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Japan Digital Overview from Neo @ Ogilvy 2010

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Review of Japan media, internet and mobile landscape in 2010 and 2011. Perspective on social networks, and emerging technologies and trends

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Japan Digital Overview from Neo @ Ogilvy 2010

  1. Japan digital landscape and insights<br />December2,2010<br />Neo@Ogilvy Japan<br />
  2. Agenda<br />JapanMarket<br />Social Media<br />Mobile<br />New Device& Technology<br />
  3. Japan Market<br />
  4. Transition of Internet Users<br />94.08 million users, 78.0% penetration rate<br />(million people )<br />Datasource:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication 2010<br />4<br />
  5. Usage rate by Age/Gender<br />Male 81.3%, Female 74.9% over age 6<br />(%)<br />Datasource:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication 2010<br />5<br />
  6. Internet Usage Device<br />Slight increase in Mobile & Game/TV connection (year-on-year)<br />(Unit=million people )<br />PC<br />85.14 M(90.5%)<br />PConly<br />12.92 M(13.7%)<br />-0.3%<br /> (vs 2009)<br />Mobile<br />80.10 M(85.1%)<br />+2.5%<br /> (vs 2009)<br />PC& Mobile<br />64.92 M(69.0%)<br />0.76 M<br />(0.8%)<br />4.75 M<br />(5.2%)<br />0.02 M<br />(0.0%)<br />Mobileonly<br />8.85 M(9.4%)<br />Game or TV<br />5.67 M(6.2%)<br />0.13 M<br />(0.1%)<br />+1.7%<br /> (vs 2009)<br />Datasource:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication 2010<br />6<br />
  7. Corporate Internet Usage<br /><ul><li>Almost all companies use Internet</li></ul>Internet Use Trend (Business)<br />(%)<br />By Businesses of Different Employee Size<br />(%)<br />Datasource:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication 2010<br />7<br />
  8. By type of Internet line<br /><ul><li>Gradual increase in Broadband, decrease in Narrowband</li></ul>Households<br />Businesses<br />Broadband<br />76.8%<br />Broadband<br />76.9%<br />Datasource:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication 2010<br />8<br />
  9. Penetration of Communication Device<br /><ul><li>Mobile/PHS/PC are highly popularized</li></ul>(%)<br />Mobile Phone & PHS<br />PC<br />Car Navigation System<br />Gaming Hardware <br />(Internet-enabled)<br />TV<br />(Internet-enabled)<br />Datasource:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication 2010<br />9<br />
  10. Transition of Ad Spend by Media<br /><ul><li>Internet has grown 1.9 times bigger than 2005, and has become 2nd largest media following TV</li></ul>(M USD / 1 USD = 100 JPY)<br />INT : 861.8%up<br />INT : 87.2%up<br />1.2% up<br />MG : 27.4%down<br />MG : 37.3%down<br />25.6%down<br />NP : 44.0%down<br />NP : 35.1%down<br />18.6%down<br />TV : 17.1%down<br />TV : 16.0%down<br />10.2%down<br />Datasource:dentsu 2010<br />10<br />
  11. Transition of Internet Ad Spending<br /><ul><li>Listingand Mobileare the pulling force</li></ul>(M USD / 1 USD = 100 JPY)<br />(M USD / 1 USD = 100 JPY)<br />Datasource:dentsu 2010 (2006-2009) / Mizuho Corporate Bank (2010-2012)<br />11<br />
  12. Usage Site Ranking<br /><ul><li>Prominent change in user usage trend from portal/ISP to social media</li></ul>2001.3<br />2002.3<br />2003.3<br />2004.3<br />2005.3<br />2006.3<br />2007.3<br />2008.3<br />2009.3<br />2010.3<br />(Ranking)<br />Yahoo!<br />74.3<br />Yahoo!<br />74.6<br />Yahoo!<br />78.9<br />Yahoo!<br />81.9<br />Yahoo!<br />83.8<br />Yahoo!<br />86.4<br />Yahoo!<br />87.3<br />Yahoo!<br />88.0<br />Yahoo!<br />82.2<br />Yahoo!<br />83.7<br />1<br />Nifty<br />48.2<br />Nifty<br />47.9<br />Rakuten54.8<br />Rakuten<br />57.4<br />Rakuten<br />60.7<br />Rakuten<br />60.2<br />Rakuten<br />56.1<br />Google<br />59.2<br />Google<br />63.9<br />Google<br />66.0<br />2<br />MSN<br />42.4<br />MSN<br />44.8<br />Nifty<br />50.9<br />MSN<br />55.1<br />MSN<br />51.4<br />GMO Internet<br />52.9<br />Microsoft<br />54.7<br />Rakuten55.0<br />Rakuten50.7<br />Rakuten<br />53.1<br />3<br />NEC<br />39.7<br />Rakuten<br />43.4<br />MSN<br />49.6<br />Nifty<br />50.1<br />GMO<br />49.1<br />Nifty<br />48.7<br />NTTCom.<br />52.9<br />NTTCom.<br />52.5<br />NTTCom.<br />47.8<br />NTTCom.<br />50.1<br />4<br />Sony<br />31.6<br />NEC<br />40.3<br />NEC<br />43.7<br />Microsoft<br />43.8<br />Nifty<br />47.5<br />MSN<br />47.4<br />Google<br />50.0<br />Microsoft48.1<br />FC2<br />44.2<br />FC2<br />46.5<br />5<br />Microsoft<br />31.4<br />Microsoft<br />37.7<br />Microsoft<br />41.7<br />NEC<br />43.6<br />NEC<br />42.7<br />NEC<br />43.0<br />GMOInternet<br />48.0<br />GMOInternet<br />46.8<br />Microsoft<br />42.9<br />GMOInternet<br />43.6<br />6<br />DTI<br />27.9<br />Sony<br />36.2<br />Sony<br />35.2<br />Sony<br />35.9<br />Microsoft<br />39.2<br />Amazon<br />40.2<br />Nifty<br />46.1<br />FC2<br />44.2<br />GMOInternet<br />41.9<br />Wikimedia<br />40.5<br />7<br />Rakuten<br />26.9<br />NTTCom. 31.6<br />NTTCom.<br />33.9<br />NTTCom.<br />35.8<br />NTTCom.<br />37.7<br />FC2<br />38.6<br />NEC<br />43.5<br />Nifty<br />43.2<br />Nifty<br />37.9<br />Nifty<br />40.4<br />8<br />Wikimedia<br />34.9<br />Lycos<br />26.8<br />9<br />Lycos<br />26.6<br />KDDI<br />28.9<br />GMO<br />32.4<br />Sony<br />34.7<br />NTT Com.<br />38.5<br />FC2<br />41.7<br />Livedoor<br />38.4<br />Microsoft<br />39.7<br />DDI<br />26.2<br />10<br />NTT-X<br />26.0<br />AsahiNet<br />25.5<br />KDDI<br />28.7<br />NTT-R<br />34.2<br />Livedoor<br />37.9<br />Livedoor<br />40.0<br />Wikimedia<br />37.8<br />Livedoor<br />34.6<br />CyberAgent<br />39.0<br />Twitter<br />0.7<br />Twitter<br />12.2<br />Appendix<br />Datasource:Nielsen Online (Home Panel)<br />12<br />
  13. SocialMedia<br />
  14. SpecialSneakers<br />14<br />
  15. Types of Social Media<br />15<br />
  16. Microblog<br />16<br />
  17. Microblog<br />17<br />
  18. Types of Micro-blog<br /><ul><li>Twitter usage is dominant, mainly accessed from mobile</li></ul>Data Source:Internet White Paper 2010<br />18<br />
  19. Twitter visitor number trend<br /><ul><li>As of Sept. 2010, Twitter has acquired over 11 million visitors, exceeding mixi</li></ul>(in1000)<br />Data Source:NeilsenNetview※Excluding access from client exclusive to Twitter<br />19<br />
  20. How is Twitter used?<br />Share<br />Learn<br />Tell<br />20<br />
  21. What are they tweeting?<br /><ul><li>Mostly private things…</li></ul>Data Source:Internet White Paper 2010<br />21<br />
  22. Twitter as Business Tool<br />Many business leaders and media delivering information on daily basis<br />BusinessLeader<br />Media<br />1,373<br />29,582<br />680,768<br />47,146<br />7,469<br />1,827,353<br />4,462<br />10,862<br />3,301<br />90,047<br />51,398<br />7,437<br />221,312<br />2,472<br />3,890<br />4,144<br />+Competitor<br />Data Source:Twitter(November 29, 2010)<br />
  23. What companies are tackling?<br />PR<br />Promotion<br />Communication<br />CRM<br />
  24. CaseStudy<br /><ul><li>au – IS Series</li></ul>Twitter icon projected on the wall of Roppongi Hills like fireworks<br />24<br />
  25. <ul><li>Stride – Find the Monkey Campaign</li></ul>CaseStudy<br />25<br />
  26. <ul><li>GAP–WANTCAMPAIGN</li></ul>CaseStudy<br />26<br />
  27. SNS<br />27<br />
  28. SNS in Japan<br />Affiliation<br />19.93 million<br />20.74million<br />Conflict<br />Conflict<br />20.59 million<br />people<br />Membership as of June 2010<br />28<br />
  29. Strategy of 3 SNS companies<br />Addressing the mechanism that strengthens real relationship between people on the web<br />Strengthening virtual relationship with Social Game as the principal axis<br />29<br />
  30. Hot SNS<br />Real name& Open culture<br />Anonymity<br />Career- move style<br />Closed office environment<br />
  31. Twitter and Facebook<br />Using both is standard in US<br />Datasource:Twitter and Facebook (November 29, 2010)<br />
  32. Usage situation of companies in Japan<br />Facebookis not penetrated in Japan<br />Datasource:Twitter and Facebook (November 29, 2010)<br />
  33. <ul><li>Levi’s – Levi’s Girl</li></ul>CaseStudy<br />33<br />
  34. <ul><li>General Mills – Coping With Disbelief Clinic</li></ul>CaseStudy<br />34<br />
  35. <ul><li>Dell – Social Media for Small Business</li></ul>CaseStudy<br />35<br />
  36. Mobile<br />
  37. <ul><li>Shipment volume is slightly on the increase since 2009. However, overall, it seems to have hit the peak.</li></ul>Mobile terminal shipment volume<br />( x 1,000 )<br />Datasource:Yano Research Institute 2010<br />37<br />
  38. <ul><li>Smartphone holds 5.9% share of total mobile phone, and is expected to reach 30% by 2013</li></ul>Smartphone shipment volume<br />( x 1,000 )<br />Datasource:Yano Research Institute2010<br />38<br />
  39. <ul><li>iPhone reign supreme in 2009 taking up over 70% of the market</li></ul>Shipment by Maker<br />Datasource:MMResearch Institute2010<br />39<br />
  40. GALAXY S start exceeds iPhone 4. Reservations alone over 50,000 -Oct27,2010<br />N<br />Expansion of Smartphone Devices<br />Clash with Android as 15 new models from 3 companies in winter/spring<br />KDDIISO3to be launched <br />250,000 tentative reservations made already – Nov26<br />1.69 million iPhone shipped in 2009, 72.2% of smartphone-Apr23,2010<br />460,000 Xperiashipped by end of Sept.9-Oct27,2010<br />40<br />
  41. <ul><li>Both Corporations/Individuals are considering active usage of smartphone</li></ul>Smartphone used for business<br />Provided by Company<br />etc<br />Business Usage Seminar<br />Book<br />41<br />
  42. <ul><li>Advanced business usage of mobile in various areas</li></ul>CaseStudy<br />Advanced companies/corporations<br />Toden Home Service,Keio Electric Railway, Kawatsu-cho PTA<br />Mobile<br />Internet<br />GPS<br />Cloud<br />Application<br />ASP<br />Camera<br />Sound<br />&<br />Video<br />Mobile<br />Internet<br />GPS<br />Cloud<br />Application<br />ASP<br />Camera<br />実現例<br /><ul><li> 店舗の売上商品、金額のスピーディな把握
  43. 現場、本社がタイムリーに連携した顧客情報、サービス
  44. ペットの遠隔健康管理
  45. 高齢者や子供と家族を繋ぐ情報システム</li></ul>Specifically,<br /><ul><li>Quickly grasping sales of merchandise and price at each store
  46. Delivery of timely customer information and service from headquarters to stores
  47. Simple information system connecting seniors and kids with family</li></li></ul><li>Responding Companies<br />iPhone4 - Nov 25, 2010<br />43<br />
  48. Application<br />44<br />
  49. <ul><li>App Store is downloaded 3 times more than AndroidMarket worldwide, with 1.5 times more registrations</li></ul>App Store vs Android Market<br />Registration #<br />150,000<br />(Feb2010)<br />Downloads<br />3 billion<br />(Jul2010)<br />Registration#<br />100,000<br />(Jan2010)<br />Downloads<br />1.2 billion<br />(Aug2010)<br />Datasource: Apple Inc/GoogleInc<br />45<br />
  50. <ul><li>Daily-use Applications – essential to business</li></ul>Business-related applications<br />46<br />
  51. <ul><li>Sankei Shimbun-iPhone APP AD</li></ul>Case Study<br />
  52. <ul><li>SUNTORY-Highball Master</li></ul>Case Study<br />48<br />
  53. <ul><li>Mercedes–SLSAMGShowcase Application</li></ul>Case Study<br />49<br />
  54. <ul><li>Chopper2-iPhone + iPad</li></ul>Case Study<br />50<br />
  55. iAd<br />51<br />
  56. 52<br />iAd is an…<br />Advertising platform within applications<br />Enables delivery of interactive advertising or high-quality images when clicking ad <br />in full screenwithin the application<br />without moving to another site<br />Supports targeting byLocation Information<br />Ad is created with HTML5avoiding Flash<br />
  57. By end of 2010<br />$ 60 million<br />Worth placement is expected<br />Advertisers<br />Walt Disney, NISSAN, Citigroup, Unilever, AT&T, Chanel, General Electric, Liberty Mutual Insurance, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance, GEICO, Campbell Soup, Sears Holdings, J. C. Penney, Target, Best Buy, DirecTV, Turner Broadcasting Systemetc…<br />iAd <br />in the US Market<br />53<br />Market size<br />
  58. Case Study-US<br />
  59. iOS vs Android<br />55<br />
  60. Installed OSShare<br />Datasource:Seed Planning “ Smartphone / iPad (Tablet PC) Report<br />56<br />
  61. iOSdevices and Androiddevices<br />Home Electronics<br />Car etc….<br />TV<br />Smart Phone<br />Tablet PC<br />Projection<br />57<br />
  62. New Technologies &Devices<br />
  63. Digital Books<br />59<br />
  64. DeviceMap 2010<br /><ul><li>iPad has established a new position</li></ul>Personal<br />LightTask<br />HeavyTask<br />Public<br />60<br />
  65. Movement of digital books<br />2010<br />”agora-books” (publisher specializing in digital books) established<br />Mar<br />The Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan established<br />Apr<br />“Astand” (Digital book delivery site for Asahi Shimbun PC) opened<br />May<br />“iPad“ launched<br />“Digital Library Publication”(digital publication purchase application for iPhone offered free of charge)<br />Jun<br />Kinokunia Books announced entry into digital book delivery market<br />Jul<br />“Kindle”announced 2 new product models<br />Seven&I holdings announced entry into digital book business<br />Aug<br />NTTdocomo, Dainippon printing formed business partnership in digital book platform construction<br />“SONY Reader“ new series released<br />“Galaxy Tab”(Samsung)announced<br />Sept<br />“GALAPAGOS(Sharp)announced (to be launched in December)<br />
  66. <ul><li>Previously driven by comics for mobile phone
  67. With the appearance of iPad and exclusive terminal, demands on new platform is expected to grow</li></ul>Digital Book Market Size<br />(M USD / 1 USD = 100 JPY)<br />PROJECTION<br />Datasource:Impress R&D “Digital Book BusinessReport2010”<br />62<br />
  68. Digital Book Terminals (new platform)<br />Tablet PC<br />iPad<br />Galaxy Tab<br />LifeTouch<br />GALAPAGOS<br />FLEPia<br />Digital book exclusive terminal<br />SONY Reader<br />Kindle<br />63<br />
  69. Social Reading<br />Reading together<br /><ul><li>Where did other readers highlight?
  70. What were other readers’ comments?
  71. Review
  72. Twitter favorite phrase on Twitter</li></ul>Online Book<br />Club<br />4 other people highlighted this part of the book<br />64<br />
  73. Layer Reading<br />Idea of digital book creating new reading experience and business opportunities<br />Layer for sharing thoughts and impression with members<br />Layer for comments by other writer<br />Layer for discussion with friends about book purchase<br />65<br />
  74. <ul><li>iPad used in advanced ways by various industry</li></ul>CaseStudy<br />PRESENTATION<br />TOOL<br />
  75. AR<br />67<br />
  76. <ul><li>Mini Cooper – Application + AR</li></ul>Case Study<br />68<br />
  77. 69<br />Case Study<br />
  78. InsightforConstituencies<br />
  79. Contact Media Depending on Information Type<br /><ul><li>Various contact media have separate purpose
  80. Business:NP, MG, Online / IT : MG, Online</li></ul>Datasource:JapanMediaConsumption Study5<br />71<br />
  81. Contact Media Depending on Purchase Process Activity<br /><ul><li>Transition of top 10 media
  82. IT site, IT magazines, Portal site/News site are influential when accessing information</li></ul>Accessing info.<br />Considering<br />Decision-making<br />ITpro,@ITinformation site<br />Portal/News site<br />IT magazines<br />Vendor homepage<br />Exhibition/Seminar<br />Seminar hosted by Vender<br />Person in charge of Vender <br />Person in charge of Agent<br />Business Magazine<br />NP (national) <br />Datasource:ES quantitative research2010<br />72<br />
  83. Usage frequency of each website<br /><ul><li>Usage pattern differ depending on site
  84. Tendency to access portal site every day</li></ul>(現、日経電子版)<br />Datasource:JapanMediaConsumption Study5)<br />73<br />
  85. Current Situation of Smartphone<br />89% aware of smartphones<br />among which12%are already using them<br />51%are<br />considering using them<br />※Total of all target (CxO, LOB, IT in LEE/MM)<br />※Research conducted in 2010.3<br />Datasource:JapanMediaConsumption Study5<br />74<br />
  86. Usage rate of Social Media<br />10%<br />7%<br />30%<br />2%<br />※Total of all target (CxO, LOB, IT in LEE/MM)<br />※Research conducted in 2010.3<br />1%<br />Datasource:JapanMediaConsumption Study5<br />75<br />
  87. Thank you<br />76<br />