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Surviving in the Modern Healthcare Arena

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Surviving in the Modern Healthcare Arena

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Surviving in the Modern Healthcare Arena

  1. 1. Surviving in the Modern Healthcare Arena © CureMD Healthcare
  2. 2. Modern Healthcare • The advent of modern healthcare technologies has brought about a complete overhaul of how care providers used to perform their duties • The emergence of tools such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) has minimized usage of paper • Previously, care providers had to interact more with people to get things done, work on paper for administrative tasks, and rely on referrals • Experts then believed that this was wasting a lot of time for the providers, and especially, for their patients
  3. 3. Modern Healthcare • If a provider could previously examine 50 to 100 patients in one day without an Electronic Health Record, they could entertain approximately 250 patients with EHR • For providers, and for the health of the population, time is an asset more valuable than any amount of dollars • To survive in this age where digital trumps traditional, providers have to manage a lot of things differently, because it will help them save lives, reduce costs, and yield higher returns
  4. 4. Modern Healthcare • The dominant change that care providers are facing now is the usage of technology • It is therefore even more important for them to differentiate technology that is good from bad, and start using the most user-friendly software for their practice • Since a lot of the daily routine involves working on computers for data-entry tasks, providers should be equipped with the best technology available in the market
  5. 5. Modern Healthcare • Today, providers assert that their job is not the same anymore • What they need to realize is that data-entry is saving their own time and cost, and it is not part of their healthcare duty • They need to do the administrative tasks, or get them done through other people as soon as possible so that they can work on the job that they love; providing quality healthcare
  6. 6. Modern Healthcare • In the end, care providers need not worry about the technological changes that have taken place at their workplace • Providers have to keep their values as care providers intact, and keep on doing the great job that they have been doing
  7. 7. Read more on blog.curemd.com • To read more on this topic, visit: • http://blog.curemd.com/surviving-in-the-modern- healthcare-arena/