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Pro bono 101 for Organizations

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Pro bono 101 for Organizations

  1. 1. Pro Bono 101: How to get the most out of pro bono Twitter: @catchafire Facebook: Catchafire.orgVisit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  2. 2. Agenda   1.  Catchafire’s  Story  &  Introduc8ons   2.  What  You  Should  Know  about  Your  Professional   3.  How  to  Choose  the  Right  Projects       4.  How  to  AHract  Pro  Bono  Professionals   5.  GeLng  Started  with  Your  Professional   6.  Staying  on  Track  with  Your  Professional   7.  Common  Issues   8.  Thanking  Your  Professional    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  3. 3. About  Us   Mission:  To  improve  the  quality  of  the  volunteer   experience  by  providing  pro  bono  opportuni8es   for  skilled  professionals.       Vision:  To  make  it  easy  for  every  professional  to   use  their  skills  for  good,  and  to  make  it  easy  for   every  nonprofit  and  social  enterprise  to  access   and  effec8vely  use  pro  bono  as  a  way  to  build   capacity  within  their  organiza8on.      Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  4. 4. Put  Yourself  In  the  Professional’s  Shoes   •  To  be  a  good  pro  bono  manager,  learn  these  Best  Prac8ces.   •  To  be  a  GREAT  pro  bono  manager,  learn  these  Best  Prac8ces  and   understand  WHY.   Provide   Increase   AHract  highly   meaningful  &   Make  the   efficiency  and   skilled  &   manageable   right   effec8veness   pro  bono   commiHed   matches!   of  social   opportuni8es   talent   sector   What  is  your  story?    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  5. 5. Goals  for  today   •  How  to  engage  and  aHract  pro  bono   professionals   •  How  to  turn  a  one-­‐8me  pro  bono  professional   into  a  lifelong  advocate   •  How  to  harness  the  passion  &  power  of  pro   bono  professionals  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  6. 6. Pre-­‐match   Catchafire’s  responsibility   Your  responsibility       •  Guiding  you  to  the  right   •  AHrac8ng  professionals   projects   through  your  profile   •  Matching  you  to  highly   •  Communica8ng  your  project   skilled  professionals   needs  effec8vely   •  Equipping  you  with  the   •  Responding  promptly  and   tools  &  resources   with  enthusiasm!   •  GeLng  your  professionals     excited!  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  7. 7. Post-­‐match   Catchafire’s  responsibility   Your  responsibility       •  Training  &  con8nued   •  Managing   educa8on   •  Communica8ng   •  Support     –  With  Catchafire   •  Follow-­‐up  &  feedback   –  With  professional   •  Networking   •  Providing  feedback    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  8. 8. Agenda 1.  Catchafire’s  Story  &  Introduc8ons   2.  What  you  should  know  about  your  professional   •  Role  within  your  organiza8on   •  Mo8va8ons  and  Goals   •  What  type  of  opportunity  aHracts  them   3.  How  to  Choose  the  Right  Projects   4.  How  to  AHract  Pro  Bono  Professionals   5.  GeLng  Started  with  Your  Professional   6.  Staying  on  Track  with  Your  Professional   7.  Common  Issues   8.  Thanking  Your  Professional  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  9. 9. Volunteers  vs  pro  bono  professionals    vs  consultants   Volunteer   Pro  bono   Consultant   Low  /  Low   High  /  Low   High  /  High   High   High   Low   Low   High   High   Low   Med   High  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  10. 10. Understanding  mo8va8ons  and  goals   Mo8vators   Goals   1.  Values   1.  Make  a  difference   2.  Career  Development   2.  Hone  and  develop  skills   3.  Social  Interac8on   3.  Meet  or  work  w/  new  people   4.  Recogni8on   4.  Be  rewarded  for  service   5.  Understanding   5.  Gain  perspec8ve   6.  Self-­‐Esteem   6.  Feel  valuable   7.  Personal  connec8on   7.  Give  in  remembrance  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  11. 11. Short-­‐term,  discrete,  individual  projects   Short-­‐Term   Discrete   Individual   •  3-­‐5  hours/week   •  Project  based   •  No  teams   •  2-­‐3  months   •  Clear   deliverable   •  Manageable     •  Focus  skills  on   •  Easier  to   •  Short-­‐term   one  objec8ve   coordinate   commitment   •  Measurable   schedules   •  Start  &  end   impact   •  Learning   8me   opportunity   •  Manageable  8me  commitment   •  Meaningful  &  high-­‐impact  project   •  Flexible  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  12. 12. Agenda 1.  Catchafire’s  Story  &  Introduc8ons   2.  What  you  should  know  about  your  professional   3.  How  to  choose  the  right  projects   •  Naviga8ng  the  Project  Menu   •  Assessing  your  needs   4.  How  to  AHract  Pro  Bono  Professionals   5.  GeLng  Started  with  Your  Professional   6.  Staying  on  Track  with  Your  Professional   7.  Common  Issues   8.  Thanking  Your  Professional    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  13. 13. Catchafire  Project  Menu  Projects  to  meet  the  most   common,  pressing  needs  of   organiza8ons    What  are  your  immediate  (1-­‐3   months),  mid-­‐term  (4-­‐6   months)  and  long-­‐term  needs   (7-­‐8  months)?    Do  you  have  a  hard  deadline?   E.g.  event  date       Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  14. 14. Catchafire  Project  Menu   Professional’s  8me   commitment     Descrip8on  of   Project   Expected  deliverable  for   this  project   Organiza8ons   requirements  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  15. 15. Agenda 1.  Catchafire’s  Story  &  Introduc8ons   2.  What  You  Should  Know  about  your  Professional   3.  How  to  Choose  the  Right  Projects   4.  How  to  AHract  Pro  Bono  Professionals   •  Create  engaging  profiles   •  Make  a  good  first  impression   5.  GeLng  Started  with  Your  Professional   6.  Staying  on  Track  with  Your  Professional   7.  Common  Issues   8.  Thanking  Your  Professional    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  16. 16. Match  emails  are  sent  daily  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  17. 17. Create  an  engaging  organiza8on  profile   1.  Organiza0on  Name     2.  Mission:     Your fundamental purpose 3.  What  We  Do:     Elaborate  on  HOW  you   accomplish  your  mission.     •   What  programs  and/or   partnerships  have  you  developed  in   order  to  increase  your  impact?   •   What  are  your  priori8es  as  an   organiza8on?  (i.e.  educa8on,   lobbying,  awareness,  etc.)   •   What  sta8s8cs  do  you  have  about   your  impact  thus  far?    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  18. 18. Create  an  engaging  manager  profile   1.  Manager  Name     2.  Headline:     eg.  Execu8ve  Director;  Founder  &  CEO;   Director  of  Communica8ons,  etc.   NOTE: Your headline will appear in communication to professionals. e.g. “Rachael Chong, Founder & CEO of Catchafire, needs your help with designing a new brochure.” 3.  Biography:   Highlight  your  professional   background  and  explain  why   youre  passionate  about  your   organiza8ons  cause.    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  19. 19. Create  an  engaging  project  profile   1.  Project  Name     2.  Project  Details:   Descrip8on  of  project  that  compels   professional  to  choose  your  project     Ask  yourself  the  following:         • Who  will  the  professional  be  dealing   with  directly?       • Why  is  this  project  important  to  your   organiza8on?   • What  will  the  professional  gain  from   this  project?    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  20. 20. Review  your  applicants     1.  Accept     You  will  be  virtually  introduced.     2.  Ask  a  Ques0on     If  you  feel  informa8on  is   missing/lacking.     3.  Pass     You  tell  us  why,  we’ll  find  the   professional  the  right   opportunity.  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  21. 21. Agenda   1.  Catchafire’s  Story  &  Introduc8ons   2.  What  You  Should  Know  about  Your  Professional   3.  How  to  Choose  the  Right  Projects   4.  How  to  AHract  Pro  Bono  Professionals   5.  GeLng  Started  with  Your  Professional   •  What  to  do  before  you  meet   •  What  to  do  during  your  first  mee8ng   6.  Staying  on  Track  with  Your  Professional   7.  Common  Issues   8.  Thanking  Your  Professional    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  22. 22. First  match  -­‐  Have  them  at  hello!   •  Respond  promptly   •  Welcome  them   •  Leave  a  good  1st  impression   •  Be  proac8ve  and  enthusias8c     •  Indicate  the  importance  of  the   project   •  Thank  them  for  applying   •  Set  up  your  first  mee8ng!  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  23. 23. Set  the  stage  for  a  successful  project   First  mee0ng  best  prac0ces:     • Meet  in-­‐person,  or  face-­‐to-­‐face   on  video  chat     • Meet  as  soon  as  possible     • Be  prepared   –  review  Catchafire  project   details   –  Create  plan  of  ac8on  (based  on   Catchafire  project  details)   –  Fulfill  prerequisites   • Be  organized   –  gather  materials   –  inform  relevant  par8es  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  24. 24. Checklist  for  your  projects  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  25. 25. BREAK TIME!!!Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  26. 26. Present  your  organiza8on’s  objec8ves   •  History  of  Project   Room To Grow’s Salesforce Database •  Discuss  any  prior/similar   challenges   •  Indicate  importance  of   the  deliverable  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  27. 27. Communicate  your  expecta8ons   •  Highlight  anything  out-­‐of-­‐ the-­‐ordinary   •  Make  sure  you  both  are  on   UNDP Equator Initiative’s the  same  page   Motion Graphics Video •  Discuss  limita8ons     •  Review  the  project  details   as  laid  out  by  Catchafire  and   your  own  descrip8on   •  NOTE:  this  is  par8cularly   important  when  you  have  a   virtual  professional!  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  28. 28. Understand  mo8va8ons  &  passions   •  Ask  what  mo8vates  your   professional   Global Cocoa Project’s •  Offer  (and  plan  to  follow   Market Analysis through)  to  help  meet  the   professional’s  goals   •  Discuss  why  you’re  both   passionate  about  the  cause   •  Share  a  bit  about  why  you   do  your  job/how  you  got   involved    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  29. 29. Encourage  collabora8on   •  If  you  receive  mul8ple   matches  at  the  same  8me,   Prosperity Candle’s introduce  your  professionals   Siiri + Team to  each  other   •  Projects  can  compliment   each  other   •  Create  connec8ons   between  your  professionals   &  remember  what   Priti on Market Analysis; mo8vates  each  one!   Min Min on Brand Identity, Lisa on Social Media CampaignVisit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  30. 30. Agenda 1.  Catchafire’s  Story  &  Introduc8ons   2.  What  You  Should  Know  about  Your  Professional   3.  How  to  Choose  the  Right  Projects   4.  How  to  AHract  Pro  Bono  Professionals   5.  GeLng  Started  with  Your  Professional   6.  Staying  on  Track  with  Your  Professional   •  Create  and  s8ck  to  your  game  plan   •  Remember  the  Golden  Rule  of  pro  bono   7.  Common  Issues   8.  Thanking  Your  Professional    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  31. 31. Create  a  game  plan   •  Discuss  working  style   –  schedules   –  communica8on  preferences   –  frequency  of  communica8on   •  Base  game  plan  on  project  steps   •  Agree  on  key  dates   –  Mee8ng  &  or  videoconference  dates   –  Deliverable  dates   –  Expected  final  date     –  Absolute  final  date  (if  applicable)   •  Connect  professional  to  staff  if   necessary  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  32. 32. Stick to Plan & Provide Candid Feedback •  Schedule  regular  check-­‐ins   •  Track  your  progress  using:   –  Roadmap;  Workflow,  Project  Logs   •  Give  your  professional  frequent   encouragement  –  you  can  use  our   project  logs!   •  If  you  feel  a  step  could  have  gone   beHer,  don’t  give  false  praise.   Communicate  your  expecta8ons!  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  33. 33. Tips  for  Virtual  Matches  What  does  virtual  pro  bono  mean  for  me?     •  More  op8ons  thanks  to  project  applica8ons  from  both  virtual  and  local   professionals   •  Access  to  a  larger  pool  of  talent  to  help  organiza8ons  build  capacity   •  Greater  exposure  for  organiza8ons  as,  from  coast  to  coast,  more   professionals  hear  about  you     Some  sugges8ons:   •  Videoconferencing   •  Be  aware  of  8me  differences   •  Use  technology   •  Skype   •  Join.me   •  GoToMee8ng   •  DropBox   •  Yousendit.com    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  34. 34. The  Golden  Rule  of  Pro  Bono   Treat  your  professional  like  you  would  want   to  be  treated   •  Be  a  good  example!   •  Equip  them  to  be  successful   –  Be  flexible,  but  stay  in  touch     –  Deliver  materials  as  they  are  needed   –  Keep  up  your  end  of  the  bargain   –  Have  a  dedicated  project  manager  at   your  organiza8on     –  Be  considerate  of  your  professional’s   8me   –  Include  your  professional  in  decision-­‐ making   –  Have  regular  check-­‐ins   –  Outline  a  single  project,  stay  in  scope   –  Do  not  take  breaks!     –  Communicate  if  things  aren’t  going  well      Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  35. 35. Agenda 1.  Catchafire’s  Story  &  Introduc8ons   2.  What  You  Should  Know  about  Your  Professional   3.  How  to  Choose  the  Right  Projects   4.  How  to  AHract  Pro  Bono  Professionals   5.  GeLng  Started  with  Your  Professional   6.  Staying  on  Track  with  Your  Professional   7.  Common  Issues   •  Improve  project  success  by  minimizing  common  issues   •  When  to  contact  Catchafire  if  things  are  not  going  well   8.  Thanking  Your  Professional    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  36. 36. Avoiding  common  professional  management  pipalls   •  Too  liHle  urgency/too  much  leniency   •  Too  much  urgency/too  high  expecta8ons   •  Too  many  breaks   •  Too  liHle  professionalism   •  Not  respecpul  of  professional’s  8me/role   •  Asking  for  deliverables  beyond  the  scope   •  Not  ready  for  the  project  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  37. 37. Avoiding  common  project  misbehaviors   •  Do  I  have  to  start  now?   •  I  want  a  local  match  –  can  I  hold  out  for  one?   “Dirk  is  an  all-­‐star.  Any  hesitancy  I  had  due  to  the  fact  hes  Chicago  based  was  quickly  dispelled  when  I   spoke  to  him  the  first  Cme.  Hes  the  ideal  volunteer,  both  passionate  and  knowledgable.  What  he   was  able  to  deliver  and  what  I  learned  is  not  only  immediately  useful,  but  something  the   organizaCon  can  conCnue  to  refer  to  as  it  grows.”  -­‐  Daniel  Cwirka,  Founder,  Humanitarian  Notes   •  My  professional  isn’t  working  fast  enough  –  can  I  get  a  re-­‐ match?   •  Thanks  for  the  applica8on,  but  I  don’t  need  this  project   anymore        Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  38. 38. Avoiding  common  project  misbehaviors  •  What  if  something  beHer  comes  along?                  •  Do  I  have  to  ask  my  professional  a  ques8on  first?  What  if  someone  else  snatches   him/her  up?  •  My  professional  offered  to  do  4  brochures.  Is  that  ok?  •  Things  have  goHen  busy.  Can  someone  else  get  involved  or  take  over?   Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  39. 39. At  the  End  of  the  Catchafire  Project   •  Stay  within  scope  –  dont  assume  the  professional  will  stay  on     •  However,  ask  for  direct  feedback  on  the  experience     •  How  does  the  professional  want  to  stay  involved?     •  Work  together  on  a  new  game  plan  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  40. 40. When  Should  I  contact  Catchafire?     •   Make  sure  to  have  and  use  primary  and   secondary  modes  of  contact  for  the   professional  (email  +  phone)       •   Lack  of  response  arer  match  (use  your  two-­‐ week  trial  period!)     •   Unexpected  drop  off  in  communica8on   from  the  professional     •   Use  your  best  judgment  and  let  us  know   when  you  see  smoke...and  not  a  full-­‐blown   fire  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  41. 41. Agenda 1.  Catchafire’s  Story  &  Introduc8ons   2.  What  You  Should  Know  about  Your  Professional   3.  How  to  Choose  the  Right  Projects   4.  How  to  AHract  Pro  Bono  Professionals   5.  GeLng  Started  with  Your  Professional   6.  Staying  on  Track  with  Your  Professional   7.  Common  Issues   8.  Thanking  Your  Professional   •  How  to  thank  your  professional   •  How  to  amplify  your  thank  you   •  How  to  engage  with  Catchafire    Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  42. 42. Say  Thanks!     Thank  them  in  person,  over  email,  with  a  card,  through  social   media  –  be  sure  you  offer  a  meaningful  &  unique  thank  you!  •   Remember  what  mo8vated   your  professional  •  Write  a  recommenda8on  •  Open  a  door  to  them  within   the  organiza8on  •  Invite  them  to  a  special  event  •  Offer  a  pro  bono  posi8on  with   more  responsibility  •  Create  a  “Featured  Pro  Bono”   sec8on  on  your  website   Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  43. 43. Ra8ngs  and  reviews   •  Rate  your  pro  bono   professional  &  give  a   tes8monial  that  we  can   publish!   •  Rate  yourself   – What  worked?   Would  you  do  it   differently?     •  Review  the  experience   and  share  8ps  with  your   colleagues  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  44. 44. Amplify  Your  Thank  You  •  Be  sure  to  use  their  @handle  on  TwiHer  •  Be  specific,  and  compliment  their  skills.   For  example,  “We’re  so  lucky  to  have  @AplusK  running  our  Social  Media   campaign.  His  skills  con8nue  to  astound  us.”  •  Use  Facebook  for  a  more  in  depth  post.  Add  professional  as  a  friend,  and   tag  @Their  Name  with  links  to  their  work  and/or  a  blog  post  about  them  •  Remember  to  tag  @catchafire  so  our  community  sees  the  success  and   impact  of  your  work!       Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  45. 45. Amplify  Your  Thank  You    •  A  blog  post  is  the  most  in  depth  way  to  describe    the  work  the  professional  has  done  for  you  and    their  impact!      •  Include  links  to  professionals  Blog,  porpolio,  FB,  TwiHer,   LinkedIn  •  Ask  Catchafire  to  share  your  success  story  on  our  blog  •  If  professional  uses  LinkedIn  to  list  as  work  experience  –   write  a  recommenda8on  for  their  profile  •  Remember  mo8va8ons  of  professional  (career   development,  increasing  their  network,  recogni8on)   Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  46. 46. Engaging  w/Catchafire  -­‐  Ways  to  Connect  •  On  your  website  –  “Want  to  use  your   skills  with  us?”  Link  to  your  Catchafire   page.  •  Blog  -­‐  When  you  have  open  projects,   talk  about  the  impact  the  projects  will   have  on  your  mission.  •  Use  @catchafire  when  youre  talking   about  your  pro  bono  professional,   project  commenced,  work  delivered,   and  impact!      •  Success  stories  –  Let  us  know  about   your  experience  so  our  community  can   hear  about  the  impact   Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  47. 47. Key  Takeaways   a.  Be  Prepared,  Organized  &   Responsive   b.  Be  A  Good  Example   c.  Express  Gra8tude  in  a  Unique   Way  Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org  
  48. 48. Thank You!Visit  us  at  www.catchafire.org  or  email  us  at  community@catchafire.org