Tutorial 6 - Amanda (T02 & T16)

9 Nov 2018

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Tutorial 6 - Amanda (T02 & T16)

  1. COMM 202: Career Fundamentals Amanda Bamford Tutorial 6 T02 & T16
  2. Our Agenda for Today 1. How to Nail the Informational Interview 2. Interview Stream
  3. Course Timeline Week 10 Nov. 5 - 9 Week 11 Nov. 13 - 16 Week 12 Nov. 19 - 23 Tutorial: Informational interview What’s Due: Resume and cover letter assignment due on Nov. 6th @ 11:59pm on Turnitin and on COOL Lecture: Interview prep What’s Due: Have informational interview time and date confirmed Networking event Nov. 13th @ 6pm – 8pm in CPA Hall FINAL Tutorial: Interview prep What’s Due: Networking Reflection Assignment: Nov. 22rd @ 11:59pm on Turnitin Interview Stream by Nov. 26th for bonus marks
  4. Networking Event Details When: November 13th, 2018 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM Location: CPA Hall • For students in Tutorial #1-10, please attend the event from 6:00PM – 7:00PM. • For students in Tutorial #11-20, please attend the event from 7:00PM – 8:00PM. We will check tutorial numbers during sign in. • Delegates will stay for entire 2-hour duration How to shake hands when you don’t have hands
  5. How to Nail the Informational Interview
  6. What’s the Point? • Not sure what to option in? Considering a double option? • Want to know how to get into a certain field? • Want to learn what it’s ACTUALLY like to work in a certain field? Informational interviews are an excellent way to explore different career paths, jobs, options and industries
  7. What Can An Informational Interview Look Like? • In person at a coffee shop or the professional’s office • Over Skype, Google Hangouts • Over the phone
  8. What Can An Informational Interview Look Like? • In person at a coffee shop or the professional’s office • Over Skype, Google Hangouts • Over the phone
  9. Who Can You Ask? • Someone you met at a networking event / company information session • LinkedIn network (2nd or 3rd degree connections) • Alumni – leverage the BCC’s network*
  10. Story Time: Ena and PepsiCo! • Career exploration between Marketing + HR • Friend introduced Ena to a contact who used to work in HR at PepsiCo • Around the same time, got an interview from PepsiCo • Ena connected with the contact and scouted for whoever she could find on LinkedIn
  11. Things to Include in the Email • You’re a student • How you heard about them or know them • What you are looking to learn (their career progression, advice on how to best leverage time at Sauder, etc.) • 15-20 minutes of their time • Close the email by suggesting two times you are available to meet (vs. yes or no answer) • Tell them you’re willing to meet them at a location most convenient for them (near their work, etc.) – do not expect them to come to you
  12. Activity Time • You thoroughly enjoyed the COMM 202 networking event! Specifically, you are happy because you had a great conversation with Sally, who is a Financial Analyst working at TELUS. Sally shared a lot about the job and what the culture is like at TELUS and you two bonded over playing recreational volleyball. Sally gave you her business card. • Partner up with the person beside you (or alone!) to draft a Coffee Chat request email to Sally and include what you would say. • I’ll be picking a couple people to share what they have. ☺
  13. How Did Ena Reach Out to Belinda?
  14. Before the Meeting
  15. Do Your Research • Their company • Their major skill sets (job title) • Work history • Accomplishments • Associations • Common Interests • Internet search • LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram? • Their personal website • Ask mutual friends/connections What To Look For Where to Find Info
  16. Prepare Questions Job/Role Related Common Interest Industry/Company Advice
  17. Activity Time! • Sally agreed to have coffee with you next Friday. • Partner up with the person beside you (or alone!) to draft a 5 different questions you want to ask her. • I’ll be picking a couple people to share what they have. Job/Role Related Common Interest Industry/ Company Advice
  18. Sample Questions • What do you like most about your job and/or field? • What is one challenge you’re currently facing at work? • What do you need to do to become successful in this industry? • How did you get into the industry? • What is PepsiCo doing to adapt to increasingly health-conscious consumers? • What advice do you have for someone starting out? • Who do you look up to? • If you could change one thing…what would that be? • I noticed on your LinkedIn you were part of Leaders of Tomorrow Program last year. I’m in the program this year. How was your experience? Job/Role Related Company/ Industry Advice Common Interests
  19. Upon Arrival • Arrive early! Better to not rush into the meeting all frazzled because of time • Find a spot and wait, do not buy the coffee first – wait for them to get there • Don’t know what they prefer, if they have allergies, etc. • Be present. Don’t be distracted and on your phone while you wait
  20. During the Meeting
  21. During the Meeting • Thank them for their time. • Take charge – you’re the one who called the meeting! Remind them why you wanted to meet in the first place. • Bring a notebook, ask if it’s okay to take notes. • Ask questions and listen to their responses fully – don’t feel like you need to ask only the questions you prepared for. The best conversations are those where questions flow naturally. • 15 mins in, ask if they are okay to continue.
  22. Reminders for During the Meeting • Eye contact, smile, handshake, thank you • Dress the part • Pay attention to body language • If you are taking notes, make sure you’re not too focused on the notebook. • Offer your opinions! • Be curious • Respect their time • Who pays?
  23. Emotional Intelligence • Watch out for signals – have they closed their book or checked their phone? This means they may need to head back to work and you should ask them if they are okay to continue. • Acknowledge that they’re busy and you really appreciate them taking time out of their day for you • Active listening – essential for having a natural conversation. This looks like: • Maintaining eye contact; not looking elsewhere while they’re talking (DO NOT check your phone) • Asking relevant follow up questions
  24. Tell Your Story • What you would love to do for companies • What problem have you identified that makes you want to work in the industry • Why you feel it’s important to talk to experts in the field • Use phrases like: ‘I’d like to…’, ‘I believe...’ • Keep it short, positive and focused
  25. “I Owe You” • “Is there anything I can do for you?” • Offer them help in some way, and they will be more likely to want to help you
  26. After the Meeting
  27. Follow Up • Send a thank you email • Thank them for their time • Mention something you talked about • Mention when you will follow up with them next
  28. Outside of Network • Search up those who… • Has previously done the same job • Works in the same company • Works in the same department • Be flexible • Acknowledge they may be busy • Offer phone/Skype/email as options • Just reach out! The worse thing that can happen is the person doesn’t respond
  29. What If They Say No? • Judge the situation… • What position are they? • What type of relationship/rapport have you developed so far? • Offer the option to stay in touch and reach out later • Be patient and think about the long term! VP of HR for Joey Restaurants
  30. Rest of the (Ena’s) Story • Ena got the Sales Co-op job at PepsiCo Sept 2016 • Ena kept in touch with Belinda • Belinda re-joined PepsiCo HR January 2017 • Ena reached out for HR shadowing (as prep to apply internally) • Ena + Belinda becomes co-workers 4 months later
  31. Maintaining Your Connections • Keep them updated on things you talked about during the chat. • Comment on their activity on LinkedIn (ex. if they got a promotion) • Setting up more coffee chats if you have more questions in the future
  32. Informational Interview Assignment Task: Conduct face-to-face info interview with industry professional Deliverable: Two-page summary covering… • Contact details (name, company, title, phone, email) • List of questions asked • Major insights gained – What did you learn during your informational interview? • Did you request/receive any information regarding additional connections? • Follow up action – What will you do to maintain this connection? • What are your next steps having conducted this information interview? • Screenshot of follow-up email Two-page summary Family members, professors, staff, and current UBC students not allowed!
  33. Interview Stream
  34. Interview Stream – Optional • Good practice tool for interviews • Practice answering interview questions • Go back and review your recording to see what was good and where to improve • 5 general questions will pop up on the screen and then your webcam will record your answer • Will NOT be graded and no one will see your videos. But you can receive 1 bonus mark if used before November 26th! Optional assignment due Nov 26th for 1 bonus mark
  35. Action Items for Next Week 1. Submit Resume and Cover Letter Assignment by Tuesday, November 6th @ 11:59PM via Turnitin and COOL 2. Networking Event – Tuesday, November 13th from 6 - 8PM. Final reflection due on November 22nd @ 11:59pm on Turnitin. 3. Confirm informational interview date and time 4. See you in lecture next week (Wed/Friday only)!
  36. Questions? Have a great day!

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