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100 years since the Great Union in 1918

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The Great Union

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100 years since the Great Union in 1918

  1. 1. Student: Grigore Daniel Grupa: 8213
  2. 2. Photographer Samoilă Mirza • Samoilă Mârza was an Austro- Hungarian-born Romanian photographer. A native of Transylvania region and a veteran of World War I, he is best known for taking the only photographs of the Great National Assembly at Alba Iulia that proclaimed the Union of Transylvania with Romania on December 1, 1918. The day is celebrated as Romania's national holiday, and, with time, Mârza's images acquired political and documentary significance.
  3. 3. • Born to peasant parents Ștefan and Ana in Galtiu village, Sântimbru Commune, Alba County, Mârza attended a Greek-Catholic primary school in the village and high school in Alba Iulia. Between 1909 and 1911, his parents sent him as apprentice to a photographer in Sibiu, where he learned the profession. With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, he was mobilized and sent into battle as a soldier in the Austro-Hungarian Army, where he served first on the Austrian front in Galicia, reaching as far north as Riga, before being transferred to the Italian Front in 1916. As part of the army's topographic and photographic service for over three years, he took pictures of fighting soldiers and scenes of the war's devastation, likely making him the first Romanian war photographer
  4. 4. • As the war drew to a close in late 1918, Mârza was in Trieste, whence he left for Vienna together with many other Transylvanian Romanian soldiers. He arrived there in early November, planning to head home.
  5. 5. • That month in the Austrian capital, he took three pictures depicting the blessing of the first tricolor flag belonging to the Central National Romanian Council, in the presence of General Ioan Boieriu, of political leader Iuliu Maniu and the assembled troops. Together with several thousand soldiers, he returned to Transylvania from Vienna in order to participate at the Alba Iulia assembly. The road through Budapest and Arad was blocked by Hungarian forces hostile to the Council, so they went instead via Zagreb, Belgrade and Timişoara, where Serbian forces allowed them to pass provided they were disarmed.
  6. 6. • The Great National Assembly at Alba Iulia proclaimed the Union of Transylvania with Romania on December 1. That morning, Mârza took three pictures of his fellow villagers before heading for the city.
  7. 7. • Arriving with a delegation from Galtiu around 11 a.m. on a cloudy day, he carried his camera, then about fifteen years old, in a sheepskin bag, his tripod and glass plates on a bicycle.
  8. 8. The end…