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2023 CalAPA Spring Conference presentation on fleet management & compliance by Drew Delaney

  1. CalAPA Spring Asphalt Pavement Conference & Expo - Ontario, CA 3/23/2023 Best Practices in Fleet Management for Regulatory Compliance
  2. Current Regulations Impacting the Fleet • Truck and Bus Regulation • Off-road Diesel Regulation (2022 Amendments) • Portable Diesel Engine Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) • Portable Equipment Registration Program • Large Spark Ignited Vehicle Regulation • Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation • Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program and Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (2019) • Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance Regulation Things All Fleet Managers Should Know
  3. Regulations Being Proposed or Amended • Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation • Zero Emission Forklift Regulation • Amendments to the Small Off-Road Engine Regulations: Transition to Zero Emissions • Tier 5 Emission Standard for Off-road Diesel Engines • Rules for Manufacturers to Produce ZE Off-road Equipment Things All Fleet Managers Should Know
  4. Advanced Vehicles and Clean Fuels Numerous manufacturers are beginning to offer vehicles and equipment which bring advanced power options to the commercial market. Fuel suppliers are bringing renewable and low carbon fuels to the market to decrease the carbon intensity of the fuel consumed by traditional vehicles and equipment as well. Things All Fleet Managers Should Know
  5. Successful • Young Fleet – Manager purchases new vehicles and utilizes them efficiently, no antiques allowed • Useful Used Fleet – Manager purchases used equipment with additional useful life, knows when to retire equipment • Leveraged Fleet – Manager uses one of the two strategies above as well as vehicle/equipment incentive programs to modernize the oldest units of the fleet Not So Successful • Hold onto vehicles beyond their useful life and hold onto vehicles even with very low utilization Regulatory Compliance Strategies for Fleet Managers
  6. Regulatory Compliance Strategies for Fleet Managers Be Involved in Rulemaking Activities that Will Potentially Impact Your Fleet. There Is No Replacement for the Voice of those Directly Impacted by a Potential Rule at the Rulemaking Table
  7. Things All Fleet Managers Should Avoid Fleet Managers Should Avoid the Following: • Falling behind in the state of the industry knowledge of equipment • Complacency for new/amended regulations • Situations which invite or reinforce practices which lead to noncompliance • Keeping pet equipment • Purchasing vehicles/equipment without proper knowledge of their regulatory obligations • Selling vehicles/equipment without proper disclosure of regulatory applicability • Etc.
  8. Truck and Bus Regulation
  9. Things All Fleet Managers Should Avoid
  10. Thank You For Attending! If you have any questions, please contact us: Associates Environmental 18141 Beach Boulevard, Suite 200 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Fax: (714) 362-9085 Drew Delaney Mobile: (949) 322-3739