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Be Memorable: How-to for Bloggers

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A new blog is being created somewhere in the world every half second.

How can you succeed as a blogger when approximately 172,800 new blogs are created each and every day?

How can you compete?

How can you get noticed?

To be memorable, you have to take the road less traveled with your blog. You have to do what others aren't doing.

Or, do what they’re doing, but better.

It won't be easy, but you can do it.

Are you ready to be memorable?

See the full content, including a tip not mentioned in this SlideShare, in this post at Be A Better Blogger:


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Be Memorable: How-to for Bloggers

  1. A new blog is created somewhere in the world every half second. This is a lot.
  2. How can you succeed as a blogger when 172,800 new blogs are created each and every day? How can you stand out?
  4. Everyone is preaching (and trying to write) great content. Unless you ooze talent, great content alone will not get you noticed.
  6. Nice designs can be had for free. Custom can be had for a fair price. No, a nice blog design alone will not get you noticed.
  8. Yes.That would do it. But you probably need a back-up plan.
  10. 1 Don’t leave comments on other blogs. Leave epic comments on other blogs.
  11. Leave comments which “wow” people. If the comments you write stand out, you will stand out.
  12. 2 Find the definitive posts in your niche. One-up them.
  13. Definitive posts on a topic get noticed. People remember them. Find a definitive post and do it better.
  14. 3 Go find an untapped resource. Tap it.
  15. See what the competition is missing. Google Plus? SlideShare? Pinterest? If they’re in the north and south, you go rule the east and west!
  16. 4 Why are you so serious? Inject some levity into your blog.
  17. If the competition brings helpful info to the table, and you bring helpful info and entertainment, you’re going to stand out.
  18. 5 Dedicate an entire post to an influential blogger. Go big.
  19. Influential bloggers are linked to all the time. They’re numb to them. Stand out. Write a post about them. Let them know about it.
  20. WANT MORE? HEAD OVER TO THE BLOG! CLICK THE IMAGE OR GO HERE: beabetterblogger.com/be-memorable-blogging/