Biography, Headshot and Vita Fee Document

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Project Esther Qualifications for Kairos Capital

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Open Ltr. to HD 95 Constituents.pdf

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HD 95 with streets PDF.pdf

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Rep. Kendrick Bio & Pic_August 2023.pdf

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2023 End of Session Report (ALL)

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2023 Key Legislation Report

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2023 Legislative Overview.pdf

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Updated Page Letter .pdf

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Biography and Headshot of KAAG Founder Dar'shun Kendrick

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Who Are Investors Looking For On Your Dream Team

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Top 3 Legal Things To Include In Your Written Pitchdeck

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My Favorite Things About Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF)

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How Safe Are Safe Agreements?

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Addendum C- Founders Resume for D.E.C. PPM (Amy McCoy)

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