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14 Tips on How to Pitch and Get Funded

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When it comes to pitching your business, you need to communicate your idea clearly, confidently, and in a short amount of time. Can you do it in 10 minutes or less?

Get expert pitch advice from an entrepreneur who raised close to $1 million. Caroline Cummings will share her pitch secrets, techniques, and tools that helped her launch two tech companies, as well as help other entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars.

The best part? Putting these tips into practice will help you be more likely to get the funding you need.

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14 Tips on How to Pitch and Get Funded

  1. 1. 14 Tips on How to Pitch and Get Funded
  2. 2. Caroline Cummings VP of Business Development Resident entrepreneur Raised close to $1M for prior two tech startups
  3. 3. www.LivePlan.com Plan & track from anywhere!
  4. 4. The Purpose of the 10-Minute Pitch
  5. 5. Deliver a Performance Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!!
  6. 6. Assumptions: •Written a business plan •Conducted due diligence • Team, financials, investors, market, competition, IP, trends. . . •Have mentors/advisors
  7. 7. Build Credibility •Hit the“stage”strong •Share your“rock star”talents •Share“been there, done that” •Utilize the“cool factor” •Spark their interest
  8. 8. Address the Problem 1 minute Tell a compelling story
  9. 9. Your Solution to the Problem 1.5 minutes Describe the uniqueness of your product
  10. 10. Your Successes 30 seconds •Money raised •Barriers overcome •Key investors •Key hires •Sales made •Partnerships •LOIs •Patents •Media •Etc.
  11. 11. Target Markets 1 minute Highlight any key research Beta Market, Addressable Market, Market Segments, % of Revenue/Market, Potential Market...
  12. 12. Target Markets Facebook: (1) Harvard/Stanford (2) Ivy League (3) Colleges/Universities (4) 14-34 years old (5) Businesses. . . Fastest growing demographic: Women 55+ years old
  13. 13. Acquiring Your Customers? 30 seconds Include the cost to acquire a customer
  14. 14. Your Competition 1 minute Clearly communicate your Value Proposition
  15. 15. City/ Local Focus No Character Limitations Free to Post Can Include Images Social Media Friendly Easy to search Local     Newspaper   ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ Due Diligence on Competition
  16. 16. Your Revenue Model 1 minute How you will make money? Who it will come from? Market validation. . .
  17. 17. Your Financial Projections 1 minute Include key assumptions Research to back it up Explain inflection points
  18. 18. Assumptions Are King! 30 seconds
  19. 19. Know the Metrics for Your Model If you have a SaaS business model: •Content Marketing •Uniques, TOS, bounce rates, open rates, CTRs, CVR. . . •CAC = Customer Acquisition Cost •LTV = Lifetime Value ($) •Churn Rate (the lower the better) •Referral Rates •Cancellation Reasons
  20. 20. Your Team 1 minute
  21. 21. Ideators Growers Exiters Starters Innovators
  22. 22. Your Funding Needs 30 seconds Brittany’s sister is having a baby and I need $5 to buy her a nice gift
  23. 23. Your Exit Strategy 30 seconds Include comparables Estimated timeline to exit
  24. 24. End On a High Note Remind them why you are a Rock Star!
  25. 25. Free eBook
  26. 26. Questions? @iamcarolina @Bplans