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Air finder Supertag Webinar

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Air finder Supertag Webinar

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Air finder Supertag Webinar

  1. 1. AirFinder SuperTag Webinar Overview • Introduction to Link Labs • Challenges and Opportunities in Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking and Monitoring • How Link Labs meets the Challenge: AirFinder and the AirFinder SuperTag • Three SuperTag Use Cases • Q&A
  2. 2. Introduction to Link Labs • Leader in low-power, low-data use wireless solution development • First FCC-certified LoRa device • First carrier-certified LTE-M1 device on the Verizon LTE-M network • Link Labs’ solutions focus on power and data efficiency without sacrificing performance • Hundreds of customer requests for tracking solutions
  3. 3. But technical and business challenges remain 1. GPS fails indoors and indoor tracking technologies are expensive 2. Cellular networks are not optimized for industrial and commercial operations Indoor and Outdoor Tracking and Monitoring The emergence of low-power, long-range technologies (LTE-M, NB-IOT, LoRa) have lowered the cost of asset tracking and monitoring
  4. 4. Indoor and Outdoor Tracking and Monitoring • The key features for indoor/outdoor asset tracking and monitoring: • Fine—grained indoor location possible at low cost • Seamlessly indoor/outdoor tracking • Ensure long life of tags (up to years or more) • Cellular in-fill and gap coverage
  5. 5. AirFinder and the SuperTag meet the Challenge • AirFinder is a complete indoor/outdoor/anywhere asset monitoring and tracking solution • Low-power and low-data technology base • Provides in-fill and cellular gap coverage • Indoor location accuracy is flexible based on use case AirFinder Location Platform Reference Points (optional) IndoorsOutdoors
  6. 6. Introducing the AirFinder SuperTag • The AirFinder SuperTag takes the performance of the AirFinder solution anywhere • Operates like a standard AirFinder BLE tag indoors • In-built sensors: temperature, shock, vibration • Indoor/outdoor tracking in a single device • Easy deployment • Simple UI and API integration AirFinder Location Platform Reference Points (optional) IndoorsOutdoors
  7. 7. Use case 1: SuperTag in Manufacturing • Commercial Use Case: Manufacturing processes • Existing GPS options cannot report indoors, existing indoor RTLS options cannot work outside • The AirFinder SuperTag delivers: • Low-cost indoor solution with outdoor options • Seamless tracking from receiving, through WIP, to packaging and shipping Over-the-Road Receiving Work In Progress Shipping
  8. 8. Use case 2: SuperTag vs. (LTE-M) GPS Trackers • Commercial Use Cases: shipment and container tracking; specialty packaging; equipment tracking; • Existing have power and data limitations; other LTE-M trackers don’t deliver refined indoor location • The AirFinder SuperTag delivers: • Power optimization • Data efficiency • Seamless indoor and outdoor tracking • Included condition monitoring – temperature, shock, vibration
  9. 9. Use case 3: SuperTag vs. Data Loggers • Commercial Use Cases: Pharma, chemicals, refrigerated food • Data Loggers are widely used, but have limitations • The AirFinder SuperTag delivers • Active tracking • Automated data collection • Alerts before shipments are ruined
  10. 10. AirFinder SuperTag In Action • With the AirFinder user interface or direct data integration, we work with customers to provide actionable data • Set predetermined check-in times or condition-driven messages from devices • Geofencing for alerts and notifications • Indoor location data for WIP and process improvements, as well as security and other alerting • Daily reports – duration, exception tracking, etc.
  11. 11. AirFinder SuperTag Value Proposition • The AirFinder Supertag delivers low-power, low-cost indoor/outdoor tracking and monitoring • Lowest cost of ownership for indoor/outdoor asset tracking • The SuperTag can do what other solutions cannot and it is available today on a leasing model • As low as $5-10 per device per month with no hardware costs