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Avery culture-of-responsibility-rally on14

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Avery culture-of-responsibility-rally on14

  1. 1. @ChristopherAver   7  Things  Execu6ve  Leaders  Can  Do   Today  to  Cra<  a  Culture  of   Responsibility   Execu6ve  Day   #RallyOn14   Christopher  Avery   CEO   Partnerwerks  
  2. 2. @ChristopherAver   7  Things  Execu6ve  Leaders  Can  Do  Today  To   Cra<  a  Culture  of  Responsibility    Learn  a  proven  approach  and  tool  set  for  cra<ing  a  thriving  culture  of  personal  and  shared   responsibility  -­‐-­‐  a  culture  that  will  pull  Agile  and  Lean  thinking  up  and  out  through  the  organiza6on.     Agile  doesn't  deliver  well  without  widespread  ownership  behavior.  Personal  and  shared   responsibility,  widely  demonstrated  throughout  the  enterprise,  provides  the  essen6al  context  and   lubricant  for  agility.  Things  hum.     The  return  on  responsibility  is  significant,  not  just  on  self-­‐organizing,  engagement  and  happiness,   but  on  performance  and  innova6on  too.  It  is  an  amazing  accelerator.     Trying  to  develop  such  a  culture  boQom-­‐up  meets  significant  resistance  beyond  the  development   teams.  And  the  resistance  almost  always  wins,  thus  thwar6ng  complete  enterprise  adop6on  and   transforma6on.  This  problem  is  widespread.     However,  such  a  culture  can  be  cra<ed  top-­‐down,  organically  (i.e.,  naturally,  person-­‐by-­‐person   without  force),  and  rapidly.  Indeed,  senior  execu6ve  leaders  who  have  successfully  cra<ed  such  a   culture  see  it  as  their  highest  priority  and  most  sa6sfying  accomplishment.     Come  learn  why  and  how  you  can  make  this  impact  too.  
  3. 3. @ChristopherAver   1. Know Why
  4. 4. @ChristopherAver   The  Return  On  Responsibility   thecro.com/files/Coverstory.pdf  
  5. 5. @ChristopherAver  @ChristopherAver   TAXES     ↓  Produc6vity   ↓︎  Morale   Slow  Responses   Missed  Deadlines   Poor  Quality     DIVIDENDS     Deliver   ↑  Confidence   ↑  Trust   ↑  Morale   ↑  Cust.  Sa6sfac6on   ↑  Quality   ↑  Innova6on      
  6. 6. @ChristopherAver   Accountability Responsibility Role Personal  
  7. 7. @ChristopherAver   Accountability is Vertical How  we  managed     before  complexity     …and  s6ll  the     dominant  mental  model  
  8. 8. @ChristopherAver   How  anything  REAL  gets  done  in  a  complex   world     And  the  mental  models  are  young   Responsibility is Horizontal
  9. 9. @ChristopherAver   Credible Threat
  10. 10. @ChristopherAver   Credible Trust & Commitment
  11. 11. @ChristopherAver   Them Us Scarcity
  12. 12. @ChristopherAver   Expansive
  13. 13. @ChristopherAver   Extrinsic
  14. 14. @ChristopherAver   Intrinsic
  15. 15. @ChristopherAver   Deterministic, Linear
  16. 16. @ChristopherAver   Adaptive, Empirical
  17. 17. @ChristopherAver   Traditional Accountability Mindset Results you care about most Results they care about most
  18. 18. @ChristopherAver   Shared Responsibility Mindset Results you care about Most Results they care about Most
  19. 19. @ChristopherAver   When Accountability > Responsibility Unhappy People Low Performance
  20. 20. @ChristopherAver   When Responsibility > Accountability Happy People Amazing Performance
  21. 21. @ChristopherAver   R/A(Responsibility over Accountability)
  22. 22. @ChristopherAver   2. Know How
  23. 23. @ChristopherAver   Go Direct
  24. 24. @ChristopherAver  
  26. 26. @ChristopherAver   No   growth   occurs   here  
  27. 27. @ChristopherAver   3. Start With You
  28. 28. @ChristopherAver   Leaders  Who  Went  First   Lynne Ellyn CIO Steven Ambrose CIO Tom Houdeshell CEO Ryan Martens CTO
  29. 29. @ChristopherAver   #1 Impediment?
  30. 30. @ChristopherAver   Culture (think “context”)
  31. 31. @ChristopherAver   Who creates the context?
  32. 32. @ChristopherAver   Executive Leadership
  33. 33. @ChristopherAver  
  34. 34. @ChristopherAver   For  you  @   Partnerwerks.com/rallyon   •  Five  Flawless  Steps  to  Building  a  Strong  Execu7ve  Leadership   Team   •  Teamwork  Is  An  Individual  Skill    -­‐    Intro  Chapter  PDF   •  The  Responsibility  Process™  Overview  Video   •  Tes6monials  and  Case  Studies  from  Rally,  DTE  Energy,  ATEK,   AMD,  and  more   •  And  more        
  35. 35. @ChristopherAver   4. Don’t Make it a THING
  36. 36. @ChristopherAver   Human Dynamics Before Mechanics Scalable Behaviors Not Scalable Processes
  37. 37. @ChristopherAver  @ChristopherAver   The most effective organizational change is •  Organic •  Not Programmatic •  From the Top •  Person-to-Person •  With Ease
  38. 38. @ChristopherAver   5. Recruit Partners
  39. 39. @ChristopherAver   The biggest problems are in the gaps between accountabilities
  40. 40. @ChristopherAver   Someone, anyone can take responsibility to confront the problem
  41. 41. @ChristopherAver   Others are inspired to share responsibility too
  42. 42. @ChristopherAver   A shared responsibility culture emerges
  43. 43. @ChristopherAver   6. Make it a Game
  44. 44. @ChristopherAver   Mental  State  We     Are  Opera>ng  From   Count  &  Notes   RESPONSIBILITY  -­‐  “I’ll  take  that”   QUIT  -­‐  “Whatever”   OBLIGATION  -­‐  “Have  to…”   SHAME  -­‐  “My  fault”   JUSTIFY  -­‐  “Circumstances  beyond                                                                control”   LAY  BLAME  -­‐  “Their  fault”   DENIAL  -­‐  “Is  not”  
  45. 45. @ChristopherAver   7. Get Help
  46. 46. @ChristopherAver   Growing  Global  Exper6se  
  47. 47. @ChristopherAver   …and there is more (to The Responsibility Process) than meets the eye.
  48. 48. @ChristopherAver   slideshare.net/christopheravery ChristopherAvery.com/ presentation-archive
  49. 49. @ChristopherAver   For  you  @   Partnerwerks.com/rallyon   •  Report:  Five  Flawless  Steps  to  Building  a  Strong  Execu7ve   Leadership  Team   •  Tes6monials  and  Case  Studies  from  Rally,  DTE  Energy,  ATEK,   AMD,  and  more   •  Teamwork  Is  An  Individual  Skill    -­‐    Intro  Chapter  PDF   •  The  Responsibility  Process™  Overview  Video   •  And  more        
  50. 50. @ChristopherAver  
  51. 51. @ChristopherAver   Christopher  Avery   For  senior  execu6ves,  Christopher  Avery  solves  problems  of  leadership,  teamwork,   change,  and  performance  that  persist  even  a<er  adop6ng  new  structures,  tools,  and   processes  -­‐-­‐  and  switching  out  people.  His  tools  are  powerful,  proven,  precise,  and   people-­‐centric.  They  make  leaders’  jobs  easier.     An  applied  organiza6on  and  leadership  scien6st,  Christopher  wrote  the  5-­‐Star  book   Teamwork  Is  An  Individual  Skill  for  everyone  who  wants  to  be  done  with  bad  teams.   FORTUNE  magazine  called  it  the  only  book  on  teamwork  you  need  to  read.       He  is  the  innovator  behind  The  Responsibility  Process™  and  The  Leadership  Gi<™   Program  with  it’s  growing  global  community  of  leaders.  He  is  also  the  CEO  of   Partnerwerks  Inc.,  the  consul6ng  firm  that  makes  his  innova6ons  available  to   corpora6ons  seeking  sustainable  change  with  measurable  results  enterprise-­‐wide.         Please  welcome  Christopher  Avery.    
  52. 52. @ChristopherAver   Partnerwerks.com