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Hott position description

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Hott position description

  1. 1. POSITION DESCRIPTION 1. POSITION IDENTIFICATION Title HOTT Digital Leader (General Capabilities – Information and Communication Technologies) Applications submitted to Closing date Mrs Singh 17/3/14 Reference Material http://bit.ly/1gbkkDx http://slidesha.re/1f9ANY5 2. POSITION OBJECTIVE To manage, maintain, promote, demonstrate, assist & support the use of 21 century technologies across the school to improve the skills of other students and teachers. 3. COMPETENCIES REQUIRED The following competencies are required for this position:         Communication Team work Problem solving Self-Management Planning and organising Technology - Having a range of ICT skills Learning - Managing own learning and willingness to learn new things Initiative and enterprise
  2. 2. Expression of Interest HOTT Leader Name: _____________________________________________ Year: _____________________________________________ Room No: _________________________________________ Class Teacher: ______________________________________ Parents’ Names: _________________________________ Parent Mb: _________________________________________ Parent Email: _____________________________________
  3. 3. Explain why you think you are suitable for the position. (Look at the competencies required and explain how you demonstrate these skills) To improve your chances you can submit an innovative digital Expression of Interest in addition to this. A Video, PowerPoint, Keynote, MineCraft screen capture with voice-over or any other interesting way of showing me that you stand out from the crowd. Student Signature: __________Parent Signature: ________