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Common Nonverbal Mistakes Made During Job Interviews

Sometimes you see someone for the first time and you automatically like him or her. In 99% it's because of the nonverbal messages. Be sure to know the most common nonverbal mistakes made during job interview and you will be stunned how it might help you get the job!

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Common Nonverbal Mistakes Made During Job Interviews

  1. common nonverbalmistakes madeduring jobinterviews
  2. 67%fail to make eye contact
  3. Make consistent and frequent eye contact, especially when the interviewer is talking to you. This conveys that you are actively listening.
  4. 47%lack of smile
  5. Nervousness can overtake a smile but it won't serve you well to look unhappy. Remember that your positive attitude will be viral!
  6. 33%have bad posture
  7. Sit upright, keep your back straight and do not hunch.
  8. 26%have a weak handshake
  9. Your handshake should be firm. Improve it with practice!
  10. 21%playing with hair or touching face
  11. Be aware of your nervous ticks if you have any and keep hand gestures to a minimum
  12. 21%cross their arms over their chest
  13. Do not cross your arms! Keep your arms at the side of your chest and rest your hands loosely clasped on your lap.
  14. 9%use too many hand gestures
  15. Statistics show that first impressions are determined by 55% – The way you dress, act, and walk through the door 38% – The quality of your voice, grammar, and confidence 7% – The words you choose to say
  16. Things that have an impact on first impressions 70% of employers claim they don’t want applicants to be overly fashionable or trendy 65% of hiring managers say clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar candidates
  17. BONUSBONUSBONUS 4 most important interview tips
  18. learn about the organization 1
  19. have a specific position in mind that you’d like to fill 2
  20. review your qualifications for the job 3
  21. be ready to briefly describe related experience 4
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