CASBs - A New Hope

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13 Dec 2016

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CASBs - A New Hope

  1. CASBs: A New Hope A long time ago in a CISOs old security strategy
  2. STORYBOARDS enterprise (CASB) end-user devices visibility & analytics data protection identity & access control application storage servers network CASBs secure data across any cloud app app vendor
  3. STORYBOARDS shadow IT The clone wars: In the beginning before the republic was sabotaged by the empire: Translation - Shadow IT was all we knew
  4. STORYBOARDS shadow IT gain visibility into your org’s cloud usage ■ Identify unsanctioned apps in use in your organization ○ Understand risk profiles of these frequently used apps ■ Intelligent, time-saving alerts out of the box
  5. STORYBOARDS shadow IT API- based approach Revenge of the Sith: The empire began growing powerful with their management of security approach Translation - Orgs. are limited with limited API security
  6. STORYBOARDS data-at-rest in the cloud api control visibility and control of cloud data ● DLP scans & quarantine ● modify sharing permissions ● watermark, DRM, redact, encrypt ● proxy-accelerated API-scans 6
  7. STORYBOARDS ■ BYOD blindspot - O365 DLP is not geared toward protecting data on BYOD ■ High operational overhead - Complex to configure and maintain ■ Difficult deployment - Sharepoint/OneDrive DLP integration requires Office 2016 on PCs ■ High cost - Must have top of the line license ■ Point solution - Support focused on Office 365, what about other cloud apps? office 365 native dlp: complex, costly, and doesn’t work across apps
  8. STORYBOARDS shadow IT API-based approach API + in- line A New Hope: The Rebels emerged with a new way to secure SAAS applications with an agentless in-line approach. The old republic (empire) methods were still used to maintain balance with the force.
  9. STORYBOARD how casb security works reverse proxy ■ unmanaged device controls without agents forward proxy ■ managed devices controls activesync proxy ■ secure email, calendar, etc on any mobile device ■ device level security - wipe, encryption, PIN etc
  10. STORYBOARDS casb security a data-centric approach ■ Cloud data doesn’t exist only “in the cloud” ■ IT must protect data at access and on any device ○ Granular DLP ○ Context-aware to distinguish between users, device type, more
  11. STORYBOARDS 3 top MDM vendors do not use their own product Bitglass BYOD Security Survey 2015 MDM is obsolete 67% would participate in BYOD if IT couldn’t access personal data & apps 38% of IT professionals don’t participate in their own BYOD security programs
  12. STORYBOARDS mobile security cloud and mobile are inseparable ■ IT must enable secure access to cloud apps from any device ■ BYOD poses a threat to data security due to a lack of visibility and control after download ■ CASBs accommodate user BYOD
  13. STORYBOARDS casb identity centralized identity management is key in securing data ■ CASBs offer integrated identity management across apps ■ Limit potential breaches with step-up multifactor auth for high risk logins
  14. STORYBOARDS secure office 365 + byod client: ■ 35,000 employees globally challenge: ■ Inadequate native O365 security ■ Controlled access from any device ■ Limit external sharing ■ Interoperable with existing infrastructure, e.g. Bluecoat, ADFS solution: ■ Real-time data visibility and control ■ DLP policy enforcement at upload or download ■ Quarantine externally-shared sensitive files in cloud ■ Controlled unmanaged device access ■ Shadow IT & Breach discovery fortune 50 healthcare firm
  15. STORYBOARDS ■ 15,000 employees in 190+ locations globally challenge: ■ Mitigate risks of Google Apps adoption ■ Prevent sensitive data from being stored in the cloud ■ Limit data access based on device risk level ■ Govern external sharing solution: ■ Inline data protection for unmanaged devices/BYOD ■ Bidirectional DLP secure google apps + byod business data giant
  16. STORYBOARDS about bitglass total data protection est. jan 2013 100+ customer s tier 1 VCs
  17. resources: more info about cloud security ■ whitepaper: the definitive guide to CASBs ■ report: cloud adoption by industry ■ case study: fortune 100 healthcare firm secure O365
  18. STORYBOARDS @bitglass

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  1. “By 2018, more than half of all bring your own device (BYOD) users that currently have an MDM agent will be managed by an agentless solution” - Gartner Inseparable
  2. Competition: Skyhigh, Netskope, Adallom
  3. Competition: Skyhigh, Netskope, Cloudlock, Elastica/Bluecoat
  4. in: CA, NY, MA, IL, N