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How to develop and localize Xbox 360 titles

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How to develop and localize Xbox 360 titles

  1. 1. How to develop and localize Xbox 360 Titles 강상진 (sjkang@microsoft.com) XBOX Program Manager 한국마이크로소프트 소프트웨어 연구소
  2. 2. Agenda Xbox Title DEV Team Xbox Software Architecture Overview XTL(Xbox Title Library) XDK(Xbox Development Kit) Creating an Xbox Project What is Localization? Q&A
  3. 3. Microsoft Xbox Title DEV Team Producer/Program Manager Programmers Artists Designers Sound Designers/Composers Testers Writers Marketing
  4. 4. Microsoft Producer/Program Manager Hub of communication Specifications Team meetings Resolving design conflicts Communication to management Responsible for budget In many companies responsible for hiring team. Usually one main producer with associate or executive producer
  5. 5. Microsoft Programmers Lead programmer – acts as architect of the game, managers other developers, sets up build processes etc. Graphics programmers – Rendering engine. Usually at least 2. AI programmers – artificial intelligence. Used to be smaller team. Now is increasing to 2-3. Network programmer – at least one. UI programmer - usually 1 newer programmer or is scripted. Audio programmer – almost always combined with another function. Tools programmers – depends on what tools the team is using. Usually most of the team is dedicated to tools at one point in the process. Focus is typically art/level design tool work. Some studios will use middleware for engine reducing this work. Some studios will have an internal shared tools team.
  6. 6. Microsoft Artists Art director/lead artists Responsible for visual look and feel of game Reviews art by team and sets direction Concept artist – shared resource Used early during design time to describe look and feel
  7. 7. Microsoft Crimson Skies
  8. 8. Microsoft Xbox Concept Art
  9. 9. Microsoft Artists (cont.) Modelers All 3D modeling – depending on game can be anywhere from 2-5 Animators Responsible for all animations Anywhere from 2-3 2D artists – not as common as they once were UI/setup UI, splash screen, manuals Sometimes these artists will do some script or mock up for UI functionality. Typically one or two of these on a project Texture artists All texturing in game. Up to 2 people in this role Terrain artists. They typically both model and texture. For outdoor games like Crimson or Mech terrain resources creation can represent a large percentage of overall art staff duties Effects artist Responsible for all particle effects/explosions etc. Usually a shared role between teams or combined with another role Cinema/cut scenes/photographs
  10. 10. Microsoft Designers Lead Designer Owns overall vision of the game. Works with team to incorporate best ideas The more technical the better the designer Level designers Responsible for individual levels or areas in the game. Depending on abilities and toolset, handle layout as well as scripting of levels. Sometimes programmer handles scripting Can be 2-6 depending on game Multiplayer designer Teams will sometimes have designer just dedicated to this area given its importance, balance issues etc.
  11. 11. Microsoft Sound Designers/Composers Sound designers Responsible for designing the audio for the game. Utilize many sound libraries and create from scratch. Composers Design the music track for the game. Not on every project. Particularly important for period games.
  12. 12. Microsoft Testers Game testers Testers focused on the game play Core team members Usability testing Focuses on ease of use in particular UI Often a shared team. Use one to lead with external people testing Gameplay balancing/playtesting External to the team. Gives feedback on balance of game and first user experience Both internal testers and external Often a shared team Beta program All external testers Usually most important in PC games where you have many configurations Configuration testing Shared team with hardware lab. More common with PC
  13. 13. Microsoft Writers Story writers Can take an overall story idea and make it cohesive and ensure it fits into the universe (ala MechWarrior) Usually a shared service or contracted team Script writers Script the dialogue of the game. Example: Crimson Skies set in 30’s. Needed dialogue consistent with the time Usually a shared service or contracted team Manual writers More common in PC where manuals can be large Usually a shared service. Sometimes this is done by the designers
  14. 14. Microsoft Marketing Responsible for developing the messaging, box, advertisements, pricing, promotions. Usually a shared service. In small development shops this role is mainly interfacing with Publisher marketing.
  15. 15. Microsoft Scheduling Milestones – 1- 12 – each adds more functionality Content Complete Code Complete (should be 3 months prior to ship) – time to spend those advertising dollars
  16. 16. Typical Milestones Alpha Precert 100% hand off to localization ZBR – 4-6 weeks before ship RC0 – 4 weeks before ship RC1 – 2 weeks before ship RTX – Release to Xbox/Publisher (Cert #2) RTM Shelf – 3-6 weeks after RTM
  17. 17. You’ve Shipped Unfortunately you are not done.. Marketing Patch Localized versions Next version Another job Postmortem
  18. 18. What typically goes wrong in game development We needed more resources We needed a better schedule The specs were inadequate Marketing didn’t know what it wanted We should communicate better Your group doesn’t understand My group isn’t valued Didn’t build tools soon enough Group conflict Poor performers
  19. 19. Microsoft Xbox S/W Architecture Overview Design goal: Helping developers create awesome games. System software is not Windows. It’s not designed to be a platform. System software be small, fast, close to the hardware, and predictable.
  20. 20. Microsoft The Big Picture The Kernel, the Xbox Title Library (XTL), game titles and Xbox dashboard.
  21. 21. Microsoft XTL (Xbox Title Library) A collection of static libraries containing functions that game titles link to and call. A highly optimized version of DirectX written specifically for the Xbox. Music and sound libraries. Networking. System link play and the Xbox Live.
  22. 22. Microsoft XTL (Xbox Title Library) - cont. Peripherals Thin layer for interfacing with Xbox peripherals such as controllers, memory units, and voice units. Storage Save games, Save Game Signing, Soundtracks, and Nicknames. CRT Microsoft C Run-time libraries. Display and Other Drivers The bulk of the display driver for the GPU is contained in the XTL. Kernel contains minimum amount of display driver code.
  23. 23. Microsoft Dashboard Can be thought of as another game title. Allowing interaction with the Xbox when no game disc is inserted. Provides a DVD movie player with standard movie viewing features and controls. User can manage the storage space. Online Dash : Xbox Live
  24. 24. Microsoft PC to Xbox No mouse and PC Keyboard Except Xbox input devices like controller TV output Low resolution, Safe Area Certification Pre Cert and Final Cert Registration and download latest XDK https://xds.xbox.com For more information http://www.xbox.com/dev
  25. 25. Microsoft XDK The Xbox Development Kit (XDK) for Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET provides many new features that make development easier and faster for the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft.
  26. 26. Microsoft Creating an Xbox Project
  27. 27. Microsoft Build Project Menu
  28. 28. Microsoft Direct3D Support Support added to tool-tips and watch window for Direct3D variable expansion, View render states and texture states, e.g. @D3DRS_ZBIAS
  29. 29. Microsoft Pipeline, Developer’s View XboxPC Deep Exploration Art Browser and Translator .xdx Resource Compiler xbrc Compiled Resources .xbr Preview Client xbview Content Tool (Maya, Max, Softimage, Lightwave, etc.) Deep Exploration outputs XDX file XDX file is checked into source tree, with source textures (and source models, if desired) Compile from XDX to Xbox resources XDX is import format, too
  30. 30. Microsoft Deep Exploration
  31. 31. Microsoft Art Translation MAX, Maya, Lightwave, SoftImage SDK allows for creation of other converters Techniques common to multiple 3D packages and often supported by translators Simple animation Meshes Textures Standard materials Custom materials Bi-directional XDX native Xbox format can be output to graphic tools
  32. 32. Game = Art, Cultural Content Localization = Globalization + Translation Local market에 맞는 Local content로 둔갑시키는 작업 SMART한 Global code design은 최소한의 개발자의 노력으로 세계 각국의 언어로 짧은 시갂내에 발표 가능하게 하는 원동력 What is Localization?
  33. 33. WW Sim-Launch with High quality Titles Target 지역, 문화적 특성, 게이머 성향을 고려한 디자인 International/Localization을 고려한 코드 디자인 한국의 경우, Xbox 360 타이틀은 적어도 “자막 한글화” 이상의 버젂을 출시할 수 있도록 노력 여러 특화된 팀이 각 지역에서 유기적으로 연계해서 작업 Scenario Editor, Game Design Engineer, Art Engineer, Audio/Sound Engineer Program Manager, Developing Engineer, Testing Engineer, Localization Engineer Licensing Specialist, Legal Specialist Globalization Support Engineer Geopolitical Intelligence Specialist Localization Strategy
  34. 34. Requirements - 사용자 요구사항/시나리오 체크 - Feature list 결정 Design - 기능적인 측면 - 로컬리제이션 측면 - 테스팅 측면 Implementation - 코딩 - 테스팅 - 매뉴얼/도움말 - 로컬라이징 Verification - 모든 작업 완료 - 전반적인 최종 품질 검사 Release - 보안검사 - 라이선스 검사 - GeOPS Development Cycle
  35. 35. Localization System 소스 관리 시스템 버그 추적 시스템 Multiple Language 빌드 개발 시스템 UI 번역/관리 시스템 Postmortem Scorecard 시스템 Network infra 코드의 라이브러리화 ! 리소스의 데이터베이스화 !
  36. 36. Techincal Requirements Unicode 기반 게임 실행 코드와 리소스 파일의 철저한 분리 Multilingual 지원 언어별로 구분된 리소스 파일 – UI 텍스트, 오디오/비디오, 그래픽 이미지 Language specific setting 파일 – Default 게임 언어, 정렬 값 등
  37. 37. Techincal Requirements Word wrap EA character: Character-base break Alpha/Numeric character: Space- base break Hotkey 각 나라의 등급 시스템 요구 조건 고려 예) 일본의 경우, 4 손가락의 캐릭터는 허용되지 않음 World-wide 라이선스
  38. 38. Techincal Requirements UI layout은 긴 문장의 경우 30%의 버퍼를, 짧은 단어의 경우 200% 정도의 버퍼를 가지고 디자인 UI 각각의 스트링은 중복해서 여러 굮데 사용하지 말 것 UI 텍스트 변수값의 순서는 변동이 가능하게 디자인 조사 처리 (한국어)
  39. 39. Techincal Requirements 폰트 기준 폰트 크기: 12px (9pt) – PC 타이틀 폰트 – 3가지 set 이상 존재 Alpha/Numeric/Latin , East-European, Asian 폰트 속성, 크기, 위치 및 줄갂격을 조정할 수 있도록 코드 디자인
  40. 40. Technical Requirements UI 리소스 파일은 20~30개 정도가 관리하기에 수월 Localization이 필요한 Art 파일은 30개 미맊으로 구성 리소스 파일의 기본 구조: Identifier = string A/V 립싱크 자동 보정 보이스 오디오 길이에 대한 유연성 자막
  41. 41. Questions?