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BrightonSEO - how to create sexy AF outreach emails to land sexy AF links

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In this talk, I share behind the scenes juicy screenshots and tips revealing exactly how to pitch to the most daunting national journalists no matter your brand, budget or experience.

I also cover the methods that are most successful, who you should be targeting, what your subject title should include and how your email, press release or content should look to stand out amongst the 600 emails they receive DAILY!

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BrightonSEO - how to create sexy AF outreach emails to land sexy AF links

  1. 1. How to create a sexy AF PR pitch to land sexy AF links Carrie Rose, Rise at Seven @CarrieRosePR
  2. 2. Top-tier journalists get 600 emails from PR’s a day @CarrieRosePR
  3. 3. So how do we get the cut through? @CarrieRosePR
  4. 4. VIRGIN
  6. 6. But when it comes to building links… @CarrieRosePR
  7. 7. § I’ve done this for years!
  8. 8. Building links for any brand is not easy @CarrieRosePR
  9. 9. In fact it is getting harder
  10. 10. Journalists vs Digital PR 83,000 Digital PRs/PR vs 64,000 journalists in the UK in 2016. In 2018, even more cuts. So its much more competitive to get the cut through @DanSaunders86 @CarrieRosePR
  11. 11. But one thing is clear, we need to start thinking a little more creatively @CarrieRosePR
  12. 12. In my years in SEO I’ve built THOUSANDS of links
  13. 13. On sites like this…
  14. 14. For clients like this...
  15. 15. As well as this… @CarrieRosePR
  16. 16. “Cleaning of the London Underground will be stepped up each night over the summer period across 50 stations and five tunnels.” SADIQ KHAN, MAYOR OF LONDON I’ve created content that caught the attention of people like this… @CarrieRosePR
  17. 17. CAMPAIGN GO LIVE DATE And helped produced graphs that go like this... @CarrieRosePR
  18. 18. I’ve won awards for my work
  19. 19. I’ve won awards for my work And even made a client cry (with happiness)
  20. 20. 18,000interactions I once landed a link on HSBC site to a gambling client @CarrieRosePR
  21. 21. Yet, some have this CRAZYYYY idea that you cant get BIG links with a small budget @CarrieRosePR
  22. 22. Most people also think you need a big brand name @CarrieRosePR
  23. 23. And some even think its down to building relationships and being best pals with journos @CarrieRosePR
  24. 24. And I proved this…
  25. 25. Confidential I did a bit of an experiment… @CarrieRosePR
  26. 26. Confidential @CarrieRosePR
  27. 27. Confidential@CarrieRosePR
  28. 28. THINK like a PR, but ACT like an SEO
  29. 29. This means I don’t forum spam… @CarrieRosePR
  30. 30. I don’t guest post @CarrieRosePR
  31. 31. I don’t use bloggers for links because they have VERY little SEO value @CarrieRosePR
  32. 32. I don’t create infographics and upload them to 100 infographic sites @CarrieRosePR
  33. 33. In 5 years of working in digital PR I've met 2 journalists @CarrieRosePR
  34. 34. So it’s not about kissing arse or building relationships to get links @CarrieRosePR
  35. 35. I create stories @CarrieRosePR
  36. 36. Stories that that journalists and users naturally want to talk about and link to, because it’s that awesome, resourceful, useful or different. @CarrieRosePR
  37. 37. So, before I go into the sexy AF outreach emails @CarrieRosePR
  38. 38. Lets talk about what journalists want and need
  39. 39. I met up with journalists from The Sun, House Beautiful and Cosmopolitan magazine. And they ALL said the same thing… @CarrieRosePR
  40. 40. They have on average an hour to write up a story… @CarrieRosePR
  41. 41. And produce 6-8 articles a day @CarrieRosePR
  42. 42. They must have an international angle or global interest @CarrieRosePR
  43. 43. They’re KPI’d on traffic… @CarrieRosePR
  44. 44. Social shares… @CarrieRosePR
  45. 45. And time on site @CarrieRosePR
  46. 46. Every article needs imagery – whether that’s their own or yours @CarrieRosePR
  47. 47. Editors are forcing all articles now to include a video – whether that’s their own or yours @CarrieRosePR
  48. 48. Videos must be around 60 seconds but they start making money at 30 seconds @CarrieRosePR
  49. 49. But you’re much more likely to land a placement if you can provide all of that at once @CarrieRosePR
  50. 50. Here’s an example of where stock video footage which cost £300 and a blog post got 169 links from nearly every national publication 169 Links
  51. 51. @CarrieRosePR
  52. 52. The type of people that engaged with the campaign were the perfect audience for SpaSeekers: the inspirational travelers
  53. 53. 169 Links and Coverage 7,966 Organic Visits 693,324 Reach on Social 3,897 Applications In 2 weeks… @CarrieRosePR
  54. 54. 594 Followers 1,137 Followers 117 Twitter The campaign naturally increased SpaSeekers following across these platforms: @CarrieRosePR
  55. 55. @CarrieRosePR
  56. 56. @CarrieRosePR 6 Clips £300 Total
  57. 57. @CarrieRosePR Free
  58. 58. Because this worked, I thought I’d try it again with the intention of getting links to a product page @CarrieRosePR
  59. 59. But it’s not all about video… @CarrieRosePR
  60. 60. Building links to a health and safety training site – low budget
  61. 61. In June, these hit the headlines
  62. 62. Gathered ONS data surrounding choking deaths
  63. 63. Created a report on-site
  64. 64. And shared expert tips of how to save a child
  65. 65. Gathered ONS data surrounding choking deaths
  66. 66. We created a resource
  67. 67. So much that if you Google ‘choking deaths data UK’ – we rank 2nd above RoSPA and NSC
  68. 68. 83 Links Featured on The Mirror, Daily Star, Sun and more
  69. 69. THINKING like a PR, but ACTING like an SEO
  70. 70. So what did my outreach look like for these? @CarrieRosePR
  71. 71. Before I show you, here’s one of the first emails I sent for a campaign in 2015… @CarrieRosePR
  72. 72. Here’s some tips (the right way)… @CarrieRosePR
  73. 73. Every person has a different way of outreaching @CarrieRosePR
  74. 74. In fact, its quite personal sharing your outreach emails so publically @CarrieRosePR
  75. 75. But in general – we need to remember that these are normal people @CarrieRosePR
  76. 76. With a busy AF inbox @CarrieRosePR
  77. 77. So all we’ve got to do is make sure they open ours. And cover it too! @CarrieRosePR
  78. 78. @CarrieRosePR
  79. 79. I try my hardest NOT to write a press release @CarrieRosePR
  80. 80. Meaning everything is always in the body of the email @CarrieRosePR
  81. 81. Short, simple and to the point @CarrieRosePR
  82. 82. And I never attach anything (prevent blocking up inbox’s and going to junk) @CarrieRosePR
  83. 83. I ALWAYS include an image (embedded usually at the top of the email to capture their attention) @CarrieRosePR
  84. 84. And ALWAYS very clearly link to the page/asset I've created in the email @CarrieRosePR
  85. 85. I always provide extra data, images (even if it’s unsplash stock photos), video content or spreadsheets via a Dropbox link (don’t wetransfer) @CarrieRosePR
  86. 86. Always try to make it relevant to now in my intro sentence @CarrieRosePR
  87. 87. And to find out what’s happening now relevant to your story @CarrieRosePR
  88. 88. Go to the Daily Mail. @CarrieRosePR
  89. 89. Some may call it a trash publication. @CarrieRosePR
  90. 90. But when speaking to journalists I asked them, where do you look for story inspiration. @CarrieRosePR
  91. 91. They said every morning they are tasked with looking at the Daily Mail to see what they are covering. If that’s what they’re doing then so should you. @CarrieRosePR
  92. 92. Subject lines
  93. 93. Write your subject title how they would write the headline @CarrieRosePR
  94. 94. @CarrieRosePR
  95. 95. @CarrieRosePR
  96. 96. @CarrieRosePR
  97. 97. DREAM JOB: Get paid to test out hot tubs and infinity pools this summer (video)
  98. 98. VIDEO: The Dream summer job exists – you could be paid to test out hot tubs and infinity pools
  99. 99. The body of the email
  100. 100. When is the best time to push a story out?
  101. 101. Follow your gut
  102. 102. Credit: Shannon @Aira
  103. 103. In my own experience… Tuesday AM’s
  104. 104. But there’s one thing more important than the day
  105. 105. And that’s the time
  106. 106. A normal morning for a PR… Day starts at 9 Make a brew Chat shit with colleagues about the weekend Read emails Start pushing a campaign around 10
  107. 107. However most journos open their laptop at 8.30am
  108. 108. Meaning I am up at 7:30 sending my emails so that they were at the top of their inbox by 8.30
  109. 109. Or scheduling them to go out for 8.30 in Buzzstream (obvs)
  110. 110. That’s for those who are wanting to be SUPER competitive with their link acquisition
  111. 111. But ive built links at 8pm before – so it usually depends on what’s happening in the press
  112. 112. You can follow me at @CarrieRosePR
  113. 113. Be inspired @ShannonMcGuirk_ @lauralhampton @iamrofe @BrockbankJames @epicgraphic @DigitalPREx @markcporter @OliverBrett
  114. 114. The creative SEO agency for people who want more Thank You Sharp as a tack. Enthusiastic as hell. Experts in our field