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CLETUS J Spaeder 2016 (1)

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CLETUS J Spaeder 2016 (1)

  1. 1. CLETUS J. SPAEDER 170 Black Stallion Road Townsend, DE 19734 (302) 561-5352 clete1957@gmail.com QUALIFICATIONS OVERVIEW  Buyer with a background including 40 years of meat dept. and store operations and fulfillment including store to district level management experience. Qualifications include: Business planning Resource optimization and utilization Store merchandising Regional operations Hiring and employee relations Quality assurance Analysis and reporting Training program development Shrink control Buying Inventory Control Vendor relations Customer relations Warehouse support Store Support Store re-set PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE BURRIS LOGISTICS 2007 – 2016 Meat, Seafood, Meal Replacement & Deli Buyer Order and control inventory level for the Atlanta, GA and New Castle, DE facilities  Maintain price files to assure price accuracy  Work closely with customer service and customers to achieve 96% daily fulfillment and sales growth  Collaborate with category managers to support day to day and holiday sales strategies  Support The Fresh Market increasing fresh meat, seafood and deli sales and profit  Assumed buying responsibility for a 57 store chain that has grown to 152 stores  Track daily sales to assure accurate replenishment and date code monitoring  Work with suppliers to provide the freshest seafood including live shellfish  Provide quick accurate response to setup newitems and arrange for pick up or delivery  Communicate needs to suppliers to allow for timely production and profitable sales planning  Trained multiple team members in buying as well as supplier relations and customer service ACME MARKETS – SITES IN DE, PA, AND MD 1975- 2007  Direct multiple site store operations as a member of Fresh Teams analyzing 3-4 sites daily  Lead and implement rapidly changing initiatives for seasonaltrends,product promotions, and corporate mandate  Analyze store and departmental performance, develop business plans,execute recommendations with management team, and implement changes with subsequent stafftraining  Leader of ACBP (accelerated corporate business planning)frozen food reset program  Support multiple store locations implementing back room inventory reduction and monitoring program Meat Operations Specialist/Meat Dept. Manager  Oversee meat, seafood and pre-packaged meat operation for 72 stores.  Analyze and look for opportunity to improve all functional areas  Hired, promoted and re-assigned associates