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IQPC Mobile Payments Presentation

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IQPC Mobile Payments Presentation

  1. 1. Examining Mobile Payment Innovations and Technology Advancements Presented on June 30th, 2010 for IQPC by: Brennan Hayden Vice-President, Wireless Developer Agency (WDA) 1
  2. 2. Introduction • What are “Mobile Payments”? – Using your mobile phone to pay or receive funds, using anything other than speaking or touch tones (IVR) • SMS based micro-payments – Text a vending machine to buy a drink. • Mobile Internet – Make Internet banking fit on a mobile phone. • Apps – Ask the customer to download an application to their handset; possibly connect to a swipe machine. • PayPal Mobile Model (original) – Text a short code to pay a friend • #cash (an actual service) – Put the complexity inside the operator • Near Field Communications (NFC) – Scan your phone over a sensor to make a payment; like having Paypass in your phone 2
  3. 3. 3 | Touchatag |August 2009
  4. 4. 4 | Touchatag |August 2009
  5. 5. 5 | Touchatag |August 2009
  6. 6. Why It Matters Today “The Future” 6 Prepaid Cards Mobile Phones Mobile Payments Prepaid Cards Mobile Phones Mobile Payments
  7. 7. Introduction (continued) • Who is Brennan Hayden? – Started my career at the IRS in 1983 (Unix and SQL were gonna be BIG!) – Then, Health Care, Security (my first 2D barcode in 1987!) – Starting 1993 -- SMS, then Content, now Marketing – Sent the first text message in the U.S. in 1993 – Founded the SMS Forum (now defunct) – On the team that trade-marked m-commerce - in 1997! – Co-founded WDA in 2001, 28 straight quarters of profitability (and counting) 7
  8. 8. 8 | Touchatag |August 2009
  9. 9. Mobile payments is the future?
  10. 10. What are the issues for mobile payments adoption? • The complexity of the ecosystem – Banks – Telecom operators – Handset manufacturers – Regulators – Merchants – Card institutions – Consumers • All these stakeholders will need to see the benefits • Standardisation (at national and international level)
  11. 11. Mobile Payments Stakeholders 11
  12. 12. Simplified Stakeholders • Consumers/Payers • Billers • Remote Merchants • POS Merchants 12
  13. 13. Device Fragmentation is the Reality 13
  14. 14. Mobile Phone Technology Milestones 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 Nextel Developer Program AT&T Developer Program Mobile Web (Phone.com) WAP Begins M-commerce Forum First BB messaging device Two-way Text Messaging in the US starts Ringtones Java and BREW apps First Blackberry Smartphone 1999: First year the term ‘Globalization’ is used AOL Owns the Internet; 37M subs! Instant Messaging (IM) is the rage Inter-carrier text delivery starts in Europe SMS Begins First Blackberry Trackball First iPhone released WDA Founded Camera Phone sales pass digital cameras First mass- market NFC phone First Android Phone 3G 2G 4G First WIMAX Phone iPhone App Store Video 1 million Data users in US! 80 million Data users in US! First iPAD First Western Union mobile money xfer in U.S.
  15. 15. Think Big. The future of mobile. 15
  16. 16. Mobility has become part of our social DNA and data-oriented activity is rising • 262 million US subscribers, nearing 100% penetration • 58% of mobile subscribers have done non-voice data activities • 53% are active text users, 149 M • > 12% of subscribers have flat rate data plans • > 15% now own smartphones • iPhone – 7 million sold in Apple’s 4th quarter alone. One million 3G S sold in one week, 70 million sold. • 120,000 apps, 2 B downloads in 18 months. 16 20% of all mobile subscribers are prepaid account s using both text and voice (Mercator Primary Data Series research) 250 Million iPods 1 Billion PCs 1 Billion Accounts 1.5 Billion Cards 1.6 Billion Internet 2 Billion TVs 3.6 Billion Mobile Phones
  17. 17. Wireless POS includes Purpose-built, Smartphone and Feature-phone Approaches 17 Processors Gateway Mobile NetworksPurpose-built Terminals Feature Phones Plenty of Mobile Merchants • 1,300,000 Service Pros • 320 Amusement Parks • 570 Ski Areas • 16,000 Golf Courses • 15,000 Specialty Retailers • 44,000 Temporary Retailers • 75,000 Taxis Plus enterprise fleets and growing “sellers” cadre Smartphones
  18. 18. How to reach your audience in the US • 240m Mobile Phone Users • 210m Texting users • 80m mobile web users • 50m Email Mobile Users • 20m text alert users • 20m iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad users • 20m mobile video viewers • 10m Free App Users 18
  19. 19. Have to Mention China 19
  20. 20. Feature Phones Smartphones Smartphones are 25% of the US Market 50% have unlimited text msg. plans 52% have an unlimited data plan * Most users have data plans. Feature Phones make up 75% of the market, many of them are current devices, but many are also older, less capable handsets 35% have unlimited text msg. plans 12% have an unlimited data plan 88% of mobile phones are text enabled 64% of mobile phones are Internet enabled Source: Luth Research Survey June 2009; Comscore June 2009 The Universe of Active Handsets in the U.S.
  21. 21. Mobile Outperforms Web… 21 Source: http://www.insightexpress.com/ommamobile (2009)
  22. 22. Mobile Marketing Outperforms Web… Insight Express: Mobile Marketing Qualitative Effectiveness Across Different Marketing Criteria 22 Source: http://www.insightexpress.com/ommamobile (2009)
  23. 23. Centralized Scenario – Pipedream? Maybe Apple 23
  24. 24. Distributed Scenario – Most Like Today 24
  25. 25. Intermediary Interoperability – eBAY pays Obopay 25
  26. 26. Direct Interoperability – The Phone Company Does It 26
  27. 27. The Case for Mobile Marketing 27 • Conversion rates 15-20% and as high as 30% • ROI as high as $20 return for every $1 spent • Increases in opt-in databases have reached 23% • At least 2x redemption rates as compared to other media channels • Fraction of the cost of the overall shared mail campaign–mobile easily pays for itself • 250-1,200 opt-ins in first few months– one retailer had 900 in first two weeks • Spikes in sales during slow weekdays and on promotional holidays • 4% increase in incremental sales McDonalds Thanks You Enjoy one FREE Small McCafe coffee. Valid 1 week. Help: moneymailer.com Opt-out: Reply STOP MCDONALD Msg&DataRatesMayApply.
  28. 28. WEB | The basics to making pages look great. • Dynamic Rendering after Device Detection • when a browser hits a website, it presents its User Agent Profile, which your server can read & interpret (voodoo), you then dynamically render pages to fit that phone. • You can often determine the carrier, but not the mobile phone number. • If your site is not whitelisted with the carrier, they can fool your site and attempt to re-render your site for you in an effort to make it fit. • WAP is an outdated term that is still used to describe mobile web pages. Today it’s mostly XHTML. 28 Experience it! http://WDA.biz/lxsc0z
  29. 29. 29 A PC Site is NOT a Mobile Site… Lexus Mobile Site Designed for Mobile • Broken formatting • Missing images & elements • Flash inoperative and invisible • No size recognition PC broadband HTML site viewed on a mobile phone:
  30. 30. SMS/MMS Mobile Campaign Costs 30 • Consultation • Managed Service vs. Self-Service vs. Hybrid – Pre-configured campaign options – Campaign setup/certification/monthly service – SaaS self-serve license $1k/$5k/$20K+ per month • Short Code Lease: Shared/Dedicated/Vanity – $2k setup – Shared ($500/mo.), Dedicated ($1.5k/qtr.), Vanity ($3k/qtr.) • Messaging Fees – Per message: $0.01-$0.07, avg. around $0.03 – Bulk & Unlimited • Binary Content Delivery $0.20 • Outside Integration (reporting, APIs) • Extras (sweepstakes indemnification, Web opt-in etc.) It’s a scorcher in Miami today! Keep cool with breezy late summer skirts. 20% off at any store. Code t239r Exp. 8/31/10
  31. 31. SMS/MMS Campaign Costs 31 • Small Low End – $500 single campaigns or service – Totally self-service, templated, simple MO/MT, zero custom • Medium Campaign – $1000 setup with $500 monthly fees – Full managed service, templated, common campaign types • Custom Campaigns – $5000 to $10,000 plus $1K monthly – Custom user flows, content, outside integration – Add on costs ex. sweepstakes indemnification $6,500 • Enterprise Campaigns & Messaging – $10k-$100K – Custom enterprise technology integration – International binds
  32. 32. Content Triples Engagement! 32
  33. 33. How and Why is Europe (or Japan, Korea, etc.) Different? • Social, Legal, Economic landscape are way different • Europe has more ways for vendors to experiment – 30+ countries; 120+ autonomous mobile operators with critical mass; no car payments = more electronics – U.S.: 4 carriers that “matter”; 18 month phone cycle • Japan and Korea: Industry operates much as a single corporation; entire countries rebuilt in last 60 years • India and developing world: giant percentage of population is under 30; no one has Internet except in their phone • U.S. Advantage: Speed of ubiquity when it matters 33
  34. 34. African Experience - Safaricom 34 Within the first month Safaricom had registered over 20,000 M-PESA customers, well ahead of the targeted business plan. Within the first 8 months, 900,000 customers had registered, 1,200 Agents had signed up nationwide and a cumulative KShs. 4 Billion had been transferred. The average amount of money sent per month was KShs. 41 Million by October 2007. The average transaction value was below KShs. 5000 (US$ 80). By July 2008, there were over 2.5 Million customers, over 3000 Agents and Mpesa made a deal with PesaPoint which manages a network of some 140 ATMs thus moving closer to being integrated with the banking system. And by April 09 – over 6 million users! 8000 Agents!
  35. 35. Multi-modal Mobile Mobile Marketing SMS, mobile Internet and mobile-enabled online Web sites. Key solutions provide SMS verification of money transfers to customers in 17 countries worldwide. • Key strategic component of money transfer SMS verification allows Western Union to identify the receiver of money transfers to build customer base • Western Union mobile site for mobile services information and opt-in • Mobile site “WAP widget” provides retail locations, coupon promotions, money transfer tracking, mobile greeting cards and more • Online Website for sign-up of SMS money transfer verification • Mother’s Day “send a bouquet of flowers” mobile greeting card campaign • “Happy Wednesdays” SMS coupon promotion for transfer discounts
  36. 36. 36 Mobile Display Buy: • Media placements on premium publishers and carriers including Mocospace, The Score Mobile, Weatherbug and Boost Mobile • Target Males 18-34, Hardee’s core young, hungry guy user group • Geo-target to Hardee’s locations & focus on key markets Mobile Site Brand Benefits: • Grow brand awareness through new channel • Optimize data capture • Enable opportunity for future contact with consumer • Drive traffic to store
  37. 37. 37 Display Media Results • 1,221,076 impressions served • 15,247 clicks • 1.25% avg. CTR on sites • 2.71% avg. CTR on Boost carrier • Overall CTR dramatically higher than 0.01% avg. online CTR Over 8 week campaign: • 11,325 visits • 6,754 unique visitors • 21,086 page views • 952 product names submitted • 407 SMS alert opt-ins
  38. 38. 38 Order by text message 1. Link Your Mobile Phone Use your mobile phone to order by text message, and to receive text message pick- up time confirmations. 2. Create Favorites Create your orders and save them as Favorites. 2. Order On the Go Just text 'menu' to 466626 for a list of your favorites. Reply with the number of the favorite you want to order. You'll receive a text confirmation and pick up time! Developer: GoMoBo Breaking New Ground: Five Guys becomes the first company to use the Radiant RPOS- integrated point-of-sale system on a national level
  39. 39. 39 • Serious outreach to the developer community • Focused on enabling App developers to enable payments within their apps • Already a big presence and infrastructure in mobile payments • Experiences in dealing with mobile carriers Contest categories include: • Best application that leverages PayPal X’s Mobile Payments Library (available on iPhone and Android) • Best application built by university students • Best consumer application • Best application that promotes cross-border commerce • Best application that takes advantage of Yahoo’s platform • Best application that takes advantage of eBay’s platform
  40. 40. 40 • Uses the hands-free port as the card reader interface (audio jack) • Fully secure/compliant • Company offers a full mobile shopping experience as, for merchants • Supports iPhone, Android
  41. 41. More Case Studies • Roamware launched a service in Ireland with a national financial institution, Permanent TSB, that allows card- less ATM cash withdrawal triggered by an SMS (a text) • Parking meters in Ireland and elsewhere have nearly been completely replaced by text-pay. Meter cops scan a barcode on the windshield that links to an account to confirm payment. • Valley National Bank (New Jersey) has teamed up with Bling Nation to offer mobile payments to businesses and consumers, enabling tap-and-pay purchases at the point of sale. 41
  42. 42. Nokia’s Vision in 2000 – Digital Signatures 42
  43. 43. Some Sources of Further Information • http://www.mobeyforum.org/?page=white-paper- implementer-guidelines • http://www.smartcardalliance.org/pages/publications- proximity-mobile-payments • http://www.mercatoradvisorygroup.com/ • The History of Money, Jack Weatherford, 1997 43
  44. 44. Contact Brennan Hayden 517-505-7300 (m) brennan@wirelessdeveloper.com Twitter @reallybig 2875 Northwind Dr. East Lansing, MI 48823 517-337-2701, ext. 210 http://wda.us 44