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Promote Fitness Centres & Gyms with Bulk SMS

Promote Fitness Centers & Gyms with Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS service in Gym, Fitness centers and Healthcare.

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Promote Fitness Centres & Gyms with Bulk SMS

  1. 1. Promote Fitness Centres & Gyms with Bulk SMS For today’s generation Gyms and fitness centres are the new temples of health. Now people are moving towards an era of greater health and weight consciousness and looking for means to achieve the same. Gym & fitness centres can increase membership and create awareness by using simple & cost effecting tool SMS marketing. Now companies are making a switch from email to SMS as messages have more reach and read more frequently than emails. How you can promote fitness centre & gym by text messaging? Free Trial membership & Discounts: To introduce your gym, give free membership for limited period for a few days & do campaigning for same via SMS. Text Health Tips: Make a list of all your gym members and send SMS each of them with a personalised health tips. This encourages people and keeps them hooked to using gym every day. Introduce new workouts: Fitness Industry evolves constantly new workout regimes are being introduced frequently. Keep a tab with these trends & introduce them in your gym and inform clients by using SMS service. Create a Referral Program: Send text message to your client asking them to refer your gym to their friends & family. Once a referred member is enrolled reward referrer with some discount or free gifts. This would be help to motivate your gym member to bring their friends & family. Send weekly Report: Send personalised weekly reports of your client’s workout pattern through the week and also send them the schedule for the next week.
  2. 2. Get more details on http://kapsystem.com/bulksms/index9.htm Need Demo click on http://kapsystem.com/freedemo9.php For further assistance mail to info@kapsystem.com or call on +91 97380 10000