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Love stories from South Africa

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Saurabh Sabikhi, winner of Grab Your Dream Season 1, visited South Africa for the trip of his lifetime. Here are some lovely stories he has returned with.
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Love stories from South Africa

  1. 1. I kissed the ocean. Climbed the heights. Explored the lesser seen. Experienced the wild. Met the most wonderful people. Spent sleepless nights. Lived a dream. And fell in love at every sight.
  2. 2. Introduction It was just yesterday. Yet seems so far away. It was exactly what dreams are made up of. They happen to you. They are surreal. They are wonderful. And then the worst part happens - you wake up. But some dreams get engraved in your heart, and some have to be retrieved from the deepest corners of your mind. And mine? Mine has gripped me so hard in its tender, gentle, and lingering memories that every passing day makes me wonder - was I dreaming then, or am I dreaming now? I still can’t figure it out. Maybe it will take a while before I acclimatize and understand it all. But it’s not easy to acclimatize any time soon, because my little dream gave me what an entire lifetime did not - falling in love numerous times. Presenting ‘Love stories from South Africa.’
  3. 3. A shopping hub. Foodie’s paradise. Overlooked by the Table Mountain. Ignited by the live performance of artists. Was lucky enough to stay in proximity to such a lively place. And had my share of fun too while playing the drums with the Marimba artists to make South Africans dance to my beats.
  4. 4. Love Story #1
  5. 5. Cape Town’s own eye
  6. 6. V&A Waterfront – A harbor of dreams
  7. 7. Can the backdrop get any better?
  8. 8. Café Alfredo at V&A Waterfront - What better way to Grab Your Dream?
  9. 9. Marimba artists at V&A Waterfront
  10. 10. Special edition of Marimba, featuring #Travelink, Saurabh Sabikhi
  11. 11. Love Story #2 Lion’s Head Lion’s Head is a mountain in Cape Town between the Table Mountain and Signal Hill. It peaks at 669 meters (2,195 feet) above sea level and forms a dramatic backdrop to the city of Cape Town. It is also a part of the Table Mountain National Park. As far as history is concerned, in the 17th Century the peak was known as Leeuwen Kop (Lion’s Head) by the Dutch and Signal Hill was known as Leeuwen Staart (Lion’s Tail), as the shape resembles a crouching lion. Watching the sunset from there was surely one of the many highlights of the day.
  12. 12. Walking up the Lion’s Head - Hard to keep walking when the view below is such!
  13. 13. The tricky sections on the walk to Lion’s Head . Because you don’t grab your dream just by dreaming about it. You have to earn it!
  14. 14. A view from the top of Lion’s Head
  15. 15. Quenching my thirst for adventure at Lion’s Head
  16. 16. The perfect sunset from Lion’s Head
  17. 17. Love Story #3 Hout Bay and Market What better place to spend a morning and having a breakfast than Bay Market at Hout Bay. It’s a place where the creative energy and the vibrancy of South Africa come alive in an old authentic fish factory in a working harbor. Where the hustle bustle of a boisterous market fills the air. Where local traders exchange banter with customers – “That’s a bargain, fo sho, medam!”. The Bay Harbour Market comprises of over 100 stalls, from delicious food to locally made items and is open on weekends. Visit the market on Fridays from 5pm to 9pm, Saturdays & Sundays 9:30am to 4pm. The entire market is indoors so if the wind or rain threatens to keep you from stepping out, you can find some treats and a great vibe there at the edge of the harbour.
  18. 18. Fish on the Rocks at Hout Bay. Africa’s favorite. Now India’s too.
  19. 19. Sheer torture to have so many options to eat from at the Bay Market. Why cant I have 5 extra stomachs?
  20. 20. Fritters, hummus, pate…they melt just by looking at them!
  21. 21. Feeling hungry yet?
  22. 22. Chocolate-dipped hearts anybody?
  23. 23. Take me home. Souvenirs from South Africa.
  24. 24. Along the Cape Peninsular Drive from Hout Bay to Noordhoek Beach
  25. 25. Love Story #4 Noordhoek Beach Noordhoek is situated below the Southern Slopes of Chapman’s Peak Drive. Noordhoek is Cape Town’s rural treasure with a farm atmosphere and famed for its long white sandy beach, so it is not surprising that Noordhoek is often called Cape Country at the Beach. It is common to find horses, pigs, cows, hens, ducks, geese and rabbits roaming around the gardens, leafy lanes and public spaces of Noordhoek. This is a place where horses are almost more important than cars and the lifestyle of the residents is tranquil, relaxed and unhurried. The village of Noordhoek is sandwiched between sea, mountains and a prized wetlands area. Noordhoek is reached by driving some of the most spectacular roads in the Western Cape – via Chapman’s Peak Drive or over Ou Kaapse Weg (with the Silvemine section of Table Mountain National Park at its centre).
  26. 26. Beware. Not of the sharks. But of the beauty of Noordhoek Beach. It can make you fall in love no matter who you are.
  27. 27. Horse Riding at Noordhoek Beach. Because morning walks are a thing of the past.
  28. 28. I must be dreaming. And please don’t wake me up.
  29. 29. Who needs an owner. Nature is everybody’s mother.
  30. 30. The dream called Noordhoek Beach.
  31. 31. Love Story #5 Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point are undoubtedly a nature enthusiast’s paradise. The Cape of Good Hope is a headland on the Atlantic coast side of South Africa. It is known for its spectacular scenery. It was originally named the Cape of Storms by Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias in 1488. It was later renamed, by King John II of Portugal, the Cape of Good Hope because of the great optimism engendered by the opening of a sea route to India and the East. And just a little away lies Cape Point – a nature reserve within the Table Mountain National park; a declared Natural World Heritage Site. It encompasses 7750 hectares of rich and varied flora and fauna; abounding with buck, baboons and Cape Mountain Zebra as well as over 250 species of birds.
  32. 32. Cape of Good Hope. Cape of Wonders. Cape of Dreams.
  33. 33. What a way to begin your journey from a point where the world ends.
  34. 34. The lighthouse at Cape Point
  35. 35. The magic land
  36. 36. Love Story #6 Kalk Bay Kalk Bay is one of Cape Town’s trendiest seaside villages and reflects a cosmopolitan heritage and a long fishing history. There is a bohemian arty vibe, a growing nightlife, with great theatre and the art, architecture and cuisine are much sought after. Kalk Bay is also a hub of outdoor action – from sea fishing to angling; one of the best reefs in Cape Town for surfers and the fascinating Kalk Bay caves for land and foot adventures. After enjoying the live music, interesting cocktails and a hearty dinner at ‘Cape to Cuba’, it was time to head back to the hotel.
  37. 37. Choose your yacht from the many at Kalk Bay.
  38. 38. …..And sail into the waters
  39. 39. And from Cape, go to Cuba.
  40. 40. Mojito and a cocktail that I got prepared in my style – Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Gin, Vodka and a touch of Brandy.
  41. 41. Sea to fork prawns
  42. 42. The famous fish and chips. And they have a reason to be famous.