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Bulk sms in fmcg industries

  1. 1. Bulk SMS in FMCG Industries Fast moving consumers goods are popularly known as consumer packed goods. It includes all the consumables which people buy at regular intervals for example toothpaste, shampoo, toilet soaps. India FMGC is 4th largest sector in the economy with a total market size in excess of US$ 13.1 billion. All the distribution network are well establish in the large market and in the presence of MNC, Due to increased demands of consumable products from house to office to schools, there is strong competition between all the FMGC companies. FMGC industries needs to communicate with lots of people from customers to dealers, vendors, retailers, to employee, Industries have to maintain the balance between them for smooth of the organization. In this competitive market it is very necessary to have proper or continual communication between the people involved in managing the business. Bulk SMS service is the quickest and effective node of communication for all FMGC industries. By one single click information can be share to lots of people which saves lots of time. Benefits of Bulk SMS in FMGC sector are as follows:- 1) It helps in doing promotion of all the FMGC products in very efficient way so it can to reach to their target customer. Which creates brand awareness among customers? 2) It helps in maintaining proper communication between right from the manufactures to end users. Updates can send via SMS to all the dealers, vendors, wholesalers, retailers client, manufactures for smooth running of the industries 3) New offers, lunches, wishes can be send via SMS to their existing customers 4) Customer feedback, complaints can be received via SMS 5) Remain in touch with customers through API
  2. 2. Get more details on http://kapsystem.com/bulksms/index8.htm Need Demo click on http://kapsystem.com/freedemo8.php For further assistance mail to info@kapsystem.com or call on +91 97380 10000

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Bulk SMS in FMCG Industries. Bulk SMS in retail indudtries.


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