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CoinTelegraph franchise program

Cointelegraph network is expanding fast!
Last week Martin Albert from Germany has joined our team. Congrats!
By the way many countries are still available! It won't last long)
So Hurry Up! There will be only 1 franchisee per country.
Contact us: franchise@cointelegraph.com

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CoinTelegraph franchise program

  1. 1. Welcome to the CoinTelegraph Franchise Program Want to start Your own business in cryptocurrency media industry!? We can help You achieve that through CoinTelegraph’s franchise program. Representing and associating with the CoinTelegraph brand will give You significant leverage in Your local market to grow Your own personal brand while monetizing local advertising potential.
  2. 2. Why CoinTelegraph? CoinTelegraph is one of the best-known and acknowledged media outlets in the cryptocurrency world, focused on providing the latest news and analysis in the technology and finance sectors as they relate to cryptocurrency scene. We are growing fast and aim to have 100 franchisees by 2016.
  3. 3. What will You get? o Run Your own media business o Opportunity to use and develop a powerful brand o Access to Cointelegraph advertisers database o Free ready-to-use publishing platform & web site o Strategy advice and editorial support o Marketing support o Sales support o Tech support o Business process support o Become a part of international Cointelegraph community
  4. 4. Who are CoinTelegraph’s Franchisees? Our franchisees are generally people with a deep interest in and passion for progressive technologies and cryptocurrencies. We are looking for established thought leaders or aspiring individuals who seek to develop or reinforce their position in the cryptocurrency world. Here is a portrait of our ideal franchisee: o Interested in investing in business and looking for opportunities in online media business o Has connections with related industries o Proactive and able to manage own time
  5. 5. Editorial policy & Your team Editorial policy The franchisee must post all CT news in their local language and produce at least 1 article relating to local news per day. The franchisee should strictly follow CT publishing guidelines. Team The franchisee should hire a minimum of 2 journalists at the start and be able to grow the team in future.
  6. 6. Financials Financial requirements Generally, we require a minimum of $7,000 of personal resources, to consider you for a franchise. Individuals with additional funds may be better positioned for additional opportunities.
  7. 7. Mandatory monthly service plans o Light: 60 unique artworks/$900 o Plus: 60 unique artworks + 60 articles translations/ $ 1,400 o Unlimited: Unlimited number of artworks and CoinTelegraph articles translation/ $1,900
  8. 8. Revenue sources Revenue source Minimum required Unique daily visitors (UDV) Estimated revenue Banners 2 000 UDV (could be reached by 2nd month after project launch) $1500-$2500 per month Business catalogs listings 2 000 UDV (could be reached by 2nd month after project launch) $100 - $200 per listing Special Events (community contests, giveaway campaigns, sponsored surveys, SM campaigns) 5 000 – 7 000 UDV (could be reached by 6th month after project launch) $2000 – $20 000 per campaign Notice: As your daily traffic increases, your profits will grow proportionally!
  9. 9. Your Revenue ROI (Approximate) Average time of ROI - 24 months in USA, CAN, Europe ROI in BRIC – 18 months Other countries – 12 months Revenue sharing Starting from the 4th month since agreement signed, franchise Partner gets 80% of revenue when closing deals independently Starting from the 4th month since agreement signed, franchise Partner gets 50% of revenue when using CT sales department
  10. 10. Additional Benefits o On Your First month we will provide You with full comprehensive support on Your new business for free o You will get“Unlimited Plan” for free during first 3 month o We provide you with free marketing support for the first 3 months o We provide you with new product features and tech support for free during first 3 months o We provide hosting for 1 year for free