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Tips with pics biz cards

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Tips with pics biz cards

  1. 1. connect with us
  2. 2. What is one thing you always bring to a new business meeting or networking event?If you said…Then, you’re right!!First impressions are important for any number of reasons.Often for a individual/ business or organization the is our first (andsometimes only) chance to impress. This small leave behind can have huge impact aslong as you pay attention to design, message and your audience.This post will outline a few tips to help ensure your business cards represent yourcompany, your brand, your image, your ideals, and your values… I could go on but youget the idea.
  3. 3. back front sactown magazine Crocker art museum plays a huge role in your business cards. Now we are not saying it has tobe complex. But if possible unique, memorable and representative of your brand orimage. A few things to help your design in these areas areand . These samples above are from our “who we’ve met” stack and are justsome neat, eye-catching cards. Although we did not design these, we admire theirlook and feel. Image sources: BrandedSac,LLC
  4. 4. The nature of your business or product should dictate some of the design elements. We have covered an aspect similar tothis in our last post about logo design and ensuring it’s appropriate. The same holds true here for example, if you are aprofessional agency or firm, you may want to shy away from using numerous bright colors all at once, or a fun bouncy font.This is not to say the design must be boring or dry just remember to keep your potential audience in mind, and aim toconvey who you are, and if possible why what you do matters. Here are a few color tips for inspiration from Web Designer Depot: • Use one or two colors for a simple minimalistic feel. • Multiple colors or patterns, or even splash of color over a solid background for a fun or creative image/ feeling. • Soft shades and pastels can lend to calm, or happy, or even childlike feel depending on usage. • Using a monochromatic scheme can be applicable for demonstrating wisdom. • White (clean, clear nature, pure) • Brown (stability, and growth or roots) • Gray (practicality, calm and wise) • Red (confidence, strength, power and passion) • Yellow (idealism, energy, happy, bright) • Blue (trust, reliable, calm) • Purple (wisdom, calm, ancient or royal, classic) • Gold (wisdom, calm, ancient or royal, classic) • Orange ( many love or hate – vibrant, vitality, endurance) Image sources: the color wheel
  5. 5. According to Color Matters, “ In visual experiences, harmony is something that is pleasing to the eye. Itengages the viewer and it creates an inner sense of order, a balance in the visual experience. Whensomething is not harmonious, its either boring or chaotic” (Basic Color Theory, 2012).They further provide “Some Formulas for Color Harmony” which are as follows.
  6. 6. Another important aspect to pay attention to is , details, embellishments available to use, and even shapes.These samples are fabulous examples of unique paper stocks with various treatments.
  7. 7. New layouts can bring to yourbusiness cards This unique business card, designed by BrandedSac for DuFault’s Beauty Boutique, is a great sample of memorable layout. The folding style allows for the desired content in a simple yet, elegant fashion. Image sources: BrandedSac, LLC
  8. 8. This is another awesome sample designed by BrandedSac,to display a fun, creative environment. It also has a additionalleave behind piece that fits perfectly into the design, if youwant to leave a little something extra.. Image sources: BrandedSac, LLC
  9. 9. We couldn’t leave out our own businesscard design.We are always getting compliments onour design, shape, color and theembossed detailing.There are so many, in not infinitecombinations and possibilities for yourbusiness cards, so take the time to finda design handing out to clients.It could be your only chance, to seal thedeal with that new prospect.Contact us today for designing yourbusiness cards, and getting yourcompany or organization off on the rightstart.The End! Image sources: BrandedSac, LLC