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How to Give Feedback and Performance Reviews Like a Coach, Not a Boss

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Did you have a favorite coach when you were younger?

Were they your favorite because of the way they led you and your team through successes and failures? How they gave encouraging feedback? The trusting relationship you had? A good manager and employee relationship should mimic the investment your favorite coach had in you and your team.

According to a 2018 Workplace Learning Report, 94 percent of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career more. But your HR team probably doesn’t have the bandwidth to coach each employee. Turning your managers into coaches who can provide employees with support and give constructive feedback will help both individuals and the company succeed.

Join BizLibrary and BambooHR as they explain the importance of developing coaching skills in your managers, so you can retain your talent and lead your company to success.

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How to Give Feedback and Performance Reviews Like a Coach, Not a Boss

  1. 1. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com
  2. 2. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com Libby Mullen Learning & Development Manager BizLibrary Tawni Reed HR Generalist BambooHR
  3. 3. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com
  4. 4. Takeaways During the webinar today you’ll learn ● How to develop a coaching mindset in your managers and leaders. ● Why regular feedback is important for employee success. ● How frequent employee recognition helps solve common business challenges. ● The best times to give feedback and performance reviews.
  5. 5. “It’s not an event. It’s not just a relationship. It’s not about friendship. It’s not about power or a hierarchy. It’s a process driven relationship with a clear objective, and that goal is to help the subject of the coaching to improved performance.” What is coaching?
  6. 6. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com Organizations with senior leaders who coach effectively and frequently IMPROVE BUSINESS RESULTS BY 21% 21% SOURCE: Bersin by Deloitte Why Coaching Skills are Important? Top Missing Skills in Mid-Level Leaders 1. Coaching 2. Performance Appraisal 3. Developing Others 4. Managing Change 5. Communications 6. Business Acumen
  7. 7. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com MOTIVATED TO HELP OTHERS SUCCEED What Makes a Successful Coach? What do people need? What do people offer? What does the organization need? What does the organization offer? How do you help client/coachee bridge the gaps between needs & offers?
  8. 8. “Today’s coaches must be multi-functional, and be equally competent as a manager, tactician, trainer, psychologist, physiologist, and sometimes even a counselor. You simply cannot coach the same way as you did ten, fifteen, or twenty years ago for a number of reasons.” Source: Gary Curneen, Professional Coach and Blogger
  9. 9. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com What are the Obligations of Managers and Leaders?
  10. 10. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com COACHES’ TOOLKIT Communication Key Skills​ 1. Active listening 2. Learning to frame and ask effective questions 3. Courageous conversations
  11. 11. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com COACHES’ TOOLKIT Performance Management Key Skills 1. Understand employee engagement and motivation 2. Goal setting 3. Delegation
  12. 12. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com COACHES’ TOOLKIT Business Acumen Key Skills 1. Professional understanding of business operations and functions 2. Making decisions 3. Industry knowledge
  13. 13. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com COACHES’ TOOLKIT Emotional Intelligence Key Skills 1. Self-awareness, motivation and regulation 2. Build effective relationships and empathy
  14. 14. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com Three Magic Questions Do they have the capacity to perform? Are they curious? Do they have a positive attitude?
  15. 15. “Employees who receive daily feedback from their managers are 3x more likely to be engaged than those who give feedback once a year or less.” Source: Gallup
  16. 16. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com ● Is specific and targeted ● Includes both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism ● Regular--you have to stick to regular check-ins to be employees are on track with development. Meaningful feedback:
  17. 17. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com Receiving and Giving Feedback A TWO WAY STREET Employee Feedback Supervisory Feedback
  18. 18. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com 3 in 10 employees strongly agree that in the last seven days they have received recognition or praise. Employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely as those who do feel adequately recognized to say they'll quit in the next year. Recognizing Employees 2x
  19. 19. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized and 78% of employees said being recognized motives them to do their job. SOURCE: Feedback Academy 69% 78%
  20. 20. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com “Celebrating the Successes and Failures” FREEDOM TO FAIL
  21. 21. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com While having the ability to fail is great, we also make sure to recognize our employees’ successes! Recognition Across the Organization
  22. 22. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com INTRANET This is a mockup of BizLibrary’s Intranet
  23. 23. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com
  24. 24. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com Feedback and Recognition
  25. 25. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com There is no right or wrong way to do a one-on-one, just do it! And do it frequently. As you start making them a routine part of your office, managers and their teams will quickly find what works best for them.
  26. 26. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com How to Build a Coaching Culture?
  27. 27. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com Managers need to value and make time for regular one-on-ones. Everyone at the company needs to recognize the benefits of satisfied and engaged employees. Companies need to create space in their budget for recognition programs. 1. 2. 3.
  28. 28. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com
  29. 29. ● How to develop a coaching mindset in your managers and leaders ● Why regular feedback is important for employee success ● How frequent employee recognition helps solve common business challenges ● The best times to give feedback and performance reviews Key Takeaways
  30. 30. bamboohr.com bizlibrary.com Questions? Receive a free job posting on our ATS and full HRIS for one week. We will contact everyone within the next few days to set this up. BambooHR Receive a demo of the BizLibrary Solution We’ll contact you shortly to set up a demo BizLibrary
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