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The Importance of a Flu Shot | Dr. Colin Knight

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Dr. Colin Knight has taken care of children who have been extremely ill from influenza. He urges you and your children to get the flu shot every year. For the full blog, please visit: http://drcolinknight.com/the-importance-of-a-flu-shot/

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The Importance of a Flu Shot | Dr. Colin Knight

  1. 1. CHILDREN UNDER AGE 5 ARE AT HIGH RISK OF THE FLU THE IMPORTANCE OF A FLU SHOT Receiving the flu vaccine can cut a child's risk of death from the flu in half R E A D T H E F U L L B L O G A T W W W . D R C O L I N K N I G H T . C O M A child is particularly vulnerable to complications from the flu. Additional health issues can arise from having the flu, such as: dehydration, pneumonia, and sinus/ear infections. Children with existing health issues such as asthma or heart disease are especially at risk. Frequent hand-washing and good hygiene are ways to prevent the spread of the flu but the best defense is the flu vaccination.