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10 Tips to Handle Angry Customers Like a Boss

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10 Tips to help you turn your angry customers' frown upside down. All tips were taken from our latest ebook "Polite Done Right" which can be found here: http://customericare.com/download-polite-done-right/ and is totally free to download.

Share your own tips in the comments!

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10 Tips to Handle Angry Customers Like a Boss

  1. 1. 10 tips to handle ANGRY CUSTOMERS Like a boss
  2. 2. Like Hulk, your customers AREN’T ALWAYS THAT ANGRY
  3. 3. But sometimes they «turn green» for different reasons
  4. 4. Luckily there are ways to make them happy again!
  5. 5. The following tips are taken from our new ebook Click here to get a FREE copy now! GET MY ebook
  6. 6. 1I am truly sorry nothing works better than a sincere apology
  7. 7. 2it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Don’t blame it on your customer
  8. 8. 3 throw them a line instead by taking responsibility
  9. 9. 4 consider your customers’ feelings and show sympathy
  10. 10. 5 by showing your care mend broken relationships
  11. 11. 6 x ALL CAPS!!!! when writing to angry customers never use ALL CAPS, « ! », emoticons
  12. 12. 7 follow-up to make sure the problem was fixed
  13. 13. 8take the time to actually listen to your customers
  14. 14. 9don’t waste time making excuses
  15. 15. 10 use this time working on fixes
  16. 16. Want even more tips? Check out our ebook Click here to get a FREE copy now! GET MY ebook
  17. 17. THANK YOU! connect with us on social media and at customericare.com