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5 Body Language Tips for your Next Job Interview

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Your body language can say a lot about you! Keep that in mind on your next job interview! Our 5 body language tips can help you get the results you always wanted!

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5 Body Language Tips for your Next Job Interview

  1. 5body languagetips foryournext jobinterview
  2. up to 95% of most messages are communicated nonverbally
  3. a first impression is based on 7% 38% spokenwords toneofvoice 55% bodylanguage
  4. 1. HANDSHAKE you can tell a lot about person from their handshake, so get it right with our tips
  5. use your right hand make sure your palms are dry! be firm & Confident smile & make eye contact
  6. beware a limp „ ” handshakedead fish suggests a weak character an implyiron grip arrogance
  7. 2. posture convey confidence with excellent posture
  8. be sure not to slouch or lounge
  9. avoid crossing your arms don’t put your hands in your pockets leave arms open at your sides
  10. 3. eye contact good eye contact conveys confidence & Sincerity
  11. 2/3 of the time, look anywhere in the eye-nose triangle
  12. 1/3 of the time, you can look away
  13. Good eye contact lets others know that you are interested in the conversation
  14. 4. gestures use open and expressive physical gestures to involve the interviewers in what you are saying
  15. avoid pointing or banging fists on the table to emphasise a point
  16. 5. enthusiasm Companies are looking for candidates who are excited about working at their organization, so show them how you feel
  17. Positive body language shows you are professional, engaging and an all-around enthusiastic person to be around
  18. Body language is an aspect of interviewing that’s easy to forget, but is important to remember. Using the right body language can help you seem more confident and give weight to your answers during the interview.
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