to  talk.   •  We  have  a  beZer  understanding  of  the  range  of  Kaltura  use   cases  by  partners.   •  Avalon  will  likely  broaden  use  cases  to  address  user-­‐ generated  content  (end-­‐user  upload).   •  RaMonalizing  units/collecMons  concepts  with  other  Hydra   projects.   •  Will  implement  LTI  integraMon  to  support  LMS-­‐based   authorizaMon.   •  Many  sustainability  models  and  possible  affiliaMons  to   explore  further.   •  We  are  looking  for  someone  to  fill  a  role  of  developer   community  liaison.  
  8. 8. Release  2.0  (October  21,  2013)   •  New  hierarchical  permissions  model  supports   a  flexible  approach  to  collecMons-­‐based   content  management.   •  CollecMons  can  have  default  access  controls   and  be  more  easily  shared  with  defined   groups.   •  An  about  page  shows  the  system  health  and   supports  automated  system  monitoring.   •  Staff  can  create  custom  thumbnails  for  video   content  by  taking  a  “snapshot”  during   playback  or  by  specifying  a  Mmepoint.   •  More  usable  media  player  with  beZer   plalorm  support  
  9. 9. Release  History   •  •  •  •  •  0.1  –  July  2012   0.5  –  October  2012   1.0  –  May  2013   2.0  –  October  2013   3.0  –  Winter  2014   •  Goal:  Release  every  3  months  
  10. 10. Avalon  2.0  Demo  
  11. 11. Planned  Features  of  Release  3.0   •  Improved  file  management,  with  the  ability  to  track   master  files  and  derivaMves  in  Fedora  repository.   •  IntegraMon  with  external  sources  of  group   membership,  iniMally  class  rosters  via  LTI  in  LMS.   •  MigraMon/assignment  of  persistent  URL.   •  Improved  method  of  imporMng  previously  encoded   derivaMves.  
  12. 12. Beyond  R3   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Embedding   Structural  metadata  for  navigaMon   Dropbox  privacy  between  collecMons   Accessibility   Import  of  descripMve  metadata  (MARC,  EAD)   Playlists  &  clip-­‐making   Transcripts  and  auxiliary  items   More  scalability  &  performance  work  on  transcoding   Controlled  vocabularies   Publishing  out  to  Youtube  or  other  systems   InternaMonalizaMon  
  13. 13. Follow  our  progress   •  Roadmap:   hZps://wiki.dlib.indiana.edu/display/ VarVideo/Road+Map+Post+R1   •  Progress  by  2-­‐week  sprint:   hZps://wiki.dlib.indiana.edu/display/ VarVideo/Avalon+Current+Sprint     •  End-­‐of-­‐sprint  2-­‐week  demo  recordings   hZps://wiki.dlib.indiana.edu/display/ VarVideo/Project+Sprint+Demos    
  14. 14. QuesMons?   Please  type  any  quesMons  you  have  in  the  chat   window.    
  15. 15. Learn  More  About  Avalon   •  Website:  hZp://avalonmediasystem.org/   •  Listserv:  E-­‐mail  avalon-­‐discuss-­‐l-­‐subscribe@indiana.edu  to   subscribe   •  Social  media:        @avalonmediasys        facebook.com/avalonmediasys     •  Or  contact:    Jon  Dunn:  jwd@iu.edu    Claire  Stewart:  claire-­‐stewart@northwestern.edu    Mark  Notess:  mnotess@iu.edu       Avalon  is  funded  in  part  by  a  NaMonal  Leadership  Grant  from  the   InsMtute  of  Museum  and  Library  Services.