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Connecting Up Annual Report Financial Year 2016-17

Chairperson’s Report .................................................................1
CEO’s Report ...............................................................................2
Staff .............................................................................................3
Board ...........................................................................................4
Donations & Discounts ..............................................................5
Events & Training .......................................................................6
New Zealand Conference & Awards ........................................7
Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards ........................9
Information Services & SAcommunity ...................................10
Innovation Lab ...........................................................................11
Financials ...................................................................................12
Impact Stories ...........................................................................13

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Connecting Up Annual Report Financial Year 2016-17

  1. 1. Annual Report 2016-17 www.connectingup.org
  2. 2. Our Valued Partners
  3. 3. Chairperson’s Report.................................................................. 1 CEO’s Report................................................................................ 2 Staff.............................................................................................. 3 Board............................................................................................ 4 Donations & Discounts............................................................... 5 Events & Training........................................................................ 6 New Zealand Conference & Awards......................................... 7 Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards......................... 9 Information Services & SAcommunity.................................... 10 Innovation Lab............................................................................ 11 Financials.................................................................................... 12 Impact Stories............................................................................ 13 Contents
  4. 4. Chairperson Report Connecting Up has had another remarkable year and it is my pleasure as the Chair of the Board to present the 2016/2017 Annual Report. Connecting Up continues to deliver a range of capacity building programs and services to the not-for-profit (NFP) sector, listening to its highly valued customers and partners. Achievements for this year include: • Increasing the range of product and service offerings to the NFP and charitable sectors with $54 million dollars (Fair Market Value) worth of donated technology and cloud services to Australian and New Zealand NFPs in the 2016/2017 Financial Year • Improving the reach and capabilities of the organisations with access to Connecting Up’s products and services, with a total of 2,269 newly qualified organisations in Australia and 727 newly qualified organisations in New Zealand • Increasing the depth of education with a focus on technology to the sector, with a total of 3,200 attendees to Connecting Up events in Australia and New Zealand We continue on our journey of increasing digital capacity and decreasing the digital divide among those organisations which make up the NFP or Profit for Purpose sector. Of course, increasing digital capacity is a staged process of procuring the appropriate software and hardware and then making the best use of these tools to the utmost benefit of the organisation. With the changes in government policy emphasising citizen empowerment and also reduced costs of services, our technological offerings provide the potential for reducing back office costs to the sector. We are working with partners to refine the discounted and donated technology offerings available to the sector, including Cloud Tools and Services, Fundraising CRM/Database Management Programs, Security Software, Governance Software, Disability Care Management Software, Accounting and Reporting Programs, critical Hardware and Networking Equipment, and more. There is another special side of our work which needs to be highlighted. We provide a very important Directory of Services in South Australia, used extensively by public libraries, government entities and community organisations. This is made possible by the dedicated volunteers who contribute to our organisation so greatly. We have a dual goal – to keep this directory up to date and to provide important workplace experience for our volunteers that may evolve into employment. Over the course of the last Financial Year, Connecting Up hosted a total of 32 Volunteers, contributing over 3,000 hours to our Directory of Services and other programs. We are proud to see our volunteers reap the rewards, with 15 volunteers transitioning into employment in the last Financial Year. Connecting Up staff provide pre-employment support and assist with practical work skills and references. Volunteer evaluations state that the opportunity at Connecting Up gave them unprecedented experience and the opportunity to strengthen their skills in a real workplace environment. Volunteers join with Connecting Up for many and various reasons. For some it is an opportunity to get out of the house, meet, interact and socialise with new people, and to meet with those on a similar journey to seeking employment. Connecting Up now has a strong foothold in New Zealand and we have an annual conference there to showcase our service offerings and supplier products, while also acknowledging technology innovation in the sector. This year we were pleased to host special guest, The Honourable Minister Alfred Ngaro, at our inaugural New Zealand Charities Technology Awards. It is now 30 years since the origins of Connecting Up were established with the support of SACOSS. The Community Information Service or CISA was originally a SACOSS project but was developed into an independent organisation in 1981. From there Connecting Up was formed, evolving into what is today a one-stop-shop for NFP and charitable organisations and their technological and capacity building needs. Connecting Up and TechSoup New Zealand are proud to be part of TechSoup, a global network of 66 capacity- building NGOs working together to support the NFP sector across the world. Through the administration of technology donations in both Australia and New Zealand, Connecting Up has contributed significantly to the US$1.3 billion worth of technology goods distributed to more than 180,000 NGOs globally in 2016. Sue Vardon AO Chairperson, Connecting Up $54 million in donated technology product (FMV) to NFP organisations in Australia and New Zealand 2,996 newly qualified organisations
  5. 5. CEO Report The past year has been exciting for our sector and most certainly for the Connecting Up team. All programs have had a positive year for Connecting Up and TechSoup New Zealand. This evidences the strong demand for technology solutions in our sector and an increasing awareness of the importance of technology for organisations to allow them to operate efficiently to better serve their community. I know I speak for our whole team at Connecting Up when I say that we’re exceedingly proud of the significant difference we make every day to improve the society in which we live for all Australians and New Zealanders. A trend that we’ve been watching for a few years is the increasing prevalence of “cloud” services. Traditionally our sector is slower in adoption of new services than the commercial sector and while this is true in this instance, we are pleased to see both an overall increase in use of these services and an increase in the overall speed of adoption. Also very pleasing to report is the continued strong growth in our membership across both Australia and New Zealand. The team had a focus on increasing our membership this year, this effort produced a 16% increase in our membership in Australia and a 13% increase in New Zealand. Our Events Team has run some outstanding webinars this year and the attendances from our sector has broken all previous records. The Discounts Program in both Australia and New Zealand has had very strong growth. Our team targeted New Zealand to further support the sector and achieve a growth of 35%. This is particularly pleasing as we look to focus on the New Zealand sector. This year’s Conference in New Zealand was also a great success. Well supported by our partners, the feedback from sponsors, attendees and speakers was very positive. In Australia we have added many new partners providing a greater range of options for our sector, and in some cases providing the sector with heavily discounted options that they could not previously access. We are working towards being able to fulfil all the technology requirements of our sector. Our Business and Customer Care teams have been working to identity areas of need and to source ethical partners to fill this need. The implementation of new PCs and laptops from Acer has been a great success, with Acer quickly becoming our third largest local partner. This year also saw the creation of our in-house Innovation Lab. Capably led by Megan Short, the lab has had input from the whole team at various points through the year and a number of worthwhile projects have been identified. Work has begun to launch these in the next year. Finally, the team is engaging with two exciting new projects to support the Disability Sector. This is a change to our normal engagement but the team feels that these projects will make a large difference to disability organisations and the Australians who use their services. Thanks to all of our wonderful staff, thank you to the Connecting Up Board, especially Sue Vardon (AO), our fantastic chair, and thank you to Andrew Culley, our esteemed Treasurer. They are the steadfast backbone for Connecting Up to ensure we meet the needs of the sector now and in the future. Anne Gawen CEO, Connecting Up 2 29% increase in Membership in Australia and New Zealand
  6. 6. Connecting Up Staff Board of Directors CEO Executive Management Community Team Interns & Volunteers Technical Team Business DevelopmentCustomer Support Administration
  7. 7. Connecting Up Board Members Chairperson: Sue Vardon AO Deputy Chairperson: Jane Brabham Treasurer: Andrew Culley Observer: Aron Hausler Board Member: James Austin Board Member: Jon Bisset Board Member: Kym Hume Board Member: Lisa Harvey Board Member: Sue McIvor Board Member: Susan Arthure Chief Executive of various government departments for 23 years, including CentreLink and the Department for Correctional Services Managing Director, Brabham Group Managing Partner, South Australia, Deloitte Deputy Director Operations, New Venture Institute Fundraising Manager, National Party, New Zealand CEO, Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Business Development, Australian Institute of Company Directors Digital Mission Specialist, FlightLab CEO, Fernlea Inc PhD researcher in Archaeology, Flinders University
  8. 8. Connecting Up continues to support NFP and charitable organisations in Australian and New Zealand to reduce their technology costs and to improve organisational efficiency through the Technology Donations and Technology Discounts programs. In Financial Year 16/17, the fair market value of donated products acquired through Connecting Up totalled $48 million in Australia and $6 million in New Zealand. In Financial Year 16/17, Connecting Up added several new partners to its Technology Donations and Technology Discounts programs in Australia and New Zealand respectively: Technology Donations partners DocuSign The DocuSign Donation Program at Connecting Up provides e-signature and transaction management software to eligible NFP organisations, charities and public libraries throughout Australia. Used to sign, send and manage documents, DocuSign replaces printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents by making approvals and decisions digitally. Benevity Benevity, a leader in powering corporate giving, provides access to donations from companies and their employees for NFP organisations and charities worldwide. Many corporations encourage their employees to give money and volunteer time in the NFP and community sector and will match and send those contributions through the Benevity system. Amazon web services The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Credits Program for Nonprofits provides credits for eligible NFP organisations to use towards AWS’s cloud platform, offering access to high-powered cloud computing, storage, data warehousing, development, analytics and more. Airbnb Through Airbnb, eligible NFP organisations can create and host Social Impact Experiences to help build awareness, engage their supporters and raise funds for their causes. Airbnb Social Impact Experiences promises to provide NFP organisations with access to millions of Airbnb users, and a global audience of new ambassadors to promote their cause. 100 per cent of the proceeds raised from Social Impact Experiences goes directly to the NFP organisation hosting the experience. Technology Discounts partners Infinity Sponsorship Infinity Sponsorship specialises in helping NFP organisations plan, find, connect with and keep corporate partners and sponsors. I Do My Own PR I Do My Own PR offers a DIY PR toolkit to assist NFP organisations to raise funds and awareness around their cause without having to engage a PR agency. Strategic Grants Strategic Grants is the unique provider of grant strategies and Grants Expertise Management Systems (GEMS) in Australia. Strategic Grants works with NFP organisations to build capacity in applying for and earning grants through research, planning, project matching, policy and process development. Digital Cause The Digital Cause program is designed to help the thousands of charitable causes in Australia to attract more donations, share their stories and to recruit more volunteers through digital marketing grants and professional campaign management. Donations and Discounts $54 million in donated technology product (FMV) to NFP organisations in Australia and New Zealand in Financial Year 16/17 $50 million of this amount donated by Microsoft Our new Partners Premium Partner
  9. 9. Events & Training Commencing in 2012 with the aim of increasing IT capacity and knowledge across the not-for- profit (NFP) sector in Australia and New Zealand, the Connecting Up Events & Training Program has seen continual growth since inception. From 5 webinars and 8 face-to-face workshops delivered in 2011/2012, it has grown to 43 webinars, 5 online courses and 18 face-to-face workshops delivered in the Financial Year 16/17. A key focus for this financial year was to gather more feedback from customers and to increase market research to ensure the Events & Training Program is meeting the needs of the sector. As a result, Connecting Up delivered many successful webinars, workshops and online courses during this financial year, covering a range of different topics including: • Cloud Computing • IT management • Grants & fundraising • Data security • Search engine optimisation • Social media • Digital marketing • Adobe products • Public relations • E-mail marketing • Websites • Human resources The Events & Training Program in New Zealand has also seen increased popularity in the Financial Year 16/17, with an average increase of 50% in registrations per webinar and online course. The Events & Training Program in Australia and New Zealand is promoted to a wide network of members. The program is advertised via e-mail newsletters, website, social media, external sector-related events, and through direct contact with customers over the phone. To ensure relevance of events and training material, Connecting Up has improved and diversified its collection of feedback from customers. During the Financial Year 16/17, the Events & Training Program was again well received by participants, with an average score of 4.1/5 for satisfaction rate per webinar and online course. 2,700 registrations for events & training in Australia Over 900 registrations for events & training in New Zealand 6
  10. 10. TechSoup New Zealand Conference & Awards Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre 16-17 March 2017 The TechSoup New Zealand Conference 2017, held in Auckland on 16-17 March, marked the fourth New Zealand Conference delivered by Connecting Up as part of the TechSoup New Zealand programme. With the theme of SYNC17: Tuning Communities with the Digital Age, the 2017 Conference connected New Zealand communities with digital tools to increase organisational capacity and to provide support in the evolving technological landscape. The 2017 Conference was the second TechSoup New Zealand Conference to be held at the Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre in Auckland. There were a total of 126 registrations for the year’s Conference, representing a 17% increase from the previous year, a 20% increase from 2015, and 31% increase from 2014. There were a total of 53 registrations for the conference masterclasses, an increase of 83% in masterclasses registrations from the previous year. The geographical spread of attendees at the 2017 Conference was significantly wider than that of 2016, with 63% of 2017 attendees coming from outside the Auckland region. Some of the key highlights of the event for delegates were: • Attendees enjoyed the quality and delivery of the presentations, especially the keynote presentations. Presentation content was considered relevant by a majority of organisations • All masterclasses received a rating of 8.5/10 or above, while all conference sessions received a rating of 7.4/10 or above • Attendees enjoyed the atmosphere of the Conference and its sense of community, which greatly improved their Conference experience • Attendees praised the venue and catering • Attendees praised the Connecting Up staff for their availability and friendliness Conference attendees gave positive feedback about the exhibitors, praising their openness and friendliness as well as the quality of information shared: “I think it was seriously good. Well organised and purposeful.” “I think the team did a fantastic gob at pulling off a great event.” “It’s great. It builds knowledge & confidence for those of us that are less tech savvy. Thank you TechSoup.” “The organising staff were outstanding.” “I really enjoyed it. Thank you, I hope to be back next year.”
  11. 11. New Zealand Charities Technology Awards Charitable organisations and leaders from the community and technology sectors gathered to celebrate the very best in technology innovation and service excellence in the New Zealand charity sector at the inaugural New Zealand Charities Technology Awards Dinner on March 16 at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland. The Awards Dinner was attended by over 90 guests, including finalists and key event supporters Microsoft, Google, Xtreme Productivity, Strategic Grants, Blackbaud and RebootIT. Special guest, the Honourable Minister Alfred Ngaro, Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, delivered the official welcome to the Awards. Members of the judging panel were also present, including Volunteering New Zealand Chief Executive Scott Miller, Microsoft New Zealand Philanthropy Lead Belinda Gorman, and New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services Executive Officer Trevor McGlinchey. A total of 6 award categories were presented on the night: Strategic Grants Technology Volunteer of the Year: Tim Wylie from Volunteering Auckland was recognised for his work in developing an online platform to enable more than 4,500 people to connect to their community through voluntary opportunities across Auckland. Louise Lum of Community Comms Collective was acknowledged with a commendation award for her technology volunteering, having created a free website usability assessment tool for community organisations across New Zealand. Key beneficiaries include Youthline, Pregnancy Help, Parkinsons NZ, and Alzheimers New Zealand. Google Technology Service in the Charitable Sector – Lifetime Service Award: Dermatologist Dr Amanda Oakley, Founder and Editor in Chief of DermNet New Zealand (dermnetnz.org), was awarded for her innovative website dedicated to skin conditions and their treatment. Maintained by dermatologists and health professionals, and accessed by over 2 million people around the world each month, all website pages are written in plain English with a translation app to enable reading in 100+ languages. Xtreme Productivity Technology Innovator of the Year: Figure.NZ developed an intelligent data solution ‘Creating a data democracy’ – taking New Zealand’s dispersed, disparate, non-personal data, and standardising it into useful formats, all in one centralised location accessible to the public. Microsoft Best Government Agency: Recognised for their extensive efforts in assisting charities to comply with the new legislative requirements for financial reporting, Charities Services were recognised with the Best Government Agency award. Charities Services delivered a series of educational road shows in 2013-2015 during their standards development to 9,000 individuals, and also partnered with the External Reporting Board (XRB) in 2016 to deliver a webinar reaching over 2,000 people. Blackbaud Best Social Media Campaign of the Year: SAFE, a national animal rights organisation actively involved in campaigns to protect the welfare of all animals, were awarded the Best Social Media Campaign of the Year award for their integrated multi-media campaign to connect people with the realities of animal agriculture. Reboot IT Best Small to Medium Enterprise: The Safeguarding Children Initiative developed the crucial Child Protection Elearning platform to provide training for those organisations who work with children and the community. The platform helps organisations and individuals to detect abuse and neglect, to understand its impacts, and also gives advice on what to do about it if they are concerned – a first of its kind in New Zealand and free to all users. The Whanganui Learning Centre Trust was acknowledged with a commendation award for its critical support to the lower socio-economic and multi-cultural needs of Whanganui through key technology programs. Partnering with Microsoft, the Trust was launched as the first ‘Technology Centre’ in New Zealand, delivering technology programming initiatives to the community since 1975, including ‘Stepping UP’ and ‘Computers in Homes’. The inaugural New Zealand Charities Technology Awards showcased not only the outstanding technology achievements of New Zealand charitable organisations and individuals but also the critical importance of the charitable sector in solving key social challenges and working to protect and preserve New Zealand communities and their way of life. 8
  12. 12. Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards The annual Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards hosted by Connecting Up was again held at the historic Hawthorn Arts Centre in Melbourne on the evening of May 4. The awards highlight the significant contributions made by individuals and organisations to the NFP sector through innovative technologies. More than 130 guests from the NFP, government, and business sectors, gathered to acknowledge finalists and winners across six award categories. Social Media Campaign of the Year: This award recognised the most effective and innovative use of social media by a NFP organisation to promote its products and/or services while having a positive impact on the sector. The winner, Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA), developed a unique digital advertising campaign, ‘Melanoma Likes Me’. An online persona created for Melanoma made it possible for MPA’s Instagram account and Twitter account to like, follow and comment on the social media activity of young Australians spending time in the sun. A unique algorithm found and responded to popular hashtags and geo-located images, sending millions of tailored messages to young Australians about melanoma prevention and treatment. Using Technology to Connect to the Community Award - Best Government Agency: The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) was acknowledged as the Best Government Agency to positively connect with local communities through technology. Via the NDIA website, the agency provides critical information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme for people with disability, families and carers, participants, providers, and communities. The website also contains videos, stories, factsheets and publications to support people during the rollout of the scheme. Not-For-Profit Technology Innovator of the Year: Counselling and support service provider Holyoake were acknowledged for the most innovative use of technology in delivering programs and/or services to positively impact communities. As part of their social enterprise DRUMBEAT® (Discovering Relationships Using Music - Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes & Thoughts) the organisation developed DRUMBEAT Quest® – the world’s first video game for social and emotional learning incorporating the latest neuroscience on emotional regulation and rhythm. Using Technology to Connect to the Community Award - Best Small/Medium Enterprise (SME): This award recognised small to medium enterprises which made highly-valued contribution to the NFP sector through technology. There was not a winner for this category, however two high-achieving finalists were highlighted for their significant contributions. Evolve IT Australia, who provide IT service support to businesses and NFP organisations across Australia, were acknowledged for their private cloud products and services specialising in Aboriginal ICT support, while social enterprise Vollie thoughtfully connect skilled Australians with NFP organisations for the purpose of online skills-based volunteering, with a particular focus on engaging young skilled professionals aged 25 - 34 in skilled volunteering projects. Not-For-Profit Technology Lifetime Service Award: Mrs. Nan Bosler OAM, volunteer President and founder of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA), was recognised for her outstanding commitment and service to the NFP sector over many years. Nan was elected President upon incorporation in August 1998 and by 2001 the association was acknowledged as the national peak body for seniors and technology. Today there are around 130 ASCCA affiliated clubs, located in every state and territory throughout Australia. Technology Volunteer of the Year: Damian Marken, Volunteer at The Compassionate Friends Victoria, was awarded for his exemplary voluntary contribution to the NFP sector and for his positive impact on the lives of others through his volunteering activities. Compassionate Friends Victoria supports parents and siblings following the death of a child. With an outdated website and social media channels unable to meet the needs of both the organisation and grieving parents, Damian undertook a complete website and social media overhaul. The new website now creates a sense of calm and provides information in a simple, easy to digest manner that no longer overwhelms parents who have suffered the agony of losing a child. More information about the Awards can be found at www.connectingupconference.org/technology-awards.html 9
  13. 13. Connecting Up has delivered SAcommunity, a free, online directory of community service information for over 35 years in response to the need for an accessible source of community information for South Australians. SAcommunity supports informed decision-making, empowerment and action. The SAcommunity directory provides the reliable, current and relevant information communities need to allow people to find the services they need in their daily life, to provide information and services to others, and to discover and create opportunities for community connection and participation. SAcommunity comprises of over 14,000 directory entries, presenting user-friendly, collated and organised data, with 92% of all listings updated within the last two years. The SAcommunity website received more than 1 million visits and 1.9 million page views, reaching over 700,000 users over the last 12 months, providing a level of online exposure for community service providers, including many small but valuable organisations, allowing them to concentrate their resources into service delivery. Open Data and Social Media SAcommunity connects the community sector by providing news, information and community service recognition through capacity building communication channels with an online service blog, 7,030 followers on Twitter and 2,200 subscribers to SAcommunity news. These social media channels were accessed this year for a Flinders University community-oriented project funded by the Australian Research Council. Connecting Up is committed to sharing data for innovative re- use and public benefit. Staff assisted with the GovHack Open Data competition by providing mentoring and the SAcommunity dataset. Technical staff continue to work on developing an API to share data with Public Library Services, the association representing over 130 public libraries in the South Australian Public Library Network on their networked library catalogue. SAcommunity data has also been provided to assist a Flinders’ University and local council project undertaken in conjunction with Regional Development Australia for the Lower Eyre Peninsula. Partners and Stakeholders Connecting Up thanks the Government of South Australia and Public Library Services for their continued funding for this valuable service, as well as the community contributors to SAcommunity. and SAcommunity Information Services The SAcommunity program is provided in collaboration with an expansive stakeholder network. Staff provide information, training and support to directory partners and editors in local government councils and public libraries, service providers, volunteers and the public who work to promote, maintain and utilise directory information and contribute relevant community news articles for publication. Volunteers Connecting Up Volunteers contributed 3,000 hours over the last financial year and are critical to maintaining the directory. The program was expanded to host 5 university students last semester, working on projects across Connecting Up. These included two placement students from the Business School and Information Management Streams respectively, who worked to evaluate and enhance the SAcommunity program. The volunteer program also fosters relationships, with vocational education providers TAFESA and EQUALS providing valuable work experience for graduates and placements for their Business Administration students. The volunteer program supports students, the unemployed and underemployed to gain information, digital literacy and customer service skills and experience needed in the workplace. 14,000 community listings 1.9 million page views 700,000 users 10
  14. 14. Innovation Lab Connecting Up introduced on an exciting new Innovation Lab role in the 2016/2017 Financial Year. This role aimed to identify, develop and implement new business growth opportunities across Australia and New Zealand, and to experiment with new approaches to enhance our overall customer experience and journey. Many fantastic initiatives spawned from this unique position. YourSAy Share Initiative Connecting Up has received $25,000 in funding for a platform to improve disability access vehicle after delivering the winning pitch in the finals of South Australia’s Collaborative Economy Challenge. Connecting Up finished ahead of 150 organisations from across Australia. The pitch idea is for a new share platform in partnership with disability access vehicle fleet management experts CARL through which Australians living with a disability can access idle or under-utilized vehicles. Companies and individuals will eventually be able to post their available vehicles on the platform for rental at an affordable rate, with Connecting Up and CARL working towards a model in which insurance, roadside assistance and fuel costs are included in the rental fee. This could be a life changing service for hundreds of thousands of Australians facing significant restrictions on their mobility because of a lack of suitable transport. Techfugees Adelaide Connecting Up was a major participant in the inaugural Techfugees Adelaide, a collaborative ideas event bringing people together to develop technology solutions for local refugees. Techfugees is a global social enterprise mobilising tech experts to respond to the refugee situation in their local communities. Techfugees Australia is the tech community’s response to the current refugee crisis involving a network of concerned individuals who want to help refugees settle happily and more quickly into the Australian community. The Adelaide Techfugees hackathon saw amazing teams of likeminded hackers and humanitarians co-designing innovative tech solutions to problems such as access to services, qualified employment opportunities, and making sense of government forms. Mentors from Connecting Up worked with teams to develop solutions that included chatbots, mobile apps, real-time anonymised data, and simple social messaging to raise awareness of the untapped potential of refugees in our community. Website and User Experience enhancements The Innovation Lab worked closely with the Technology Team to review the existing organisation website and to help implement improved user experience (UX) functions including an enhanced website navigation menu to help more easily distinguish between technology discount and donation offerings for customers. UniSA Graduate placement In partnership with the University of South Australia Information Technology Team, Connecting Up arranged for student graduates to collaborate on internal projects, utilising their business analytics skills on a data-centric lab projects. Together, the Innovation Lab and university graduates explored a range of projects including Data Storytelling, Website Analytics, Community Datasets, and Customer Insights.
  15. 15. Financials Financial Health, year ended 30 June 2017 Fair Market Value of donated products in 2016/17 in Australia and New Zealand $53,968,088 Revenues from ordinary activities 5,251,924 Expenses (5,020,978) Total comprehensive income for the year/(loss) 230,946 12
  16. 16. Mambourin Enterprises Impact Story Melbourne NFP uses donor IT to assist people with disabilities to gain jobs & independence Victorian not-for-profit, Mambourin Enterprises (Mambourin), empowers people with intellectual disabilities by helping them gain new skills. In 2015, access to up-todate software via the Microsoft Donations Program allowed Mambourin to teach participants how to create documents, helping them to gain jobs and be more independent. At Mambourin day centres, people with intellectual disabilities who cannot support themselves are reducing their own social isolation by using specialist publishing software to create videos and compile newsletters. Mambourin Enterprises (Mambourin) is an independent notfor- profit organisation that creates learning and employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. A 2,500m2 facility at Mambourin’s Derrimut head office assists people with mild disability into various forms supported employment, while eight day centres across western Melbourne provide day-to-day support for 350 intellectually disabled people. One of Mambourin’s greatest achievements is transitioning people into employment. . As a not for profit organisation, Mambourin has many challenges of its own. One of them is ensuring its technology up to date. Teaching computer skills to people with disabilities is often a key to securing employment, but to do this Mambourin needs up-to-date software. Also, attendees at the day programs experience personal and skills growth when engaged in writing newsletters or compiling videos, but these activities require specialist software too. Additionally the organisation’s own employees require mobility tools, so they can plan and collaborate on the go. Since 2009, Mambourin has gained access to successive generations of software through the Microsoft Donation Program. This has enabled Mambourin to equip 50 employees with Microsoft Office Pro Plus, Exchange email and SharePoint, and to install Windows on 30 devices. In 2015, Mambourin also adopted the video collaboration suite, Skype for Business. With Windows 7 and Windows 10 on Mambourin day program desktops, attendees have begun using the Adobe Video Suite to create and edit videos of day centre activities, which they then publish on YouTube. Attendees also use Office Publisher to develop and design newsletters that recount daily events, and share puzzles and stories. Meanwhile, trainers at the head office teach up to 50 attendees how to work on documents and spreadsheets using the latest version of Microsoft Office. Benefits of the Microsoft Donations program extend to Mambourin internal systems as well. Using Internet Information Service (IIS) on Windows Server 2012 R2, Mambourin built an online enterprise resource planning tool called MERP that transforms day-to-day operations. By enabling Mambourin to keep its technology fresh, the Microsoft Donations Program is helping to create job opportunities for people who might never otherwise work, empowering people to lead more fulfilling lives, and helping dedicated employees to work more efficiently. With skills developed on up-to-date software, participants in Mambourin classes are transforming their own prospects for open employment. Yates reports that some people with significant cognitive disabilities have now found employment with local businesses. For some, he says, this is the first they are earning money and gaining a measure of independence and meaningful social inclusion. The opportunity to create newsletters and videos is giving a sense of purpose and meaning to scores of people who attend Mambourin day programs. With surprising proficiency, many intellectually disabled people are becoming adept at using Office Publisher to communicate ideas, create stories and express opinions. Mambourin employees are also using collaboration tools to provide more attentive support. With email on smartphones and push-notifications from the job management system, they liberate themselves from desktop PCs, reduce risks (including attendees not taking medication appropriately), and create best practice workflows that sharpen day-to-day activities. “By giving us access to latest-release software, the program increases employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. It means that on their first day of work – which can be very intimidating – they have some measure of comfort in that they are trained and working with familiar tools.” Warren Yates, General Manager IT
  17. 17. Together SA Impact Story Together SA streamlines administrative work and communication practices with Microsoft’s Office 365 for Non-profits program Together SA ensures that communities are at the centre of leading enduring social change. Operating across five South Australian communities, Together SA works with community residents, local and state government, businesses and service providers to improve wellbeing outcomes for children. Through their transition to a Microsoft Office 365 for Non-profits, with assistance provided by Infoxchange, a growing Together SA improved its efficiency in the workplace and began the process of consolidating their disparate data. Over six months in 2016, Together SA rapidly grew from a one- and-a-half person operation to a 12-person fluid workforce, with people operating in rural South Australia, outer Adelaide and the CBD. Before their IT transition to Office 365, Together SA’s emails were hosted on another organisation’s server, documents were superfluously saved on both Dropbox and Basecamp and they had no dedicated email domain. Together SA made the decision in late 2015 to address these problems by acquiring quotes from three IT providers, and decided on Office 365 through Infoxchange as their solution. However, Together SA was going through a transitional period; a difficult time to start a project like this. As a result of this transitional period, Jessica Attard was brought on to manage administration, human resources, finance, information technology and to help improve the operational culture of the organisation.To help facilitate their transition, Together SA purchased an Office 365 Readiness Assessment in May 2016. Facilitated by Connecting Up’s partner, Infoxchange, the Office 365 Readiness Assessment provides a tailored report on technical prerequisites for migration and key value-adds, information on how to migrate and costings around moving to Office 365 which includes establishing SharePoint and configuring devices. Assisted by Infoxchange, Together SA began their transition to Office 365. Microsoft’s Office 365 program has four different plans for not-for-profit organisations: two of these plans are free while the other three plans have a discounted cost per user. Together SA opted to use the Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit E1 plan, with permanent staff utilising the paid Office Pro Plus add-on while secondees, students and volunteers utilise the Office Online features of Nonprofit E1. From transitioning to Office 365, Together SA has lowered their administrative burden, streamlined communication between a geographically diverse staff, and eased collaboration between staff, all while keeping costs to a minimum. Together SA immediately improved their professional branding through the use of the Nonprofit E1 plan. Office 365 allowed Together SA to move their staff’s email domains from two different providers (@togethersa.org.au and @gmail.com) to a unified solution and the ability to keep and manage multiple inboxes was also a bonus as a change in staff meant retaining potentially lost data. Office 365 has also been able to help improve communication within the organisation; all staff members are now able to access shared calendars making it easier to co-ordinate meetings and projects. Skype for Business helps too, making it easier for staff to stay in touch no matter where they are – vital for a remote workforce. With access to SharePoint, Together SA is now able to begin the process of centralising all of their disparate data, making it easier and faster for staff to find and save the documents they need. The other major advantage of SharePoint will be the ability for their staff to collaborate on documents and projects together in real-time, no matter where they are. The new collaboration between staff is likely to be extended to Together SA’s external clients, the five community Leadership Groups. These groups are up to 12-25 people consisting of local Members, businesses, or government; state government; service providers; and local residents, all with varying access and experience in Office software. “It’s all about continuity of service and finding these little things that make it easier for us.” Jessica Attard, Office Coordinator
  18. 18. www.connectingup.org