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Christopher Friedrichs Resume (1)

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Christopher Friedrichs Resume (1)

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY LICENSES SKILL HIGHLIGHTS CHRISTOPHER FRIEDRICHS 1401 Collinsdale Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 | H: (513) 257-2525 | C: (513) 348-6565 | cristoloro@gmail.com There are two things that have influenced my philosophy of nursing: the book "If Disney Ran Your Hospital" and the movie "Patch Adams". I strongly believe in delivering care on a personal level using humor frequently to aid in healing and in education. I understand most people are visual learners so I draw pictures and diagrams of surgeries, wounds, and physiological processes so my patients can better understand their individual disease processes. I see my patients as a whole, not just as a disease or condition. I take the time to get to know them, their family, friends, interests, likes and dislikes. I draw on over 15 years of diverse experiences within the medical spectrum and continue to learn and grow everyday. TNCC - Trauma Nurse Core Course Basic Life Support (BLS) Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Audit Trauma Care after Resuscitation (TCAR) Course in Advance Trauma Nursing (CATN) Critical Care Certified Registered Nurse (CCRN) Health and wellness expertise Medication administration expert Skilled in conducting physical examinations BAC screening/drug screen collection Vascular care understanding ELNEC training (End-Of- Life-Care) Skilled cardiac care nurse Geriatric treatment knowledge Psych and mental health care proficiency Broad medical terminology knowledge Budgeting expertise Diagnostic tools experience BAC screen/drug screen collection ability Culturally sensitive Strong medical ethic Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification Computerized charting specialist Enthusiastic caregiver Diabetes, Hospice and Stroke Patient Care Familiarity with disease management programs Wound cleaning/care expertise Infection control standards expert Flow sheet charting
  2. 2. SKILLS Acute and rehabilitative care IV drug therapy management Mobility assistance Colostomy care familiarity Gastroenteral nutrition education Body mechanics knowledge Hematology testing aptitude Medical clinical procedures comprehension Talented in minor surgery assistance Specimen collection/processing proficiency Sterilization techniques mastery Wound care specialist OR and ER experience Neurological I have experience with Intraventricular monitors and drains. Lycox monitoring. Stroke evaluation and treatment. Seizure identification, precaution, and treatment. EEG monitoring. Advanced neurological assessments. Post neurosurgical care i.e craniotomies, ventricular drain placements, embolizations, etc. Moreover, managing acute delirium and psychosis. Alcohol withdrawal and CIWA monitoring. And all medications utilized in these practices. Cardiovascular I have cared for the cardiac patient through many scenarios. ECG and 12 lead ECG interpretation along with laboratory values interpretation. Treatment for an abnormal ECG. External and Internal pacing. Cardioverting and defribrillation as warranted. I am ACLS and BLS certified and have managed/assisted in a multitude of code situations. Served on the Rapid Response Team. Utilized vasopressor therapy. Titration of these medications for desired effects. Examples (Levophed, Neosynephrine, Dopamine, Dobutamine, Vasopressin, Nitroglycerin, Vasotec, Nipride, Nicardipine, Esmolol, etc.) Also post operative care of a patient with an implanted pacer and/or defibrillator. Interrogating paced rhythms and identifying dysrythmias due to malfunction. Utilization of SCUF therapy in fluid overload situations. Post operative care of CABG or any vascular or bypass surgeries and cardiac catheterizations. Sheath and lytics line managements along with ECOS therapy. Care of patients after a variety of vascular or by pass surgeries. Management of post cardiac arrest cooling therapies. Respiratory Familiarity with non invasive to invasive therapies. Nasal Cannula, Venturi Mask, Non Rebreather, BiPap, CPAP, Opti Flo cannulas, and mechanical ventilation. Well versed in all ventilator modes and the conditions they treat. Supplemental therapies like nitric oxide, proning, and bronchoscopies, as well. Managing different airways from oral, king, nasal tracheal, and tracheal. Tracheostomy care and maintenance. Management of ARDS, pneumonia, and ALI. Up to date on current practice through ARDS.net. Supportive therapies like PPD, EZ PAP, IS and splinting techniques. Gastro-Intestinal Worked with multiple abdominal surgeries, recovery, and transitional care. Utilization and placement of Salem Sumps and small bore feeding tubes. Care and maintenance of PEG, Jejunostomy, and G/J tubes. Monitoring nutrition parameters and proper selection of tube feed and/or TPN related to different conditions and disease states. Management of ileostomies and colostomies. Complex wound care associated with abdominal surgeries including open abdomens, multiple drains, VAC therapy, skin grafts, and fistula management.
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE EDUCATION AND TRAINING Maintaining a bowel regimen as well as utilization of rectal pouches/tubes. Genito-Urinary Familiar with urological surgeries. Use of multiple types of catheters. Bladder scanning. Bladders irrigations. Diagnosing and treatment of kidney failure. Utilization and maintenance of continuous renal replacement therapies via NxStage and Prisma systems. Management and treatment of DI and SIADH. Skin/Musculoskeletal Experienced with all orthopedic surgeries. Managing traction and external fixators, as well as pin site care. Able to splint fractures using Ortho Glass. Utilizing CPM machine and hot/cold therapies. Advanced skin assessments. Complex wound care. Assessing for compartment syndrome and treatment. Use of Braden scale and pressure reducing techniques. Infectious Disease Obtaining multiple cultures from multiple sites. Interpreting culture results and assigning appropriate antibiotics. Understand different forms of isolation and their usage. Differentiating between community vs hospital vs ventilator acquired pneumonia. I also have extensive experience in caring for the pre and post operative trauma patient. 07/2004 to 07/2015 Critical Care ICU Registered Nurse UC Health - Cincinnati, Ohio 04/2007 to 12/2007 Registered Nurse Mercy Health Systems - Cincinnati, Ohio 03/2003 to 07/2004 Emergency Room Technician University Hospital - Cincinnati, Ohio 08/2002 to 03/2003 Emergency Room Technician Saint Luke Hospital - Fort Thomas, Kentucky 05/2001 to 01/2003 Transporter Saint Luke Hospital - Fort Thomas, Kentucky Transported patients, specimens, and supplies. Set up all patient traction. 01/2002 to 05/2002 Morgue Assistant Saint Luke Hospital - Fort Thomas, Kentucky I would assist with autopsies. The process would begin with preparing the body. Taking pertinent pictures of wounds, tattoos, or other markings/injuries. The physician and I would open the chest with a Y incision then cut open the rib cage. I would remove the stomach, small and large bowel, and rectum. I would dissect those looking for pills, undigested food, blood, and disease pathology. The physician removes and dissects the thoracic cavity organs. I would then peel the skin off the skull and cut open the skull using a saw. I would remove the brain, dura mater, and sinuses. After this I would collect blood, urine, and vitreous samples. When finished all remaining parts were returned to the empty body cavity and I sutured the body and scalp shut and prepared it for funeral home pick-up. Depending on the circumstances I would also help dissect bones and the spinal column. Slides were made of tissue from several organs. The case was then dictated. 2004 Diploma: Nursing The Christ Hospital School of Nursing - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 2002 N/A: Bio-Chemistry University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 1999 High School Diploma: General Anderson High School - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA