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Global Conference 2018 RRR+ Uganda

Presentation of the Government of Uganda to the First Global Conference on Reporting for Results-based REDD+, January 2018, Milan, Italy. Reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and related forest conservation.

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Global Conference 2018 RRR+ Uganda

  1. 1. RRR+ Global Conference UGANDA FEEM, Milan, 30-31 January 2018
  2. 2. Uganda - Country Experiences and Challenges: Status & achievements so far throughout the project ➢ Outcome1: Institutional Arrangements 1. Continuing National MRV – System Development process under the climate change department 2. Institutions have been mapped in general terms for the national GHG requirements (Sector and coordination levels) 3. But the roles and responsibilities for each of the institutions have not been agreed upon 4. No inter agency memoranda have been signed 5. Capacity support for the entire inventory cycle is needed / some is planned under the climate change department – AFOLU retreat planned this quarter 6. Climate change Bill – still in preparation ➢ Outcome2: GHGI Calculation 1. A draft GHG – Inventory (1994 -2015) was compiled – BUT 2. It has still gaps in aspects of data completeness and 3. Needs QA/QC to be fully IPCC compliant 4. Capacity support still needed to improve methods and coverage
  3. 3. Uganda - Country Experiences and Challenges: Status & achievements so far throughout the project (Cont.) ➢ Outcome 3: Reporting purposes 1. Uganda is planning to submit the Third National Communication by the end of 2018 and is already 2. Working on preparing a first draft of the BUR for the same time. 3. Identification of the requirements for NDC Implementation is also starting this year (2018); 4. REDD+ Status: • National REDD+ Strategy and Forest Reference Emissions Levels highly advanced (FREL – technical assessment still on going) • National Forest Monitoring System and Safeguards & Safeguards Information System (SIS) remain work in progress ➢ Outcome 4: Enhanced South-South knowledge sharing 1. Had a successful regional capacity support meeting in Duala, Cameroon
  4. 4. Uganda - Country Experiences and Challenges: Status & achievements so far throughout the project (Cont.) ➢ Other Developments and Plans – support needed to: (1) Continue with the process of strengthening the Institutional Arrangements; • MoU and Data sharing Protocol - Sector of roles, responsibilities and data acquisition/utilisation procedures • National Climate Change Act – includes aspects for GHG requirements • Full participation of Local communities, private sector & Government’s finance department of requirements for GHG-I (2) Continue with Technical GHGI – Actions • Establishment and implementation of a National Inventory Improvement Plan. • Full operationalization process of the online Ugandan Emissions Archive is ongoing • Aspirational: - 2021 operational MRV System supported by IPCC compliant National GHGI • Established channels for national and international Reporting for climate change in general and for REDD+ in particular • Complete the REDD+ NFMS and Safeguards and Safeguards Information System
  5. 5. Uganda - Country Experiences and Challenges: Contribution from CfRN - RRR+ Project (1) 1st CD REDD exposure of 3 Uganda Experts on forest inventory (India) and Remote sensing & GIS for REDD+ (Brazil) and Global (Berlin) (2) Current RRR+ Project: • One national joint workshop (as part of the project mission) – more than 20 national AFOLU technical experts involved • One regional (Africa) meeting and training (Cameroon) – two Ugandans involved • On-line (remote) support to team leaders for national GHGI and REDD+ • Expect 2nd national in country training and continued on line support on other technical aspects (3) 10 year Uganda - CfRN collaboration (in general) is expected to continue
  6. 6. Uganda - Country Challenges ➢ (1) Keeping the momentum in the country on REDD+ agenda – especially in the face: • Of low investment in the actual on ground actions (stakeholder fatigue) • Of rapidly changing political environment and priorities ➢ (2) Balancing international contractual requirements and need for national level reflections on implications of technical & institutional decisions – for example: • Patience required to decide on requirements for estimating the reference levels for each REDD+ activity • Human resource requirements for functional NFMS’ and Safeguards & Safeguards information Systems (SIS)
  7. 7. The National Context - Land use and Land Cover Series 7