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CS Education Event - Feedback Engine

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CS Education Event - Feedback Engine

  1. 1. For teachers talking to teachers We deliver ●  cloud platform app ●  supporting constructive, relevant feedback ●  and appraisal, ●  between peers and within line management. Performance management today: set goals: start of the year January what’s expected of me the disconnect Review at the end of the year Am I making progress how can I improve? Collabora've  Solu'ons  –  Online  &  Interac've  Educa'on  –  Pitching  &  Networking  Event   5  December  2013   November
  2. 2. We feel there’s a better way: There’s already too much time spent buried in paperwork We Bring ➔  best practice performance management disciplines ➔  continuous feedback to teachers, and principals. ➔  secure private professional development and feedback" " paperwork is reduced by day-to-day access on handheld devices " peer, parent " and student " feedback 1 on 1 Reviews with supervisor Appraisals with supervisor or executive Coaching sessions with mentor " Continuous " optional real-time Collabora've  Solu'ons  –  Online  &  Interac've  Educa'on  –  Pitching  &  Networking  Event   5  December  2013   light touch
  3. 3. Our Solution Region/Statutory Body/ Professional Guidelines School Driven Peers Principals Parents Local Values, Standards & Priorities Measures Students Values, Standards, Key Performance measures Key Result Areas are assessed using" Key Performance indicators 360 Feedback Inputs" flexible, light touch, can be linear Lesson Feedback (Video/Audio) Self or Trusted Peer Review Continuous Performance Framework Other Systems Feedback Inputs" can measure projects as well as individuals Individual Personal Development Plan & Progress School Health Dashboard for Leadership Simplify External Executive Reporting Requirements Collabora've  Solu'ons  –  Online  &  Interac've  Educa'on  –  Pitching  &  Networking  Event   5  December  2013  
  4. 4. We already have working system ○  Status updates ○  1 on 1 Reviews ○  Coaching ○  Compass Reviews - for principals ○  Team Retrospectives ○  Cloud implemented/browser based We need: ●  A few extra advisory Panel members ●  Pilot customers/design partners ●  Venture capital for Gate 1 Collabora've  Solu'ons  –  Online  &  Interac've  Educa'on  –  Pitching  &  Networking  Event   5  December  2013  
  5. 5. Gate 1 Activity: •  Integrate account login with school identity management system •  Module for scheduled feedback cycles •  Special project teams 360° •  Connect teachers to coaching & training resources •  Enhance app on handheld devices Collabora've  Solu'ons  –  Online  &  Interac've  Educa'on  –  Pitching  &  Networking  Event   5  December  2013  
  6. 6. Our contact details: Lily Redgold Co-founder lily@feedbacklogic.com http://feedbacklogic.com Collabora've  Solu'ons  –  Online  &  Interac've  Educa'on  –  Pitching  &  Networking  Event   5  December  2013