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What do employees want these days?

  1. "I plan to make a major pivot or career transition" 46% Source: Microsoft 2021 / globally
  2. "I consider leaving my current employer within the next year" 41% Source: Microsoft 2021 / globally
  3. "I would prefer to work from anywhere, anytime, over getting a promotion" Source: Ivanti 2022 / Globally 71%
  4. "If I have to go back into the office full-time, I will be more likely to look for a new job" 33+% Source: Qualtrics 2022 / Globally
  5. "I would consider taking a pay cut to work at a company that aligns more with my values" Source: Korn Ferry 2022 / Globally 71%
  6. "I plan to take a different job in the near future because the pandemic allowed me to re-evaluate what I want" Source: Korn Ferry 2022 / Globally 36%
  7. "It’s unlikely I would accept a job if they treated me poorly during the interview process" Source: Korn Ferry 2022 / Globally 75%
  8. "My company embeds well-being into the workplace culture and people’s jobs" Source: Deloitte 2022 / globally <60%