medicine cardiology medicine and surgery left ventricular failure features of left ventricular failure pulmonary edema treatment of pulmonary edema patthophysiology of pulmonary edema etiology of pulmonary edema time wasting ascites in congestive heart failure platypnoea trepopnoea orthopnea treatment of shock shock defibrillation and cardio-version adams stokes attacks av blocks clinical features and management of atrioventricul causes of atrioventricular blocks. treatment of cardiac arrest causes of cardiac arrest cardiac arrest treatment treatment of scd scd sudden cardiac death commotio cordis health and medicine treatment of brugada syndrome brugada syndrome mebicine torsade's de pointes causes and treatment torsade's de pointes treatment of vt ventricular tachycardia vt treatment of sick sinus syndrome clinical features of sick sinus syndrome definition of sick-sinus syndrome sick-sinus syndrome treatment of wpws complications of wpws cause of wpws wolf parkinson white syndrome wpw syndrome treatment of psvt clinical features of psvt causes of psvt paroxysmal supra-ventricular tachycardia psvt atrial flutter surgery complications of af clinical features of af etiology of af atrial fibrillation sinus tachycardia and its treatment sinus tachycardia classification of cardiac arrhythmia cardiac arrhythmia supra-ventricular tachycardia svt types of tashycardias causes of tachycardias tachycardias treatment of ectopic beats premature beats ectopic beats other cardiac sounds on auscultation how so you analyze ecg usefulness of ecg analysis of ecg ecg overview of heart conduction system conduction system of heart heart what is summation gallop summation gallop causes of fourth heart sound significance of fourth heart sound causess of s4 significance of s4 fourth heart sound s4 causes of s3 significance of s3 causes of third heart sound significance of third heart sound third heart sound s3 abnormalities of second heart sound mechanism of second heart sound abnormalities of s2 mechanism of s2 second heart sound s2 mechanism of s1 abnormalities of first heart sound mechanism of first heart sound first heart sound s1 significance and grades of parasternal heave grades of parasternal heave significance of parasternal heave parasternal heave heaving apex beat double apex beat abnormalities of apex beat apex beat definition of jvp abnormalities of jvp clinical significance of jvp jugular venous pressure jvp examination of radial and carotid pulse carotid pulse radial radial and carotid pulse cyanosis central and peripheral cyanosis causes and mechanisms of cyanosis cyanotic disorders light headedness syncope and its types differential diagnosis of syncope syncope patient with palpitations palpitations approach to a patient with palpitations respiratory disorders consequences and management of cheyne-stokes breat causes mechanism cheyne-stokes breathing pain in chest dds of chest pain chest pain
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