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At Home Gym Equipment: Is It Worth It?

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With lives getting busier, and gym memberships becoming a financial burden to the millennial generation, people are toning their summer bodies from the comfort of their own homes. Here, Daniel Lambraia describes 3 pieces of at-home equipment that are worth the investment. For the full blog on this topic, visit: http://daniellambraia.net/at-home-gym-equipment-is-it-worth-it/

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At Home Gym Equipment: Is It Worth It?

  2. 2. Ever see those infomercials that claim to have the one perfect piece of at-home gym equipment that you’ll ever need? Well, they might not be as laughable as you think! 2018 is already seeing an increase in demand for at-home gym equipment. With lives getting busier, and gym memberships becoming a financial burden to the millennial generation, people are looking to get perfect pecs from the comfort of their own homes. Can you get the same out of at-home equipment that you can from working out at a gym or even with a trainer? Here, I’ll highlight a few pieces of equipment that many have claimed to do the trick.
  3. 3. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells What you’re getting with this purchase, essentially, is an entire dumbbell rack built into one. This is perfect for anyone who is working towards increasing their lift power, or for someone who is just starting out. Adjustable, affordable, and adaptable – it doesn’t get much better than that!
  4. 4. NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer If you enjoy running on a treadmill but want more than what the average treadmill can give you, NordicTrack is for you. It’s expensive, but has received numerous positive reviews. The big draw for this piece of equipment is that it has an incline option of up to 40% – most treadmills stop their incline features at only 15%. This piece of equipment is expertly crafted for a smoother run and features a touch-screen console with iFit technology connecting you to dozens of trainers in real time locations all around the world. That’s a lot of tech for one machine!
  5. 5. The Jump RopeYes, you read that correctly: a jump rope. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, and this small piece of equipment is something that you can store virtually anywhere and will give you a killer workout. Don’t want to spend tons of money on equipment just to get a little cardio in now and then? You don’t have to! Jumping rope is one of the most beneficial exercises for a full body workout that you can commit to.
  6. 6. Thank you. For more health & fitness info, visit: Daniel Lambraia.net/blog Connect with me on social media to tell me your favorite at-home workouts!