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Construction Law 101

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Daniel Lambraia, an assistant project manager in NYC, discusses the different ways that construction law and lawyers protect workers, job sites, and companies every day.

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Construction Law 101

  1. 1. CONSTRUCTION LAW 101 Daniel Lambraia
  2. 2. Just like any other niche sector of law, there’s a separate specialization for construction. Lawyers working in this field are there to protect those involved in job site activity or behind the scenes planning and signing contracts. Here, I’ll detail some of the different aspects of construction law and why they are important.
  4. 4. Most companies have a legal team on staff or work closely with a lawyer to ensure that all contracts are up to code. Construction companies are no different. Stakes are usually very high when it comes to construction with a lot of money involved, so it’s important to make sure every line is correct and honors the wishes of both parties.
  6. 6. Construction lawyers will be knowledgeable enough of government laws and employee rights to ensure that every employee who feels mistreated or unsafe on the job can have the best representation possible. Fortunately for workers, there are dozens of major laws that puts the power in the people’s hands. Additionally, construction lawyers can handle other workplace issues such as worker’s compensation, wrongful termination, and occupational illness.
  8. 8. All companies from large to small need to have legal protection when engaging in construction – this is crucial whether your company is a construction company or not. Even if you are just hiring a contractor or a freelance worker, protecting your company’s assets and the safety of your building and those who occupy it should be of utmost importance.
  10. 10. There’s a lot of money in construction. It’s likely that your company will need legal help ensuring that all finances are being taken care of properly. A construction lawyer can help to set you or your company up with the resources necessary to keep your assets growing and honest.
  11. 11. THANKS FOR READING! For more, visit: DanielLambraia.com