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SEO Audits - A framework for success

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Originally presented at the inaugural MKE Search on October 18th, 2017. Arm yourself with the process and system to rest your mind that any audit you undertake will leave no stone unturned, and your efforts yield the result you seek.

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SEO Audits - A framework for success

  1. 1. Sherlock Holmes & SEO Audit’s
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  3. 3. GATHER REPORTANALYZE @DamonGochneaur
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  14. 14. Strategy Architecture Optimization + All Pages Rich Data + Product pages Product Page Optimisation + Calls-to-Action + Deep In-Linking + Keyword Focused Text Local SEO Link Building Search Engine Submissions + Management Content Planning + Optimisation Quarterly + Monthly KPIs: + Traffic by source + Keywords in Google Top 20 + Conversions by Source Site Speed Title Tags / Description Tags Domain Architecture Link Cleanup On-Page Measurement + RefinementTechnical SEO On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO Technical SEO Measurement +Refinement Off-Page @DamonGochneaur
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  16. 16. AUDIT Checklist @DamonGochneaur
  17. 17. REPORT
  18. 18. artlivemedia 019COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Search Strategy Yeti.com – July 2017 - US/Core Site Focus
  19. 19. Share of search demand HOW ARE PEOPLE SEARCHING? For unbranded terms related to Yeti’s core products (’coolers’, ‘water bottle’, etc), the market is highly competitive – with big box retailers leading most of the search market. While the strength of our brand drives high search volume for branded terms, unbranded search is where we have the most opportunity to improve our rankings and occupy more positions in the top 10 results on SERPs.
  20. 20. Supporting reports summary IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE DETAIL ON ANY OF THE AREAS, YOU CAN REFER TO OUR SUPPORTING EXCEL REPORTS: REPORT NAME DESCRIPTION Link Building Report • Summary and detail list of links built the previous month • List of link locations for following month to approve Keyword Ranking Report • List of keywords and their rankings for the month • Change % between this and previous month Keyword Analysis Report • Updated analysis of keywords each month Site Pages Report • List of all pages on site and traffic to each + bounce rate + conversion rate Content Report • List of current/updated influencers • List of current/submitted content and trend reviews • Content status Technical Audit Report • List of all found tech issues including anything outstanding • Detailed status of all current tech issues
  21. 21. artlivemedia 022 An overview of avg. monthly metrics (Aug 2016– May 2017) In sales were made from these buyers $5.0MM Sessions the website 1.89MM Were convinced to buy something 1.85%
  22. 22. artlivemedia 023 An overview of organic traffic (monthly avg.) $2.9MM Sessions to the site directly, from organic search results or from links to your site that are on other websites (referrals). 966k 2.03% 31% Left the site (bounced) as soon as the got there Monthly Purchases On avg. 19,664 49.4k In sales were made from these buyers Were convinced to buy something Products were sold on average
  23. 23. artlivemedia 024 $4,491,340 $3,001,711 $4,639,589 Mar 2017 Core metrics: past 3 months SESSIONS CONVERSION RATE REVENUE Other than the holiday months, revenue has trended flat over time, fluctuating in the $3M-4.5M range 1,668,076 1,517,175 2,308,323 April 2017 May 2017Mar 2017 1.85% 1.50% 1.95% April 2017 May 2017Mar 2017 April 2017 May 2017
  24. 24. Where traffic came from TRAFFIC ACQUISITION ANALYSIS & INSIGHTS This section talks about how organic visitors came to the site and what specific channel drove them there. We then compare this to the previous month and this month last year. Traffic breakdown has been fairly stable over the past few months. In recent months, we recruited more traffic through the paid search channel than the organic search channel. Though it is good for us to take up real estate on SERPs via paid and organic listings, we are in a great position to implement our SEO strategy and bring the Organic Search channel back up to 30-40% of traffic. We also built out the email channel in recent months, a channel that converts consistently high each month. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% MAR-17 APR-17 MAY-17 Referral Display Other Social Email Direct Paid Search Organic Search
  25. 25. Keywords in Google top 20 ANALYSIS & INSIGHTS We are slowly recovering from the loss in rankings last September. Though we already rank for 5,000 keywords in the top 20, there is opportunity to rank higher for terms we are targeting (such as ‘coolers’) and to drop keywords that we’re ranking for, but are not useful to us (like ‘yeti knockoff cooler’). 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 JUL '16 AUG '16 SEP '16 OCT '16 NOV '16 DEC '16 JAN '17 FEB '17 MAR '17 APR '17 MAY '17 JUN '17 Actual - This Year Actual - Last Year
  26. 26. Keywords that sent organic traffic KEYWORDS THAT SENT THE MOST TRAFFIC: o yeti o yeti coolers o yeti cup o yeti cooler o yeti rambler o yeti tumbler o yeti cups o yeti hopper o yetti o Tumbler KEYWORDS THAT SENT THE LEAST TRAFFIC: o yeti fridge o yeti cooler divider o yeti colorway o yeti cooler 75 o how much does a yeti cup cost $40,000 Organic listings were shown 5MM times. 9.24% were clicked on. 3,941,787 5,025,737 Apr ‘17 May ‘17 TOTAL IMPRESSIONS
  27. 27. APPENDIX
  28. 28. APPENDIX
  29. 29. GATHER REPORTANALYZE @DamonGochneaur
  30. 30. @DamonGochneaur DAMON@ASPIROAGENCY.COM