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Benjamin Kende Photography 20151113

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Benjamin Kende Photography 20151113

  1. 1. Benjamin Kende www.kendephotography.com | 773-278-7723 | benny@kendephotography.com Product Photographer Known for sculpting with light to create evocative portraits of consumer products, consistently exceeding the expectations of marketing clients by providing excellent artistic direction, cus- tomer service, cost effectiveness, and efficiency. Skills • Producing high quality digital still and motion photography • Managing photography schedules, deadlines, resources and budgets • Sourcing freelance staff, locations, props and talent • Mentoring and instructing assistant photographers and staff • Negotiating legal issues in regards to locations, props, and talent • Maximizing the use of the latest photographic software and hardware • Fostering an “entrepreneurial” ethic to outstanding customer service • Utilizing photographic techniques to evoke the desired consumer response • Developing visual images to achieve the marketing goals of clients Professional Experience Photographer/Studio Manager, B. Kende Photography 1990 - 2015 • Dial For Men: Innovated creative lighting to enhance the texture of a two dimensional surfaces, while accurately capturing the color. Producing a photograph of the product to enhance the attitude of the advertisement. • Orchard Supply Hardware: Maintained a long-term relationship by providing outstanding customer service, when working on marketing campaigns. There was a measurable increase of sales for the products advertised. • Life Fitness: Directed models to create natural and real looking situations and produce new branding for a line of exercise equipment. The imagery looked dynamic and energetic. • Craftsman Tools: Developed lighting techniques to ensured efficiency and highlighted the sculptural quality of the tools. The client was very pleased with the results. • Nintendo: Managed a multi-talented team to produce images that ran in magazines. The team included professional models, an art director, art buyer, model maker, prop stylist and photographic assistants. • Reebok: Enhanced the creative direction of the advertising campaign by aging the props to give a documentary feel to the final photographs. The advertisements won awards. • Dewalt Power Tools: Collaborated with the art director to develop a unique lighting style for the advertising campaign. • Hu-Friedy: Created photography of their dental instruments in a clinical environment. The respect for the location and the proper use of the medical equipment was required to insure the success for the assignment.
  2. 2. Benjamin R. Kende • Samsung: Coordinated a project that included motion and still photography with a very short schedule. Was able to deliver finished project within budget and time constraints. • Kellogg’s: Sourced locations and constructed sets for the Smart Start cereal advertising campaign.The resulting photography ran in many magazine advertisements. • Houston Astros: Directed six television commercials, quickly gained the respect of client and team by demonstrating strong leadership. • McDonalds: Produced photography for Happy Meals using a street casted model. The studio found a child who match the needs of the project and who was visually expressive. This child had never modeled before. Photographer/Researcher, TriStar Investors 2012 - 2015 • Produced on site digital photography that aided in the acquisition of profitable cell tower properties. • Managed the budget and organized site survey team schedules. • Communicated surveying strategies to other teams, helping them to increase quality and efficiency. • Developed landowner research strategies resulting in a 40% increased success rate.
 Portfolio www.kendephotography.com Organizations Chair and Board Member, American Photographic Artists, Midwest chapter 2004 - 2010 Guide chapter to increase active membership, doubled member participation on the board Event Director, River Forest Campfire Scouts, River Forest, IL 2002 - 2005 Developed outdoor learning experiences for children Equipment Coordinator/Coach, River Forest Youth Soccer, River Forest, IL 2004 - 2006 Improved the efficiency of the storage facility Education • MAT, Education, National Louis University, Chicago, IL • BFA, Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY Languages English, Hebrew, and German; learning Spanish 2