indications ultrasound contraindications mri operation theatre technique artifacts ultrasound jelly radiation protection equipment x ray non ionizing radiation patient preparation contrast media radiology health multislice ct retrospective ecg prospective ecg architecture cardiac autotransformer principle working construction x ray transformer transformer risks exposure general precautions scanning technique pathology pelvic abdomen reverberation image mirror refraction speed enhancement wrag around motion correction zipper blooming aliasing image recording computerization of data safety of ultrasound composition mastoids patient preparation. patient positioning chest mri thorax iac salivary glands pituitary radiation safety communications patient identification equipment inspection distance collimator mobility applications image quality power source radiography mobile radiography portable radiography regulatory board protective devices ct fluoroscopy aerb ionizing radiation radiation opthalmic ultrasound 3d 4d ultrasound transcranial doppler ultrasoun endoscopic ultrasound thyroid ultrasound breast ultrasound musculoskeletal echocardiography doppler ultrasound diagnostic ultrasound piezoelectric crystal transducer public relations radio education and training
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