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Kill procrastination

  1. Kill Procrastination © 2010 Brady Gilchrist
  2. Yes those are harsh words but they are for a beast worth vanquishing. This slideshare is all about doing things that could light up your potential. Enjoy!
  3. Don’t talk...Do! If I made T-shirts this would be the one.
  4. Factoid “Procrastination is about not having projects in your life that really reflect your goals” ~Timothy A. Pychyl
  5. We are going to attack this monster for one reason.
  6. We are going to attack this monster for one reason.
  7. We want to amplify those things in life that give us the greatest satisfaction.
  8. If someone was videotaping you everyday would you be proud of the story?
  9. If you continue doing exactly what you are doing right now where would you be in five years?
  10. The secret is simple. Nothing happens without hard work. The lazy don’t succeed.
  11. Have you ever spent more time worrying about a task than it took to do the task? We all have. It’s incredibly silly.
  12. Focus and you will achieve.
  13.      “Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” ~Alfred Nobel
  14. I knew that to address the problem I needed to come up with a very simple system that I could stick with. Know Plan Push KPP is way to focus your attention on why you want to do something, when to do it and what to do when the going gets tough.
  15. Know Plan Push Understand Prepare Make it so. What and Why the when
  16. Know Plan Push
  17. Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.  ~William James
  18. Clear your head. Relax and imagine for a moment what we are about to do.
  19. Anxiety can be a form of radar that focuses your attention.
  20. Do you know what is nagging you or causing you to lose sleep?
  21. Write those things down.
  22. What things do you strive to accomplish that make you feel great. Write them down.
  23. We need to convert both the nags and greats into tasks.
  24. A task is simply an agreement with yourself to see something completed. A finished task is permission to keep moving.
  25. The trick with a task is that you always need to know when it’s done. Things without end never end...
  26. Think of tasks as an inventory of steps that take you to your desires.
  27. This inventory and all the reasons for it define the Know.
  28. A well reasoned inventory of tasks that takes you towards personal or career wins is the first step to wiping out procrastination.
  29. I keep my life organized using Toodledo. It’s a web based approach worth taking a look at. Your organization system is a tool not a project. Try and keep it simple. Use the tools that work best for you.
  30. Know Plan Push
  31. You alwaysis Lost time have to little never found. of it.
  32. Can you put your tasks into categories?
  33. Sometimes knowing where a task has relevance makes all the difference in getting it done.
  34. Try these. 1. Specific work commitments 2. Building great relationships 3. Keeping your promises 4. Managing life 5. Health 6. Due dates 7. Personal growth Somethings will always feel more important than others. Those that do, usually are and should become high priority.
  35. All tasks need a duration. The duration is the magic key that gets them a special place on your calendar. BTW You can manage all of this in Toodledo easily.
  36. Time to craft a playbook.
  37. Getting to the moon means being on schedule. Getting your own personal moon- walk requires the same! Apollo 12 Flight Schedule
  38. When I’m crunching through things I divide my tasks up 30:15:5 into 30 minute, 15 minute and 5 minute chunks. It lets me blast through the small stuff and keep the big stuff in manageable perspective. 3M
  39. Fill the calendar up. Think of this as a treasure map not a calendar. This is the place where your inventory of tasks turns into your life.
  40. No plan. No point.
  41. Knowing how long it takes you to finish things is an art. The more you get done the better you will be at estimating the perfect time. Don’t be afraid to tweak your schedule based on how you are doing. Don’t punish yourself if you start over enthusiastically.
  42. Running races is easier when you know where the finish line is. Everything you do should have an identifiable conclusion.
  43. Know Plan Push
  44. The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Nelson Mandela
  45. The procrastination beast is going to mess with you. Mess right back.
  46. The procrastination beast is going to mess with you. Mess right back.
  47. Multitasking is a Myth Getting back on track can take a long time once you divert. Don’t multitask. Your brain is not built for it.
  48. That wonderful feeling of flowing through a task is not compatible with multitasking. Trust me on this one. :-)
  49. The Concentration Arts. Techniques to tame the beast.
  50. 1. Turn down the noise and zone into the moment. I personally use classical music to focus the attention.
  51. 2. Only the task at hand should be your focus. Other stuff not central to the task will just screw up your ability to focus.
  52. 3. A 60 Second mental projection of what the next hour will bring can work wonders. If it works for Olympians it should work for you.
  53. 4. Your calendar is your treasure map. Follow it.
  54. Secret weapons. I makes me the clock. It works. It race appreciate how valuable time can be. 3M
  55. 5. If your brain stops working. Stop working. Never take a break longer than it would take to complete the task. Do something productive.
  56. 6. Merlin’s Famous procrastination push. 10 minutes of effort, 2 minutes of break, repeated 5 times in an hour = lots done.
  57. 7. Preform a few minutes of breathing exercises. Put some more O2 where it counts.
  58. 8. Just get on with it. Seriously, sometimes you just need to do the work.
  59. You are getting close! Know Plan Push If you have faith in your dreams and strength in your will, there is not a mountain you can’t climb.
  60. Thanks for taking the time. I hope you got a kick out of this and hopefully some useful ideas. Brady Follow along on twitter to see where this will go! @remotivation If anyone is interested in talking about applications for this approach - Lets.

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