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Social Media Strategy: How Much Time Does a Good Strategy Take?

  1. How much time does social media take?
  2. The short answer ...
  3. 12 hours per week
  4. The longer answer ...
  5. A good social media strategy involves three parts
  6. 1. Plan 2. Implement 3. Measure
  7. Then repeat. Weekly.
  8. What Planning Looks Like
  9. Awareness Sales Loyalty Choose a focus
  10. Growth Likes Clicks Conversions Engagement Influence Identify success metrics
  11. What Implementing Looks Like
  12. How we create
  13. What Measuring Looks Like
  14. Chart your key metrics
  15. Discover opportunities
  16. Even more: Sources: Paomedia, Moz, KISSmetrics, Garrett Moon, Markus Spiske