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Living In The Clouds - Moving A Business To O365 - DWCNZ2019

  1. LIVING IN THE CLOUDS – MOVING A BUSINESS TO O365 WELCOME ▪ Delia Cato | Foodstuffs North Island ▪ ▪ ▪ Ben Mountain | Foodstuffs North Island ▪ ▪
  2. Living in the Clouds Moving Foodstuffs to Office 365 Ben Mountain and Delia Cato
  3. New Zealand has permanently changed. And Foodies have big expectations.
  4. We’re moving in 2020…
  5. Our Vision: Simpler, Smarter Ways of Working
  6. We needed a better way…but so many options
  7. What we went with…
  8. Old School New Cool
  9. The Project Machine & how it worked…
  10. Foodies Spaces that make sense Trolley (Our Intranet) SharePoint Business Unit Site SharePoint Team Site OneDrive Business Unit Team Members Just me
  11. Site Templates & Provisioning
  12. Business Unit Site
  13. Team Site
  14. Technical Readiness
  15. There Was So Much Content….
  16. You NEED it? You MOVE it!
  17. Why did the project work…. Leadership support
  18. Why did the project work…. We got to know our people
  19. Why did the project work…. Reps & Champions
  20. Why did the project work…. Tailored Change Management
  21. Why did the project work…. Layers of training
  22. Why did the project work…. Support on hand
  23. Business Unit Roll Out Cycle Leadership Inform and Initial Communications Planning Workshop/s Build Sites and Train Site Owners Technical Readiness Checks and Introduction Training ‘Hands On’ Training and Drop In Help/Support Make File Share Read Only
  24. The Hard Stuff • Different skill levels • Technical readiness • Locations and training • Getting time • Getting sucked into support
  25. Our Information Collaboration Easy Access The Good Stuff
  26. #lifechanging
  27. Into the Future Growing our people
  28. Into the Future • Store visit scheduling tool • Store equipment catalogue app • Task tracking applications • Approval workflows
  29. Into the Future