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Industry 4.0 Plymouth Manufacturing Group


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Industry 4.0 Plymouth Manufacturing Group

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Presentation of Digital Catapult's personal data activities in relation to Industry 4.0, digital transformation and advanced manufacturing actions, as presented by Digital Catapult's Michele Nati, Lead Technologist of Personal Data and Trust.

Presentation of Digital Catapult's personal data activities in relation to Industry 4.0, digital transformation and advanced manufacturing actions, as presented by Digital Catapult's Michele Nati, Lead Technologist of Personal Data and Trust.


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Industry 4.0 Plymouth Manufacturing Group

  1. 1. Opportunities for Digital Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing Plymouth, July 14th, 2016 PMG Industry 4.0 Conference and Exhibition Michele Nati Lead Technologist Personal Data and Trust @michelenati @DigiCatapult #DigiCatapult
  2. 2. What is Digital Catapult?
  3. 3. Here to help grow the UK’s digital economy Office of National Statistics shows only 7% of UK national output comes from the digital sector significantly behind the global leader South Korea at 11%.
  4. 4. DIGITAL CATAPULT IS Here to accelerate economic growth and productivity for the UK 1 A not-for-profit, private limited company2 Completely neutral3
  5. 5. HOW DO WE DO THIS? 1.Through adding technological, business expertise and academia o Help SMEs to scale faster o Help businesses with digital transformation 2.Tackle large scale digital challenges that are too complex, financially risky or take too long 3.Use Research & Development to open up new markets and commercial opportunities
  6. 6. FIVE CENTRES ACROSS THE UK We work across the UK with • Digital communities • Innovation clusters • Businesses (all sizes) • Public sector • Research • Government • Universities and academics • Not-for-profit organisations
  7. 7. WE WORK ACROSS A RANGE OF TECHNOLOGY LAYERS Next generation Internet: Internet of Things, distributed ledger technologies, decentralised web, 5G and low powered wide area networks Data-driven: trust, privacy, identity and security Intelligent: machine learning and artificial intelligence
  8. 8. We help others work together.
  9. 9. ADVANCED MANUFACTURING – LANDSCAPE Industry 4.0: • cross-factories vertical expansion • more efficient business processes Industrial Internet Consortium (ICC): • cross-domains horizontal expansion • new value-added services
  10. 10. ADVANCED MANUFACTURING – THE VALUE Def. “Using innovative (digital) technology to improve products or processes” (cit. Wikipedia) Data driven innovation • Manufacturing and transport (IDC) • $35.5 and $24.9 billion (manufacturing, freight and building monitoring) • Spending on IoT services will reach of $235 billion in 2016, up 22% from 2015 (Gartner) Value of Personal Data • The worldwide wearable device market will reach a total of 111.1 million units shipped in 2016, up 44.4% from the 80 million units shipped in 2015. By 2019, total shipments will reach 214.6 million units, a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28% (IDC) New emerging (personalized) markets • Remote health management, smart homes, connected cars industry, in- store contextualized marketing, personalized insurance
  11. 11. OPPORTUNITIES • Resource and Maintenance efficiency • Physical objects are the assets • Connect more objects, connect more factories, more “optimized” process • Operational and Service efficiency • Individuals are the “new assets” • New personal data become available and should be included in the value chain • Connect more people with more objects and create more personalised services and customer relations What industrial process can be applied to new domains, managing people assets?
  12. 12. CHALLENGES Edge Tier Platform Tier Enterprise Tier More sensing and connectivity: 5G and Low Power Wide Area Networks More data and interoperability: federated identities, user-centric model, personalized knowledge More business interoperability: ecosystem development, trust, control and compliance (GDPR)
  13. 13. Engaging with Digital Catapult Open Innovation and Experimentation
  14. 14. INNOVATION OPPORTUNITIES Stakeholders engagement Understand data value Ensure compliance Identify new business and remove existing barriers 14 Open Innovation (Co-creation WS and Pit-stops) - Identify the problem/work the solution - Develop the ecosystems (problem owners, solutions providers) - From your own domain - Mixing within different domains - Leveraging expert knowledge - Identify governance structure - Provide tools for consent, control over personal data (GDPR compliance) - Liaise with government and regulatory bodies - Provide recommendations - Identifying funding streams and assist in the application process SMEs
  15. 15. • Digital Catapult and sponsors: • Define objectives • Identified required skills • Digital catapult: • Leverage its network of innovators to recruit desired participants (SMEs, scale ups, individual innovators, academic experts, in-house experts) • The format: • 10 to 15 innovators, 6 to 8 sponsor staff, 6 to 8 subject matters experts, 1 moderator • Presentations, breakout sessions and co-creation workshops • The benefit: • For partners: develop and test new ideas; speed up open innovation with external resources • For participants: test and validate new ideas; reach new markets 15 PITSTOP: THE JOURNEY
  16. 16. 16 19 Days 237 SMEs 113 Experts 100s of ideas Convening Start / Scale-ups…… Alongside industrial partner challenges 9 new relationships 4 prototypes in business case PITSTOPS: FACT and FIGURES
  18. 18. Convene Data Providers Provide project framework2 1 Security is made available through a set of specific controls A set of legal contracts defines the rules for all participants of the platform 3 4 Access to best of breed Insight Producers through a selection process Overall, a data science solution built on enterprise grade tech 6 1 5 6 http://datacatalyser.org.uk DATA CATALYSER: OVERVIEW
  19. 19. • The problem (Nissan Social Media Challenge): • Monitor sentiment and identify trends and issues with Nissan luxury ‘Infiniti’ brand • The challenge: • Mix closed organisational data: Warranty and Quality Assurance data • Closed Sales data owned by third party • Social media data • The goal: • Predict churn • Optimize supply chain • How • Open Innovation • Making assumption, test with external experts, refine them, identify next steps DATA CATALYSER: AN EXAMPLE
  20. 20. Creating a new market Personalized insurance example
  21. 21. Patient Clinician
  22. 22. Patient Clinician Clinical Monitoring Established systems for secure health data Electronic Medical Records
  23. 23. Patient Clinician Clinical Monitoring Smartphone Apps Home Devices Sensitive Personal Data Tested or Recommended Apps Medical Devices Clinical Trials Wearables
  24. 24. Patient Clinician Clinical Monitoring Smartphone Apps Home Devices Connected Cars Smart Cities Social Media Wearables Utilities/Fin ancial Smart Homes
  25. 25. Patient Clinician Clinical Monitoring Smartphone Apps Home Devices Connected Cars Smart Cities Social Media Insurer Employer Retailer Advertiser Smart Homes Wearables - Health insurance - Property insurance - Car insurance Utilities/Fin ancial
  26. 26. Access Control Minimisation Transparency Correctness Compliance Simplicity pdtn.org
  27. 27. Open Consent Framework Open Consent Hub Individual/Pa tient Consent, Notice, Receipt and Transparency Tools Attribute Provider Relying Party Clinician Insurer Employer Retailer Advertiser Wearables Smartphone Apps Home Devices Connected Cars Smart Cities Social Media Utilities/Fin ancial
  28. 28. • Open Calls • Pit Stops • Use of the Centre • Events • UK & EU Research Projects • Join a community • Become a Clusters and Communities Associate • Our Projects • Hackathons • Innovation Workshops • Researcher in Residence • Boost Programme • Become a Supporter • Showcase in our Centre GET INVOLVED
  29. 29. THANK YOU! #DigiCatapult info@digicatapult.org.uk 0300 1233 101 Digital Catapult digicatapult.org.uk /DigitalCatapult @DigitalCatapult
  30. 30. Backup
  31. 31. ECOSYSTEM EXPANSION - VERTICAL Drivers: • Avoid competition and resource to deliver a “clone” service • Acquire new customers • Sell more devices Asset: Individuals Service
  32. 32. ECOSYSTEM EXPANSION - HORIZONTAL Drivers: • Routes optimizations • Un-used drivers • Operational efficiency? Assets: Cars and people preferences New market opportunities
  33. 33. Vertical = Limited use cases e.g fraud Horizontal = Many use cases • Better understanding of individual emotions combining economic situation, health and wellness data • More detailed anonymous personas can be created combining spending habits, locations, etc • As results: • Services are more personalized • Operations and processes are more optimized PERSONAL DATA: THE REAL VALUE

Notes de l'éditeur

  • And most importantly, ALL our work is in collaboration with others. We work with organisations across the UK and beyond including academia, smes corporates and public sector. We help grow ecosystems around new opportunities and locations
  • Future investment
    Remote health management
    Smart grid
    Smart home
    Use cases
    In-store contextualized marketing
    Connected vehicles
    Personalized Insurance
  • With enterprise architecture
    Need for: control and compliance (with GDPR), user centric-model, data and business interoperability

    Business interoperability may also
    become relevant where the goal is for an enterprise to cooperate with its business partners and to efficiently establish, conduct and develop IT-supported business relationships with the objective to create value
  • Nissan: optimize supply chain; production and sales data (subcontractor); social data to predict churn (hackathon in Sunderland)
  • So how can you get involved?
    Here is your answer.
    Any request we have to work with an organisation goes through an open call. These are always on our website and we use social media and our newsletters to promote them.
    Our Pit Stops – our highly focused open innovation activities designed to accelerate the growth of new ideas.
    They bring together large companies, experts and small high calibre, disruptive innovators in a secure and creative environment: usually over two days at a Digital Catapult Centre.
    We run and host a variety of events across our focus areas – check out our website for our upcoming events
    We’ve a variety of communities and activities to keep you involved such as the Personal Data and Trust Network
    Or if you run a cluster or community chat to us about our associate programme
    Visit our website for the latest ways to get involved, our latest projects and open calls.