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Maxime Flament - SC4 Workshop 3 Summary

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BDE SC4 webinar 3 presentation

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Maxime Flament - SC4 Workshop 3 Summary

  1. 1. BIG DATA EUROPE PROJECT EMPOWERING MOBILITY MANAGEMENT WITH BIG DATA SC4 Final Hangout02.02.2018 Summary and conclusions from BDE SC4 Workshop: BigDataEurope and the Societal Challenge on Transport 14 September 2017, Brussels Maxime Flament – ERTICO-ITS Europe Head of Department | Connectivity & Automation
  2. 2. How is big data transforming the transport sector? ◎ What are some emerging new trends of big data integration in transport? ◎ What are the drawbacks, if any, of big data integration in transport? ◎ How can regulation support the developments of big data and its use in the transport sector? ◎ What is currently holding back the integration of big data in transport? 6-févr.-18www.big-data-europe.eu
  3. 3. Big Data for Transport Users and Additional Societal Needs Key questions/factors to address:  Convincing stakeholders about the benefits of digitisation  Assuring users their data won’t be mistreated and/or fall into the wrong hands  Role of regulators and authorities in facilitating data transparency and data sharing  Managing data to ensure data quality 6-févr.-18www.big-data-europe.eu
  4. 4. Technical Requirements and Additional Transport Use Cases ◎ How to find the right resources, skills and storage capacity to deal with increasing amounts of big data?  Best method for storing data? Cloud or other alternatives?  Avoiding data bias  Speeding up data processing and data collection  Ensuring true causations not just correlations in data analysis 6-févr.-18www.big-data-europe.eu
  5. 5. Questions & Contacts www.big-data-europe.eu 6-févr.-18 #BigDataEurope Maxime Flament – ERTICO-ITS Europe m.flament@mail.ertico.com