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Carbon Credits for Urban Trees

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What planners need to know
What planners need to know
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Carbon Credits for Urban Trees

  1. 1. Carbon Credits for City Forests Planting and protecting city forests through verified carbon credits Copyright @ 2016-2022 City Forest CreditsTM All Rights Reserved. November 15, 2022 Mark McPherson mark@cityforestcredits.org
  2. 2. City Forest Credits Funding and Climate Leadership for Local Tree Orgs  National nonprofit carbon registry organization  Connect local tree projects in cities and towns to new source of funding  Empower companies to invest in local climate action City Forest Credits
  3. 3. Problem 3 Benefits of Trees Environme nt Social Equity Human Health Store carbon Manage stormwater Enhance climate resilience Provide jobs Address environmental injustices Improve access to nature Promote physical activity Provide shade City Forest Credits Losing urban trees Inequitable distribution and maintenance Lack of public funding
  4. 4. Opportunity LOCAL Spend carbon offset dollars where they matter most MEASURABLE Report on quantified, standardized data CREDIBLE Trust robust national carbon protocols and standards Leverage dollars, amplify impact Reliable and efficient investments in people and planet City Forest Credits
  5. 5. National Carbon Protocols Rulebooks for verified carbon projects  26 - year commitment for planting  40- or 100-year commitment for preservation Available at: https://www.cityforestcredits.org/carbon-credits/carbon-protocols/ City Forest Credits
  6. 6.  “Urban Area” per Census Bureau maps; see https://www.census.gov/geographies/reference- maps/2010/geo/2010-census-urban-areas.html  An incorporated or unincorporated city or town  Planning area for a regional metropolitan planning agency or entity  Land owned, designated, and used by a municipal entity for sourcewater or watershed protection  Transportation or utility right of way through one of the above Urban Area Definition – Not Just the Core Projects must be in or adjacent to one of the following: City Forest Credits
  7. 7. Carbon+ Credits – Like No Other Carbon Dioxide Rainfall Intercepti on Air Quality Energy Savings Each carbon credit represents one ton of carbon dioxide plus quantified ecosystem values City Forest Credits
  8. 8. Reportable Social Impacts Carbon projects contribute to global goals  Tree planting and preservation projects report social impacts and contributions towards UN Sustainable Development Goals City Forest Credits
  9. 9. Carbon Projects
  10. 10. Impact To Date City Forest Credits  Credits issued to date (July 2022): 53,287  Total number of credits that will be issued in the future over lifetime of existing projects: 97,581
  11. 11. How It Works City Forest Credits 1 2 3 4
  12. 12. National Sale 2021 Carbon Dioxide City Forest Credits “Tech firm pays up to $45/t to scoop up entire US urban forest credit portfolio” Carbon Pulse – April 6, 2022
  13. 13. CRTI and CFC recruits local projects for CRCP Local Project Implementers and CRTI prepare application and project info Local Project Implementers submit project docs CFC validates, obtains third- party verification and issues credits CRCP or others sell credits Chicago Region Carbon Program (CRCP)
  14. 14. Pittsburgh, PA Goal: Protect woodlands from encroaching development above the Youghiogheny River Project Design: 124 acres, maple, cherry, and oak-hickory forest, 40 years old Impacts:  Cleaner air and water for residents  Prevent flooding and landslides  Habitat for deer, turkey, and birds  Recreation and environmental education opportunities Photo Credits: Allegheny Land Trust, Pittsburgh-Post Gazette Read about the project in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette https://www.post-gazette.com/business/powersource/2021/03/21/Carbon-credits-Elizabeth-Township-forest-preservation-Allegheny-Land-Trust-development/stories/202103210046 City Forest Credits Allegheny Land Trust Buena Vista Heights Conservation Area
  15. 15. “Offset ratings firm awards high grade to urban forestry project” • Carbon Pulse published 10:55 on October 4, 2022 / Last updated at 10:55 on October 4, 2022 City Forest Credits
  16. 16. Chattanooga, TN Photo Credits: Lavender Roots and Lookout Mountain Conservancy City Forest Credits Goal: Protect forest from development and connect residents to recreation opportunities Project Design: 58 acres, oak-pine forest, 90 years old Impacts:  Protect scenic, historic, and ecological resources of Lookout Mountain  Wildlife habitat corridor for eastern box turtles, red tailed hawks, black bears, and more  Community recreation connection  Howard School partnership with teens Lookout Mountain Conservancy St. Elmo Forest
  17. 17. Chattanooga Project Details City Forest Credits  Carbon+ Credits: 10,127  Co-Benefits: $1.38 million over 40 years  Credit Sales: Sold 8,715 credits in national aggregated sale; $295,000 revenue  Commitments: Monitor and track forest health, submit report every three years for 40 years
  18. 18. Des Moines, IA Photo Credits: Trees Forever City Forest Credits Trees Forever Reforesting Des Moines (2021) Goal: Partner with City of Des Moines and Microsoft to plant trees and launch a workforce training program Project Design: 1,390 trees planted in right-of-way and city parks Impacts:  Community connections and youth engagement in workforce training program, Growing Futures  Storm recovery  Increase tree canopy across city where it is needed most
  19. 19. Des Moines Project Details  Planting Design: Single Tree  Carbon+ Credits: 4,398  Co-Benefits: $157,170 per year in 25 years  Credit Sales: Sold 440 credits in national aggregated sale  Commitments:  Monitor and track tree survival, submit report annually for 25 years  Sample and measure tree growth over project duration City Forest Credits Photo Credits: Trees Forever Read about it in The New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/02/climate/trees-cities-heat-waves.html
  20. 20. Planting – Credits and Revenue City Forest Credits  Single tree planting design, mix of broadleaf deciduous large, medium, and small trees  Credits issued at five intervals over 26 years  Verification at each issuance Planting Project Trees Carbon Credits (tons CO2) Year 1: 10% ($34/credit) Year 4: 30% ($40/credit) Year 6: 30% ($40/credit) Year 14: 10% ($75/credit) Year 26: 20% ($100/credit) Total Estimated Gross Revenue 1,114 2,864 $9,724 $34,360 $34,360 $21,450 $57,300 $157,194
  21. 21. Planting Evaluation City Forest Credits See Liz, Jen, Rachelle at City Forest Credits IRA Funding: Every tree planted get credits
  22. 22. The tree in front of my home is a word
  23. 23. The trees on my street are a sentence
  24. 24. The trees in my neighborhood are a paragraph
  25. 25. All the trees in my community are a story
  26. 26. What will our story be?
  27. 27. Thank You Local climate action, new sources of revenue CONTACT US Info@cityforestcredits.org

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  • Bottom line, we need more trees and green space.
    Studies have shown that we’re losing 36 million trees in urban areas each year, and at the same time we have more people living in cities and towns.
    Inequitable distribution and maintenance of trees within neighborhoods, and budgets are strained to address these problems.
    City trees are amazing natural resources that provide critical green infrastructure.
    Important part of creating livable communities that support the health and well-being of all people.
  • Valerie and team
    Lydia and Zach
    Deb, Kiley, Leslie
    David at Green MNPS