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Cork EUDC 2016 Bid Document

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Details of Cork's proposed plans to host EUDC 2016.

For more details contact convenor@corkeudc2016.com

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Cork EUDC 2016 Bid Document

  1. 1. Bid Document
  2. 2. Index: 1 Introduction 3-4 Letter from the Conveners Letter from the CA team 10 Key Strengths of Bid 5 The Tournament 6 The Hosts 7-8 Adjudication 9-11 Chief adjudicators DCA application process Workshops and development Judges funding Tab Team 12 Language and Equity 13-14 Organisation Committee 15-19 The City of Cork 20 Travelling to Cork 21 Finance 22-23 Registration 24
  3. 3. 2 Socials 25-26 Venues 27-28 Accommodation 29 Volunteers 30
  4. 4. A Letter From The Convening Team 3 Dear European Debating Community, We are delighted to present Cork's bid to host EUDC 2016. This bid has been in the works for the past several months and we have much more to give over the next two years. Cork is a wonderful city, with a strong history of holding world class debating tournaments. All accommodation is within walking distance of the main tournament site, as well as social venues. Cork Euros guarantees you the convenience and fun that the debating community has come to expect from this great city. We also guarantee you a well organised and financially sound competition. Our finances are secure, we have an experienced and capable Org Comm, along with a wealth of experienced alumni. We know that our adjudication team led by Sally Rooney and Viktor Prlja will do their absolute best to facilitate a week of top notch debating, and that they will assemble the strongest DCA team possible, one that is diverse and representative of the growing European debating community. We will create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive at all stages of the tournament, and our volunteers will help us to do this. You will always be greeted by a friendly face in Cork. We sincerely hope to see you in Cork in 2016. Le meas, Ciara Grant and Eógan Hickey Cork EUDC 2016 Bid Convening Team
  5. 5. Letter from the Chief Adjudicators 4 Hello, We’re delighted to be involved in Cork’s bid for EUDC 2016. EUDC means a great deal to us, as a prestigious and highly-competitive tournament but also as a celebration of the European debating community. Having worked with the Org Comm in the development of the bid, and knowing Cork’s ability to secure funding and orchestrate major competitions like WUDC 2009, we know we have the coordination and commitment to organise a spectacular European Championships in 2016. We both look forward to being joined by a diverse and talented team of some of Europe’s brightest minds when DCA applications open next summer. Already, our budget includes at least €10,000 of funding for independent judges, so we can guarantee high-quality adjudication and feedback at every stage. Setting motions for a major competition like Euros is an incredible opportunity, and we’re committed above all else to making sure every single motion at EUDC 2016 is worth the journey. We want to start the kind of discussions that make debating such a valuable part of university life. Of course, Euros is more than just a competition, and we understand the immense effort that goes into every level of organization at a tournament so large and diverse. Cork Euros is committed to training up a new Euros- quality tab team under the leadership of 2014 Worlds tabmaster Harry McEvansoneya, ensuring the future of European tabbing will be in safe hands. We’re also delighted to have Nika Jelaska and Srishti Krishnamoorthy on board as Equity Officers, who will be committed to making Cork Euros a respectful and welcoming place for every participant. We both started out as volunteers at EUDC, and we feel incredibly privileged to be writing to you now as your prospective CAs. We want to earn your vote and we’re eager to hear feedback about the bid, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or comments. Thanks for your time, Sally and Viktor
  6. 6. 10 Key Strengths Of Bid 5 1. An experienced, hard working, and capable adjudication team. Sally Rooney and Viktor Prlja are fully committed to the bid for the next two years. 2. Judges funding of €10,000 is guaranteed, allowing for the funding of roughly 50 independent judges. 3. Full university support, University College Cork has guaranteed €10,000 in sponsorship to Cork Euros 2016 4. Full city support, the Lord Mayor of Cork has guaranteed full support from the city council and the tourism boards. We are also working closely with the Cork Convention Bureau. 5. 250 years of debating tradition. The Philosophical Society and the Law Society are two of UCC's largest and oldest societies. We have previously hosted both EUDC and WUDC to great success. 6. All accommodation and venues have been booked and guaranteed. Quotes have been received for all food, security, and social costs. 7. Centralised campus, within walking distance of accommodation and social venues. 8. Tab team is led by an experienced tabmaster, Harry McEvansoneya, and is also a development opportunity for three up and coming tabmasters. 9. Great socials! Ranging from Irish traditional music nights to the final gala, there will be a great variety of social events during the tournament. Alcohol free socials will be available every night also. 10. Friendly, efficient, and well trained volunteers that will be on hand from the moment you touch down in Ireland right up to departures day.
  7. 7. The Tournament 6 Key Info Team Cap: 240 Judging Policy: N-1 Reg Fee: €299 per participant. (€400 per observer) Schedule 14th – 20th of August Sunday 14th Arrivals day, preliminary briefing, and opening ceremony Monday 15th Rounds 1 – 3 Irish Trad Night Tuesday 16th Rounds 4 – 6 Women's night Wednesday 17th Rounds 7 – 9 Break night Thursday 18th Open and ESL quarter finals, Open and ESL semi finals LGBT* Night Friday 19th Open and ESL finals Final Gala Saturday 20th Departure day
  8. 8. About The Hosts 7 Cork EUDC will be a collaboration between UCC's two debating institutions, the Law Society and the Philosophical (Philosoph) Society. Combined we have a debating tradition that is 250 years old. Debating is firmly established in UCC and receives full university support. Both societies attract corporate sponsorship annually and have built up a network of contacts and alumni over the years. Members of both societies are eager and willing to support the Cork Euros bid. Both institutions compete annually at WUDC and EUDC, as well as attending national and international tournaments. The Philosoph hosts the annual Cork IV, one of Ireland's largest IVs with 250 participants. The Law Society hosts the National Law Conference, an event which receives national and international media coverage. We are well accustomed to running spectacular social events also. We host three large balls each year, the Law Dinner, the Philosoph Gala, and the Law Ball, along with weekly social events following debates.
  9. 9. 8 Our weekly activities include house meetings on various topics, visits from guest speakers, speaker development, workshops and internal debating leagues. We run a large schools development programme and debating league, aimed at encouraging secondary school students to get involved in debating, culminating in the Munster Schools Final. Every year along with debating societies in Galway and Dublin, we organise the National Schools Debating Championships. Our experience of successfully hosting both Worlds and Euros makes us the ideal choice for guaranteeing the European debating community a successful tournament. In the past the Philosoph hosted Cork Worlds in 1996. Philosoph and Law Soc collaborated to host Cork Worlds again in 2009, and Cork Euros in 2005. We feel that the time has come again.
  10. 10. Adjudication 9 Chief Adjudicator Sally Rooney Sally has had incredible success on the competitive debating circuit. She was a finalist and a member of the top breaking team at EUDC 2013, she was also the Best Speaker at EUDC 2013 and the winner of the International Mace 2013. Sally has proved herself as an extremely capable CA and judge at numerous competitions. Chief Adjudicator Viktor Prlja Viktor was the Best ESL Speaker at EUDC 2013, he made the open break at Chennai WUDC where he was also the 4th best ESL speaker of the competition, and was the Oxford IV ESL champion. Viktor has already proved himself a very capable CA, and is due to CA many more competitions in the run up to Cork Euros 2016.
  11. 11. 10 DCAApplication Process One of the key goals of Cork Euros is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for debaters from all over Europe, as well as putting together great motions and high-quality adjudication at every stage of the tournament. Sally and Viktor are making regional representation a key criterion for our future Adjudication Core to match the growth of the debating community across Europe. Applications for five DCA positions will open in summer of 2015, allowing ample time for the selected DCAs to gain CA experience over the following months. The process will consist of direct applications, nominations by third parties, and discretionary invitations by the CA Team, which we believe will allow us to put together the most diverse and highest-quality Adjudication Core possible Sally and Viktor can be contacted at adjudication@corkeudc2016.com
  12. 12. 11 Judges Funding A fantastic judging pool is of utmost importance to Cork Euros. Not including the main adjudication core, €10,000 will be available in judges funding, allowing us to fund roughly 50 independent judges. This money will exclusively be used to cover travel costs, reg fee waivers for independent judges have been accounted for in the main budget. Application for independent judges will open in April of 2016. Deirdre Milner and Alaana Landers, two alumni of the Philosoph, have very generously agreed to sponsor the reg fee of an independent, up and coming, female judge. This will be available in addition to the funding above. Workshops and Development In the 12 months before Cork Euros, Sally and Viktor, along with the selected DCAs, will facilitate training and development workshops at competitions across Europe. Viktor will also attend IDAS this coming November, these lectures will be taped and made available. The Cork Euros workshops will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube, allowing participants unable to attend in person to benefit from this service.
  13. 13. Tab Team 12 Heading the tab team will be Harry McEvansoneya. Harry is an incredibly experienced tab master, well accustomed to tabbing large competitions. He has twice held the position of EUDC tabmaster, at Galway 2011, and Manchester 2013. He was also tabmaster at WUDC Chennai 2014. He has also tabbed numerous Irish IVs, Cork included. His experience will ensure that the tab runs smoothly and efficiently. Markus Knutsson, Lisa Faherty, and Valerie Tierney will also make up the tab team. With the two year bidding cycle, Cork Euros 2016 represents a great opportunity to develop new tabbing talent, and this is reflected in our tab team selection.
  14. 14. Equity and Language 13 Language and equity will be core values of Cork Euros. It is our priority to ensure that everyone feels welcome and enjoys the competition. Nika Jelaska and Srishti Krishnamoorthy will be our Equity Officers. They will be supported by an equity team consisting of one Org Comm member, one volunteer, and one independent judge. In the case of serious equity violations this team will be available to Nika and Srishti to consult with. With a team cap of 240 Cork Euros will be a very large competition. A large equity team allows us to identify any overarching equity issues that may present during the tournament. A comprehensive equity policy will be available after the bidding stage. “As a future M.SC in psychology, I’ve had some basic education in counselling, crisis and trauma management, and mediating. I also work as a trainer for the Croatian Education and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication. I have had experience working with large groups of people with highly conflicting opinions and attitudes on controversial and, for them, important issues. I hope this will help me in working together with the entire Cork team towards creating an EUDC that will be an enjoyable experience where all participants can interact with each other in a respectful and pleasing manner.” - Nika “I have been committed to making the circuit more inclusive and welcoming, particularly for freshers and for groups who have been traditionally marginalised within debating. Having run equity successfully at several major tournaments in the UK (including but not limited to: Cambridge IV, Manchester IV and Monroe Cup), I am sensitive to the challenges and demands of creating a tolerant atmosphere, of producing a
  15. 15. 14 responsive and dynamic equity policy with integrity, and of remaining visible, conscientious, accessible and accountable for any issue that might arise. I believe in respect, dialogue and plurality, and am profoundly privileged to join the Cork Euros team as an Equity Officer.” - Srishti
  16. 16. Organising Committee 15 Euros is a large competition, differing in many ways from a normal IV. Together our Org Comm has participated in a wide number of committees and event planning groups, giving them transferable skills that they will carry forward to the organisation of Cork Euros. Cork Euros has the full support of UCC, and of Cork City Council. We will be working closely with the UCC Societies' Office, the Accommodation and Conferencing Office, the office of the Vice President for the Student Experience, the office of the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cork City Council, and Bord Fáilte (Ireland's tourism authority). We are also working closely with the Cork Convention Bureau, a professional events company that specialises in events involving international delegates. The Org Comm will also be supported by a large number of UCC alumni. These alumni have a wealth of experience in organising Cork Euros 2005 and Cork Worlds 2009. Their advice and guidance will add to the Org Comm's capacity to deliver a world class tournament. Convenor - Ciara Grant convenor@corkeudc2016.com Ciara has sat on the Philosoph executive committee in a wide number of roles. She has experience in delivering excellent events, having served as Social Secretary, Inter Varsity Convenor, and External Convenor. In particular her organisation of the highly successful Cork IV 2013 has demonstrated her capacity to organise an excellent Euros tournament. In all her roles within UCC she has gained the necessary skills and experience to ensure that Cork Euros will be a fun, well organised, and smooth running competition that everyone can enjoy.
  17. 17. 16 Deputy Convenor - Eógan Hickey deputyconvenor@corkeudc2016.com Eógan is a current member of the UCC Law Society and an active competitive debater. As Moot Convenor of the 84th Session, he successfully organised UCC’s largest ever Moot Competition. He also served as Finance Officer for the UCC Languages Ball. In these positions Eógan has learned valuable skills along the way which he will carry forward with him to the EUDC Org Comm. Finance Officer - Michelle Coyle finance@corkeudc2016.com Michelle is a fully qualified accountant, having completed a Masters in Accounting in UCC. This ensures that she has the professional training and knowledge needed to manage the finances of Cork Euros. Michelle was auditor of the UL Debating Union before coming to UCC where she took up the position of Internal Convenor. She has served as Chief Adjudicator and convenor of many tournaments, including the Limerick Open.
  18. 18. 17 Sponsorship Officer - James Reidy sponsorship@corkeudc2016.com James is the auditor of the UCC Law Society. He has previously sat on the Philosoph committee as IV Convenor of the 163rd Session, and as Schools Convenor of the 164th session. Contacting and liaising with sponsors was an integral part of both these roles, ensuring that he has the necessary skills and experience to attract top name sponsors to Cork Euros. Socials Officer - Clodagh Feehley socials@corkeudc2016.com Clodagh has been involved in debating since she first came to university. As well as representing Cork at national and international competitions, she has sat on the Philosoph committee both as Projects Offider and Social Secretary. In her roles she has organised the Philosoph Gala, a banquet ball for both current and alumni members and well as other internal tournaments, including the Lord Mayor's Gold Medal. Clodagh has also worked professionally in Cork's hospitality sector, allowing her to create personal contacts with the managers and promoters of Cork's top venues. She will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves at Cork Euros.
  19. 19. 18 Head of Volunteers - Sarah Dunphy volunteers@corkeudc2016.com As Head Volunteer Sarah will be charged with recruiting and training the 60-70 volunteers needed to run Cork Euros. Sarah has served as Social Secretary of the 164th Session and is the current Auditor of the Philosoph. She is an experienced leader who will ensure that that Cork's proud tradition of well trained, knowledgeable, and friendly volunteers will continue. PRO - Ellen Flanagan pr@corkeudc2016.com Ellen is the current IV Convenor for the Philosoph. She will be responsible for the promotion, marketing, and press coverage of Cork Euros. With two years experience in marketing and publicity, Ellen can guarantee that Cork Euros will attract high profile coverage, giving knock on benefits to sponsorship and public sector support.
  20. 20. 19 Registration Officer To Be Appointed A registration officer will be appointed if the bid is successful. This person will be the main liaison between registered teams and the Org Comm. They will be responsible for providing invitation letters for those who require visas, and any other queries relating to registration. Hospitality Officer To Be Appointed A hospitality officer will be appointed if the bid is successful. They will be responsible for room assignments and accommodation queries, along with organising the cultural tours, and the walking tours on arrival.
  21. 21. The City Of Cork 20 Cork is a wonderful city with so much to offer. Often referred to as the ‘real capital’ of Ireland, Cork is a modern and vibrant city that has managed to retain so much of it’s cultural heritage and history. Cork was the European Capital of Culture in 2005, and was named in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities in the World to Visit. Cork is a small and compact city, the main shopping centre is a ten minute walk from the main UCC campus, as are all the main night life spots. Cork is well known as a 'foodie' city, home to the famous English Market. We would encourage all competitors to explore the city and surrounding county in their down time. Walking tours will be available on arrivals day, so you can get to know the city. If there is sufficient interest, bus trips to the Blarney Stone and the Cliffs of Moher (two of Ireland's biggest tourist attractions) will be available.
  22. 22. Travelling To Cork 21 By Air: Cork airport is located just 20 minutes from Cork city, a regular bus service runs from the airport to the city centre. Cork airport offers direct routes to and from many major airports in Europe, including London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Gdansk, and Vilnius. Volunteers will greet participants at the airport and direct them to buses/taxis. Dublin airport is 3 hours from Cork city, routes to all major European cities operate from Dublin. A bus runs every hour from Dublin airport to Cork city. Volunteers will also be present at Dublin airport By Sea: As an island, Ireland also has several major ferry routes connecting the country to mainland Europe. Ferries run daily from Cork to Roscoff, Rosslare to Cherbourg, Rosslare to Fishguard, Dublin to Holyhead, and from Dublin to Liverpool. On arrivals day volunteers will be on hand at the Cork bus and train station to help all competitors to find their way to UCC
  23. 23. Finance 22 We have already secured €10,000 in sponsorship from UCC. Our finances are sound and we have enough money to run the competition without any further sponsorship. We have booked and guaranteed venues and accommodation, and have received quotes for food, security, and other miscellaneous costs. Of course we will be actively seeking additional sponsorship and this money will be used to increase the quality of the event overall, on additional judges, extra drinks vouchers, and treats for participants.
  24. 24. 23 Brief budget as of the 19tht of July, 2014. Team Cap (240) € Revenue Alumni Reg Free 299 Sponsorship 10,000 Registration Fees @ 480 team individuals 120 institutional judges 179,400 189,699 Costs Accommodation 90,800 Food 51,620 Socials (not including venues) 12,205 Misc (including promotional materials) 4,020 Adjudication Costs 11,800 Venue Costs 7,000 Security Costs 3,000 184,445 Surplus 5,254
  25. 25. Registration 24 Registration will follow the process used by Manchester EUDC and Zagreb EUDC. Ranking based on the number of past EUDC breaks will determine team allocation. The large team cap should guarantee that all institutions receive at least one team spot. Registration will open in March of 2016. A deposit will be necessary to secure team spots, with the balance to be paid in May. Further details will be available closer to the time.
  26. 26. Socials 25 EUDC isn’t just about debating, it’s about so much more than that. EUDC represents an opportunity for debaters from all over Europe to come together and to make lifelong friends. Socials will be of utmost importance at Cork Euros. Cork is a student city, well known for having a vibrant and diverse social scene, which participants of Cork Euros will get to experience. We will create an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Alcohol free socials will be provided on all nights of the competition, alongside traditional socials, so there is something to cater for all competitors. UCC is a ten minute walk from Cork city centre, and Cork’s City Centre has plenty of bars and clubs that can hold all of our competitors. As well as regular socials, there will also be themed socials including a traditional Irish Music night, a LGBT* night and of course the ultimate Cork tradition, KARAOKE! Women’s night will feature more prominently than ever. It will be a night for all participants to celebrate women and their contribution to the world of debating.
  27. 27. 26 On the night of the grand final, a gala dinner will be held at a luxury 4 star hotel, the Rochestown Park Hotel. Participants will be treated to a champagne reception and a four course meal followed by live music, a DJ, and dancing late into the night. A fitting end to what is sure to be a wonderful week. EUDC can be a stressful experience at times, we will have daily activities between rounds, such as a petting zoo, for anyone in need of a break from debating!
  28. 28. Venues 27 The majority of the tournament will take place on the main campus of University College Cork. The campus is located in the heart of Cork city, and is within walking distance of all local amenities. Competitors will be able to avail of walking tours of the UCC campus and Cork city on arrivals day, in order to familiarise themselves with their home from home for the week! All In rounds will take place in rooms that will be no more than a 3 minute walk from the main announce room. There will be plenty of volunteers on hand to show you to your rooms. Lunch and dinner will also be served on campus. Any dietary requirements will be of no issue, vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, halal, and kosher will all be catered for.
  29. 29. 28 The Grand Final will take place in Cork City Hall. This impressive concert hall is a perfect reflection of the grandeur of the occasion, and is one that all competitors and participants will be sure to remember.
  30. 30. Accommodation 29 All participants (both speakers and judges) will be housed in UCC’s campus accommodation. Participants will share fully furnished apartments for the duration of the competition. (Castlewhite and Brookfield). Apartments are fitted with 4 - 8 bedrooms (both single and twin rooms available), a sitting room, private bathroom, and fully equipped kitchen. Apartments will be stocked with breakfast before arrival. These apartments are just a five minute walk from the main UCC campus where in rounds will be held, so no buses required! With the exception of the final gala dinner, all socials will also be within walking distance of the accommodation. Participants will have access to the Brookfield leisure centre, which comes complete with its own swimming pool and water slide!
  31. 31. Volunteers 30 Cork EUDC will be organised by the Philosph and the Law Society, two of the largest societies in UCC. The majority of our volunteers will come from this core membership. The Philosoph organises one of the largest schools debating competitions in Ireland, we expect that many of our young debaters will be eager to volunteer during the competition and will help with day time activities. 40 volunteers will be drawn from these channels. Ireland has a very strong competitive debating circuit, and members of other Irish institutions have shown huge support for the bid so far, we expect many of our volunteers will come from within Ireland. An open call for volunteers will be put out in May of 2016 to recruit a further 20 - 30 volunteers of required. Volunteers are key to a successful tournament, our volunteers, led by Sarah, will be fully trained and well organised. They will be a friendly and helpful face to all participants.
  32. 32. Thank you for taking the time to read our bid document. If you have any questions or would like more information on any part of the bid please email Ciara at convenor@eudccork2016.com If your question is relevant to adjudication please email Sally and Viktor at adjudication@corkeudc2016.com We hope to see you in Cork in 2016.