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  1. 1. Digital Arts & Humanities is hosted by the Centre for eResearch (CeRch) at King’s College London (KCL). It was originally developed by the AHRC ICT Methods Network, based at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities. While CeRch hosts the site and co-ordinates the development, our project is a collaboration with various communities, projects and individuals and open for anyone to join. arts-humanities.net: Digital Arts & Humanities is developed to support communities applying information and communication technology to Arts and Humanities research. The site helps practitioners to build contacts and to stay up to date with what others are doing in a very dynamic and dispersed field. arts-humanities.net is built using the open source content management system Drupal – a CMS with a modular, flexible design that supports user groups. We cooperate with the world wide Drupal community on further development of the system and feeds experience from our users into that process. arts-humanities.net: Digital Arts & Humanities was designed to support individuals as well as groups. Group members decide which content to make available to the general public – or to members of other groups. The site supports blogs for individual users and groups, wikis, discussion fora and multi-media content and can aggregate content from other sites via RSS. To facilitate networking there are an events calendar and user profiles. All content can be tagged, which makes it easy to find interesting materials and even to integrate it into other websites. Interested in Archaeology, Visualization or Grid Computing? Just copy the relevant RSS feed into your site and you will automatically get new updates. arts-humanities.net: Digital Arts & Humanities supports communities that use ICT for research and teaching. Primarily aimed at the UK academic community, we also encourage and value international participation. We are developing the site in collaboration and consultation with groups and projects such as the Arts & Humanities e-Science Support Centre, Computers and the History of Art or ICT Guides. “share and discuss ideas, promote your research and discover the digital arts and humanities” The site provides a platform that interacts with existing sites and supports those who do not yet have community tools. Groups can use space on arts-humanities.net with tools including wikis, fora and blogs and feed this content back into their websites – keeping their identity and gaining a larger audience to interact with and technical support. Together, we are creating a place where communities can come together – a meta-community site.