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English Lesson Plan: Online Discussions

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This resource features various lesson plans and multimedia embed ideas for your students in English.


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English Lesson Plan: Online Discussions

  1. 1. English: Lesson Plan Ideas MULTIPLE VOTE OR YES/NO FORUM CHOICE SUGGEST•  Agree/disagree with events •  Choose the character you •  Best solution to a problem •  Icebreakers in a story or decisions most identify with and in a novel made by a character explain your connection •  Analysis and synthesis •  Make connections questions•  Predictions about the novel •  Choose a theme and between novel and related analyze its presence in literature the novel •  Compare/contrast•  Debate controversial issues characters in the text •  Analyze themes in text, •  Choose a character and offering strongest rewrite a scene from his/ examples from the text •  Peer editing of writing•  Make a prediction and allow her point of view class to agree or disagree •  Write an alternative •  Reflect on personal •  SAT sample questions ending to the story connection to the text•  Debate the meaning and purpose of figurative language •  Test students’ knowledge •  Best found poem for a •  Share “best” example of… of formatting quotes, chapter (i.e. quote introduction, citations, etc. hook strategy, conclusion, etc.) Go to www.CollaborizeClassroom.com for more information
  2. 2. English: Multimedia Embed Ideas IMAGE VIDEO DOCUMENT •  Clips of movie version to compare/ •  Notes•  Bizarre photo to inspire creative contrast story •  Grammar practice sheets •  Documentaries related to time•  Art inspired by literature for period or events in a novel •  Vocabulary lists/activity sheets discussion•  Picture of scenery/setting to inspire •  Lectures on English topics •  Best examples of writing a creative description with sensory details •  Music related to a novel (time period •  Peer editing guide or theme)•  Photo of a person/portrait to prompt •  Related poetry a fictional biography or •  Videos to prompt responses/creative autobiography writing •  Award winning essays to demonstrate quality writing•  Fictional news story based on a •  Recorded readings of novel excerpts picture of a natural disaster and poetry •  MLA format resources•  Picture of two people - Students •  Watch a video and analyze rhetorical devices •  Copy Change poems to be completed create a dialogue•  Sentence diagramming photos to •  Recreate a scene from a •  Project guidelines demonstrate grammatical process Shakespearean play using modern dialogue then upload •  Historical songs/music lyrics for analysis •  Student-created videos (performing SLAM poetry) •  How-to guidesGo to www.CollaborizeClassroom.com for more information