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Webinar slides - What makes a successful e-learning project?

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As part of a series of webinars hosted by e.Learning Age to celebrate the winners of the E-Learning Awards 2012, Brightwave and Clyde Valley Learning Development Group share the success of their recent project that has become the largest peer-managed shared service learning project in the UK, delivering over £9 million in savings.

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Webinar slides - What makes a successful e-learning project?

  1. 1. Best E-Learning ProjectE-Learning Awards 2012 © Brightwave Ltd.
  2. 2. Introductions Brightwave Mike Dalglish Clyde Valley Council Learning and Development Group Gerry Farrell – South Lanarkshire Council Simon Hall – Renfrewshire Council
  3. 3. This is a story about…How the largestpeer-managed sharedservice project in theUK has transformedlearning acrossScotland to improvepublic services and thelives of the peoplewho live there
  4. 4. Agenda1. Drivers for change2. The solution3. Challenges4. Case studies5. Results and impact
  5. 5. Why is this projectspecial?1. Largest UK peer-managed e-learning shared service project2. Only local government shared service to be sustained – 5 years3. Widened access reaching non-desk based workforce4. Positive ROI in individual councils5. £9.4m saved on training reinvestedCentre of excellence for e-learningcreated by Councils for Councils
  6. 6. Drivers for changeNot just about saving money…An imperative for innovation:“increase response to rapidorganisational change”Ultimate goal to improveemployee engagement andcustomer service
  7. 7. Clyde Valley Learningand Development Group
  8. 8. Shared E-Learning Strategy
  9. 9. Clyde Valley Learningand Development Group19 councils(out of 32)181,000employees (62%)Serving 3.5mresidents (67%)
  10. 10. A platform for sharedlearning
  11. 11. A platform for shared learning 360 Feedback tool / tactical needs assessment LMS reporting SaaS Authoring tool and managementQualitative Evaluation tool LMS LMS comms tool
  12. 12. A platform for sharedlearning
  13. 13. Challenges overcomeChallenge 1 – Ensuring success at each Council• Peer-led incremental implementation• Sharing learning before / during and after
  14. 14. Challenges overcomeChallenge 2 – Maximising collaboration• Shared content• Identified common needs and jointly developed content
  15. 15. Challenge 2Maximising collaboration
  16. 16. One example in action –Leadership programme• 474 managers – 1.5 days to complete• Delivery reduced by 711 full days• Cost avoidance = £150,720• 87% of learners applied learning• Efficiency targets exceeded – £75m identified
  17. 17. Challenges overcomeChallenge 3 – Developing expertise and buildingcapacity• Developed each others skills, encouraging innovation and creativity• Built capacity to respond to a challenging environmentHelping each other to help ourselves...
  18. 18. ImpactCommunity of e-learning experts Access for allwith a culture of sharing Pauline Andy Murphy Cameron
  19. 19. Positive learner reaction: Increased flexibility is helping learners and organisations reach goals
  20. 20. Impact in numbers• 19 councils (out of 32 in Scotland)• 181,000 learners• Over 200 course builders across Scotland• Over 500 new e-learning courses created• Over 350,000 course completions• £9.4m saved on training
  21. 21. Impact– beyond the numbersCulture legacy sustainability…“This is how we do things now”
  22. 22. Questions?Thank you for your attentionwww.brightwave.co.uk@BrightTweet © Brightwave Ltd.